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Chapter Thirty Six









She can’t take this anymore


It’s getting too much



“Dad?……dad?”, she shouted on the phone



“Dad you there? I can’t take this anymore, I……”



“You are getting married to Priceley soon, it’s for everyone’s good”, he interrupted



“Dad, this is the height of it, I can’t take this”, she fumed



“It’s final”, and he ended the call



“Daddy?”, she shouted



Then she realized he had cut the call



What nonsense?



Even though she loves Priceley now, it doesn’t mean he should decide for her



She tried calling him, but he wasn’t picking it up





What she gonna do now?



Then she called her mom


She picked up almost immediately



“Hello Mom”, she said



“Hey daughter, how are you doing?”, she asked



“Mom, I’m not okay. I’m not fine”



“What’s the problem? Tell me dora?”



She sniffed


“It’s dad, I just got off the phone with him, he said my marriage is three weeks away, and I don’t want that. I don’t”, she shouted



Her mom flinched


“Calm down okay? I will talk to him right away”



“Even if we gonna get married, I should be the one to tell myself, not him”, she fumed



“You are right. Don’t worry, I will talk to him straight away ok?”




“Please do”




“Don’t do anything stupid. I have some customers to attend to, give me time”



“Okay. Thanks”, the call ended



She walked up to a tree and placed her head on it’s trunk and sobbed



Why was life cruel?


Why was her world crumbling?



She had waited a lotta time for him to come, he hadn’t



What if he isn’t gonna come?


What if he comes, and it was already late?



No, she can’t imagine another lady in his arms



Ohh God!


She whimpered



Soon, she felt a hand on her shoulders



She raised her head and turned, it was Priceley



“Oh my! Princess, why you crying? What’s it?”, he cleaned her tears



She sobbed the more


“I……. I just got off the phone with my dad”, she said



“What did he say?”


She sniffed, she opened her mouth to talk but she couldn’t



“Talk to me princess”, he nudged her



“Marriage…..he talked about marriage”, was all she could say



“Is that why you are crying? This is serious. Come on, you should be happy”



“I have a fiance”, she snapped



“Where is he?”, he hit her weak point.



That was it, she doesn’t know his whereabouts, and waiting for him was like waiting for eternity



Eternity was even better, because you know it would surely come But Kesmanee, she wasn’t sure



She opened her mouth to speak but tears came out instead



Then Priceley carried her to a stronger branch and made her sit



“Come on Runa”, he softly said, “I’m not gonna hurt you. I promise to always be there for you, trust me. You won’t feel the impact of lost someone anymore, I love you. Okay?”



She nodded, sniffing



“It’s okay. Stop crying”, he cleaned her tears with his thumb



“Let’s go in”, and he carried her inside










Just a week away now, the marriage would be done



Her mom had tried talking to Dr Sujit and he had listened



But to everybody’s surprise, she had agreed to the marriage



What else could she do?


Kesmanee doesn’t seem to be forthcoming, moreover, Priceley was a nice guy every girl dream to have



Though she still hope for him to come soon, before it becomes late



She walked up to the French windows and placed her hands on the protector, overlooking the environment



She was lost in thought



Then she felt a hand on her waist, she closed her eyes



“Thinking about him again?”, the owner of the hands said



She thought it was Kesmanee, she hoped it was Kesmanee



Then she turned and no, it was Priceley



She closed her eyes as tears ran down



“Princess?”, Priceley called, “it’s high time you stop this okay?”



He brought his head down to her lips, their tongues rolled against each other



She kept crying


He sighed



“I know I’m not supposed to ask this at all. What’s even his name?”



She brought her head down, opened her mouth to talk





His phone interrupted



It was ringing from the sitting room



“Shit! I have to get my phone sweetie, excuse me”, he pecked her and left for the sitting room



He picked the phone from the dining table and looked into it



It was an unknown number


He shrugged and answered it



“Hello”, he said



“Hello Mr Priceley”, the person from the other line said



“Yeah, who is this please?”, he demanded



“This is Dr Hugo, All Saints Hospital, Mexico City




“Yeah doc. Anything?”



“Called to inform you that Mr Kesmanee is now fit to go home now”



“Oh my goodness, you can’t be serious”.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued





Love y’all












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