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Chapter Twenty Six




Dr Sujit was already dozing on his seat at the balcony.



Then he heard the screaming from the laboratory room, he stood up with a start



Then he ran towards the room, he opened the door only to find Sharuna jumping and running about the room, shouting “I can see…… I can see”



As the door opened, she turned towards it



“You the doctor?”, she asked, “I can see now”, she walked up to him and held his shirt


“Oh my God! I can see, I can see you”



What a drama queen!



Dr Sujit smiled and said to her,


“Come on Sharuna, I’m the doctor, let me take you outside”



At the mention of outside, she smiled widely and ran towards the door



Dr Sujit smiled and opened it



Immediately she got outside, she started jumping about, running from one place to the other, shouting and screaming


“I can see……. I can see”



Dr Sujit went in to get his phone to call Vida.






It was a Saturday, Vida wasn’t on duty at work today



And she had a lotta work to do



Soon, her phone rang



She was washing when it rang



She cleaned up her hands with a dry clothes and went to answer the phone



She looked into it, ‘Dr Sujit’, it read



“Hello doctor”, she picked it up



“Hello, Vida?”





That husky tempting voice



“Yeah, it’s me doc. Good morning”



“Morning, please can you come over now, your daughter has regained her sight”








“You…… you serious?”, she stuttered



“Yeah, I’m waiting”



And he ended the call



Vida instantly turned to flash, she abandoned the washing and whatever work she had to do, and rushed into the room to change.



Minutes later, she was out, locked up the house and rushed to the road to board a cab



Oh my God!


She couldn’t wait






“Sharuna!”, Vida called as soon as she got to the mansion



She was still running about, shouting and screaming



She turned when she heard her name She saw a woman, and she knew the voice



It was her mom


“Mummy!”, she ran happily to embrace her



Vida opened her hands wide to welcome her daughter



Now, they were shedding tears of joy



“Oh my! Sharuna?” her mom called


“You can see me?”, she asked



Sharuna nodded smiling


“Yes Mom….. I can. Oh mum, is this you? You look beautiful, I love your hair,


I love your dress, it’s yellow”, she kept screaming



Drama queen indeed



Vida smiled, she raised a finger


“How many fingers am I putting up?”, she asked



Sharuna looked at her and laughed


“One of course”



Her mom was speechless, her daughter could really see



“I’m happy for you daughter. Thanks to God”



“Thank you uuuuuuu”, they hugged again



“Er….. where’s the doctor?”, she asked



“He should be inside”




“Let me go see him okay? I will be back”, she kissed her forehead




“Okay Mom”, she ran down stairs towards the garden, touching all the flowers, the leaves, trees, catching butterflies and all that.



Vida smiled


“Be careful daughter”, she shouted



Then she turned to go only to see Dr Sujit standing and watching



Has he been watching them all this while?



“Dr Sujit……I’m very grateful, thank you”, she smiled



“That’s nothing, I can see she’s so happy”, he turned to look at her



“Yeah”, she agreed



“Can we see? As regards what I told you about a condition?”



Her heart skipped a beat


Ohh God, please it shouldn’t be what she’s thinking



“Yes”, she said



“Follow me”, and they both walked to the balcony and sat



Vida sat opposite him



“So, the surgery went well at last”, the doctor said



Vida sighed


“Yes, thanks again. Thank you so much”



“It’s by His grace. So about my condition……”



“Yeah?”, she interrupted



“I want you to let me adopt your daughter”.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Love y’all










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