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Chapter Twenty Five




Vida reached home happy and anxious



What could be the condition?


Oh God, let it not be what she’s thinking at all



“Sharuna……. Sharuna”, she called



“Yes mummy, I’m coming”, she replied from the room



“Please come fast”, she collapsed on the couch visibly tired.



Sharuna came out



“Yes Mom, I’m here”, she said sitting beside her “Welcome, how was work?”, she asked



Vida sighed



“Fine as usual. I’ve got good news”, she said



Smiles splitted her face instantly


For the first time in months, she smiled



“What’s it mom?”, she asked



“Well, I will be taking you to a doctor tomorrow, for your sight”



Sharuna gasped



“You serious?”


“Yeah”, she replied smiling



“Wow! Ohhhh mummy, thank you”, she hugged her mom



“You should as well thank aunt Henrietta too, she’s the brain behind this”



“Wow”, her hands went to her mouth


“That’s very kind of her”



“Yeah”, she smiled


“So get ready, tomorrow morning”



“Can’t wait mummy…..can’t wait. Oh my God!”


She placed her hands on her chest



Vida smiled, happy that her daughter was happy.






Vida and her daughter arrived the hospital very early.



They walked straight to the doctor’s office as he had said she should



Vida knocked



“Come in”



The door opened and they entered



Dr Sujit looked up to see a woman leading a blind girl



Gosh! The girl was pretty


He hoped the surgery goes well



“Good morning doc”



“Good morning doctor”, they greeted



“Morning. Sit”, he motioned and they sat



“This is my daughter Sharuna”, Vida introduced and turned to Sharuna



“Sharuna, meet Dr Sujit, the eye surgeon”



“Nice to meet you sir”, Sharuna smiled



“Nice to meet you too Sharuna”



He admired the blind girl, she was beautiful



Old enough to be his daughter, having no child, he immediately felt father-daughter love flow.



“Let me get down to business”, the doctor said


“Excuse me”, he walked into an inner room, bringing with him some instruments



Then he walked up to Sharuna



“Hope you aren’t the scaring type?”, he asked causing bouts of laughter



“Nah, I’m not. Though I get scared but not over little things”, she replied



He admired her intelligence and smiled



“Wow! What an intelligent reply”



He opened her eyes and ran some tests on it



He sighed after the checkings



“The situation is really critical. No wonder the doctors you met said there isn’t any solution”



Vida seemed skeptical



Dr Sujit noticed



“Don’t be skeptic, I will try my best. I’m gonna keep her in my laboratory room for days, she gonna be there pending when the surgery is over.


In there, I will carry out all the skills I’ve got on her, there wouldn’t be room to entertain visitors mind you, don’t bother about food and all that, I will take care of it”



Vida calmed down to take in the information



“No problem”, she said


She wanted her daughter to have her sight right?


So she could do anything



After all, she trusts the doctor, Henrietta said she should



Minutes later, Vida left, leaving Sharuna behind



The doctor took her home after close of work.


It was already evening, so the surgery gonna begin the next day.



He ordered his maids prepare dinner and show her to a room.



The next day, he took her to the laboratory room in his mansion, in there he carried out the surgery, initiating all the skills he had learnt through out his stay in college.



He brought her food, water and clothes.


She was never allowed to roam about.



It was like she was in a prison



This went on and continued for days and it seemed like it wasn’t going successful as he wished.



Everyone became skeptical, that not withstanding, Dr Sujit pressed on










“So, how is it going?”, Henrietta asked Vida.



She sighed



“Well, they’re still working on it. It’s about six days now since the surgery began”



“It’s gonna yield good results. Trust Dr Sujit, he never let’s down”



Vida laughed


“You really have faith in him. Though I’m still praying”



“Please do okay?”



Vida nodded






Dr Sujit as usual walked into the laboratory room.



It was a Saturday, he wasn’t going to work.


So he had all the day to dedicate to the surgery taking place in his house



He found her sitting on the bed



“You finished eating?”, he asked



“Yes sir”, she replied looking to the direction of his voice.



He walked up to her with his usual tools, but paused



‘Pray’, he heard a voice, ‘just forgo what you have in mind to do and pray’, his mind told him



He shrugged



He then held her hands and prayed.



He gave her some drugs and left.



Soon enough, Sharuna drifted into sleep


Minutes later, she saw herself walking all alone on a street.



The street was white all through, on both sides, and they were also diamonds sparkling lighting up the street.



She was lost and engrossed in watching the arena, when suddenly she hit her foot against a stone.



She tripped and fell, things like scales fell off her eyes and she woke up instantly



She opened her eyes and got up with a start.



She looked at herself, she was putting on a red dress, she looked on where she sat, she was sitting on a bed



Then she looked round the room, laboratory equipments filled everywhere






She cleaned her eyes with the back of her palm to be damn sure



She still saw everything the way she did



“Oh my God!”, she gasped, her hands on her opened mouth



“I can see!”, she screamed.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued








Love y’all










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