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Chapter Fifteen




As soon as Kesmanee noticed Cindy had passed out, he got off her and walked to the table.



He picked up his phone and dialed his guards.


Still fuming.



Within seconds, the guards appeared in the office, three in number.



“Take that bitch to the hospital”, Kesmanee said to them, none in particular.



Two went to fallen Cindy or should I say sleeping Cindy, and they carried her away.



One tallied behind.


He was Terry.



“Any other thing sir?”, he asked Kesmanee.


He stood over the desk, clicking his fingers on it and fuming.


Then he said,



“I want her kept in your custody once she’s fresh from the hospital, take her to the torturing room, keep her hostage for four days”, he paused to look at him


“You know what I mean huh?”



Terry nodded


“Yes sir”



“Teach her what fire does with the ears of a rat”, he said.



“Ok sir”, and he turned to leave.


Then Kesmanee halted him back.



“And oh! Get the details of the pigs whom she sent to pull the trigger, get the details from her and deal with them as well”



“Sir, what do you suggest?”, Terry asked.



Kesmanee kept mute thinking for a while.



“Chop off the tips of their manhoods”, he said.


Authority filled in his voice.



“Ok sir, straight away”, and Terry left.






Sissy was in the office, oblivious of what had happened to her friend.


The door opened and Kesmanee entered.



Sissy was surprised to see him.


She got up.



“Good….. good day sir”, she stammered.



The CEO didn’t replied to her greeting, neither did he look at her.



He was just pacing to and fro the office, without saying a word.



Like searching for the right thing to say.



Sissy was thrown off by his silence and became perturbed.



She too kept mute, waiting for the CEO to say something.



Then suddenly, he found his voice.



“I don’t even know what to do to you”, he said still not looking at her face.



She looked confused.



“What……do you….. mean sir?” she managed to ask.



He sighed, and turned to her.



“Conspiring with a colleague to rip your CEO in rags is sacrilege”



She still couldn’t comprehend anything.



“Like I said, I don’t know what to do to you, but I want you to do one thing for me”, he paused to look straight into her eyes, “before I get into my office seated, pack your bags and baggages, leave this company and never you dare return”, he turned to leave.



Sissy was shocked.



He got to the door and stopped.



“Oh! Don’t forget to take your sack letter from my PA before leaving”, and he opened the door and left.



Sissy couldn’t believe it.


She didn’t even know what to do.



Cry? Plead? Wail?


She just stood there in shock, in utmost shock and torn in shreds.



Then as if poked by something, she ran out, ran after Kesmanee.



She met him taking the stairs.


She was pleading and running up to him



“Sir please….. don’t go that far. CEO please”



Kesmanee turned, his eyes red.


“If you come any closer, I’m gonna rip your head off your neck”, and Sissy stopped in her tracks, still pleading.



“Bitch!”, he cussed and walked away.







“We going in your car or we use mine?”, Kesmanee asked Jennifer.



It was closing hour at work, and Kesmanee was taking Jennifer to the hospital as said.



“I’m gonna trail behind”, she replied going towards her car.



“Ok”, he shrugged and entered his.



Within seconds, he zoomed off and Jennifer brought up the rear.



They got to the hospital in good time.


Sharuna was awake.



“Good evening mom”, Kesmanee greeted Vida as they got to the waiting room.


She was sitting on the couch.



“Evening son, how’s everything?”, she asked.



“Fine, fine…..”



“Good evening ma’am”, Jennifer greeted interrupting Kesmanee.



Vida looked at her.


“Evening dear”, she replied.



“Oh! Forgive my manners”, Kesmanee said.


“Mom, this is Jennifer, my PA at work and Jennifer, this is Sharuna’s mom”, he introduced.


Handshakes took over, smiles splitting their faces.



“So hope she’s okay?”, he asked



Vida nodded


“Yes, you can go in”



Kesmanee and Vida strode inside.



“Hey dear”, Kesmanee walked up to her.



She turned smiling.


“Hi, good evening”, she said.



“Evening, how are you feeling now?”



“I’m okay…..I’m fine”, she said.



“Hi Miss Sharuna, good evening”, Jennifer greeted.



“Who’s talking?”, she asked.



“It’s Jennifer, my PA”, Kesmanee said, “remember her?”



“Oh! Yeah, evening”, she replied smiling.



“Yeah. Actually, the CEO told me what happened to you, so I deemed it fit to come say hi”, Jennifer said.



“Thanks so much”



“I have something for you, here”, she handed her flowers, a get well soon braille card, and some beverages.



“Wow! All these?”, Sharuna exclaimed as she felt the contents. “Thanks”



“It’s nothing ma’am, please get well soon, our CEO has not been feeling too well of recent”, she winked at Kesmanee who just opened his mouth looking at her.



Sharuna laughed.


“God help me, I will leave here soon”



“Jennifer don’t let me get you”, Kesmanee said and they laughed.



“Don’t touch the lady Kesmanee”, Sharuna said.



“Okay…. okay. I think I will take my leave now”, Jennifer said.


“Take care of yourself ma’am. Good bye”



“And you too Jenny”, and she left.



“When you gonna leave here?”, Kesmanee asked as soon as Jennifer had left.



“Huh? What kinda question is that?”, Sharuna asked.



He sighed



“I’m just fed up. I want you to leave here soon”




“I’m just coming remember?”


She gave him a kinda look.



He laughed


“I’m being impatient”, he took her hand close to his lips and kissed it.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Story continues, more problem coming.


What do you think?? Cindy gonna revenge or just ask for forgiveness???



You know they aren’t gonna kill her……so what do you think



Love y’all














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