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Chapter Thirty Five





SHE looked at her father in shock as she digested the information



“Stay with Priceley?”, Sharuna found her voice, “but I can stay with Mom till you return”, she said



Dr Sujit sighed



“Sharuna?”, he called, still focusing on the road, “are you to tell me what to do or I’m to tell you?”



She frowned, keeping mute



“How can you be shuttling to and from school staying with your mom, if you should stay with Priceley, it’s gonna be easy. You know that”



She nodded


That was true



“Moreover”, he continued, “it’s time to smoothen my friendship with Mr Bennett”, he paused, blaring the car horn



Sharuna was confused


What does he mean?


Smoothen his friendship?



“I don’t understand”, she said



“In a matter of time you will, don’t bother about that”



“Dad I’m still confused”



“Let me concentrate on the road Sharuna, the discussion is over”



She shrugged and sat back



Two weeks with Priceley?


Ohh God, how she gonna cope



Tears streamed her eyes



Mexico City





“Dr Hugo………..Dr Hugo”, Nurse Milly, a slightly built blonde woman


shouted, as she scuttled along the hallway to the doctor’s office



Her black stilettos making thumping sounds on the tiled floor



She got to the office and barged in without knocking



“Dr Hugo”, she called again panting



The doctor looked up from the files he was writing on



“Nurse Milly, what’s the problem?”, he demanded



“It’s the patient, the patient in ward 123”



“Yes, the coma patient. What happened?”



“I noticed his limbs, yes his limbs just moved. I…… I think he’s back”


The doctor listened with utmost stupefaction, his mouth widely opened



“My goodness”, he finally said grabbing the sthetoscope on the desk



“Let’s go”, and they rushed out










It’s been over two weeks now, and Sharuna hadn’t heard from Dr Sujit



She was still at Priceley’s, and would have loved to go home



But Dr Sujit had warned her not to, until she hears from him and he hasn’t called yet



The weeks were something


She had actually fell in…….no, she can’t say that



Not yet


But who wouldn’t fall in love with Priceley, with all these temptations lurking around



She walked round the garden, flogging out the dews on the flowers with her hand, and inhaling their scents



Then her phone rang



She quickly peeped into it, fortunately, it was her father



“Hello Sharuna”, he was the first to speak


“Daddy?”, she called, “dad, I’m still here, what happened?”, she asked



He laughed


“I’m so sorry dear. I won’t even be coming home soon”



She gasped





“It went longer than I expected. I don’t know when I’ll be coming home, but I will be back soon”



“Please do”, she sighed



“Aren’t you comfortable there?”



“I…… I’m kinda”



“Well, you remember what I told you about smoothing friendship with Mr Bennett?”






“Get prepared. Your marriage had been arranged, it’s just three weeks away”



“What!”, she gasped


“Dad? With who?”, she shouted.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Love y’all












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