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Chapter Nineteen




Cindy was pacing about her sitting room, fuming.



A stub of half smoked cigarette was in between her fingers.



The past week had really been hell for her.



She hadn’t only been hospitalized, she had also lost her job.



All because of a blind girl


She fumed.


She returned from the hospital just yesterday


Though not a dime of her money was spent in the hospital, Kesmanee had cleared the hospital bills himself.



But the damage had already been done


She has been ruined, disgraced and embarrassed in front of those good for nothing guards.



The door bell rang and Sissy entered without even waiting for a ‘come in’



She walked up to her



“Hey Cindy, how are you now?”



Cindy made a face


“Fine”, she snapped



“Come on, don’t tell me you still want to do what you have in mind”



“I still”, she replied shortly



Sissy sighed


“I have told you time and again, let it go, just let it go. Look who you wanna revenge on? Kesmanee, the CEO. Have you forgotten who he is?”



Cindy shouted


“I don’t care. I’m gonna revenge and no one, not even you that’s gonna stop me”, she puffed in smoke and puffed out in air



Sissy sighed


“Well, I have told you my piece of mind”, she paused and looked at her. “Why not follow me home”



Cindy looked at her


“So you are damn serious about going back to your home land?”



Sissy nodded


“Yeah, the flight had been booked for tomorrow morning. I will be leaving for Philadelphia tomorrow”



Cindy shook her head


“Not ready”, she said



“That’s also your home land you know?”



“I’m not from Philadelphia”, she snapped



“But your mom is from there, so you are also from there”



“Whatever. Even if I’m gonna go, not until I revenge Kes”, she fumed



Sissy sighed


“I will be leaving tomorrow morning, I wanna start up a new life”



Cindy scoffed


“Good luck”



“You can still change your mind, it’s never too late”, she pressed on



Cindy angrily went into the room leaving Sissy stand and watch in awe.






Kesmanee drove into the compound.




He halted and alighted. The barking of the Rottweiler could be heard, it was enough to scare intruders away.



Smoothing up his royal blue coloured tuxedo, he walked in.



He opened the door and met total silence



“Hello?”, he called


“Anybody home?”, he went in further, closing the door.



No one answered



“Sharuna?”, he called again.



Then as quick as lightening, she jumped out from no where, on his body, embracing him.



And she screamed


“Happy birthday!”


She kissed him on the forehead.



He was taken unawares


He held onto her laughing



“My baby”, he said softly


“Thank you”, he disengaged to look her properly.



She was dressed completely in Sari, in a complete Indian dressing.



He gasped


“You decided to dress all Indian today hun”



She laughed and twirled around



“For you, for your day”, she laughed and hugged him again.



“I have a gift for you”, she said



“A gift?”, he snapped



“Yeah. Come on”, she dragged him along.



“Go to the dining table, it’s there”



Kesmanee looking all surprised, blushed and astonished walked to the dining.


His face full of smiles



He was anxious


He got to the dining and saw a patterned green coloured napkin covering something.



“Open it”, he heard her voice



His heartbeat was beating loudly.



He took hold of the napkin and flopped it.





What he saw made him gasped.



Ndozi Nuellitta


To Be Continued



Love y’all











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