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Chapter Twenty Four




“What!”, Vida exclaimed


“Are you serious?”, she asked with dilated eyes


Henrietta smiled


“Damn serious”, she replied



Her countenance fell



“But how? I mean why? Why now? Why did you find it now?”, she cried out



Henrietta looked confused



“Excuse me, you think if I had seen it since I will keep mute?”, she asked



Vida calmed down



“Anyway, tell me about it”



“Well, it isn’t my fault I found it now. A distant relation of mine, is an optician and a surgeon. He had been out of the country for a long time, he just came back last week and had decided to settle down and practice here. That’s why I’m telling you now”



Vida sighed


“Thanks, so how we going about it?”



“Well, I will give you his details to go see him and tell him your problem. I’ve told him about you already”



“Why not we go together?”



Henrietta laughed


“We can’t, I can’t follow you there, go yourself. I will give you his details”




“I hope something meaningful would come out of this”




“Dr Sujit is a talented optician, very good in such areas. Just table your problem before him first”



She sighed


“I don’t have money o, I know it will boil down to money”



“Vida”, Henrietta called, “everything isn’t all about money. I will give you his details before we leave here ok?”



Vida nodded












The cab stopped at the front of a very big hospital.



“We are here ma’am”, the cab driver announced and turned to Vida.



“Okay, thanks”, she alighted and paid the fare, then walked into the hospital





Dr Sujit or whatever, must be a rich bastard



The hospital was indeed opulent and showed affluence



She walked into the waiting room as directed by Henrietta



What she saw almost made her throw up.



A lot of people with eye problems. Big, small, old, young, boy, girl, man, woman



All with one eye problem or the other.



The one of a little boy made her cry


The boy was bleeding from the eyes.



She walked up to a sit and sat



Henrietta had told her not to bother asking anyone questions, that she had talked to the doctor already.



So all she had to do, was just to be patient and wait for him to call her



She sighed, relaxing more comfortably.


She hadn’t told Sharuna anything yet, she just wanted to see if it gonna work out first



She has been there for over an hour and was already getting worried



Then a girl she presumed to be a nurse, walked up to her.



“You Vida?”, she asked



“Yeah, who’s asking?”



“Well, just forget that. The doctor wants to see you”



Smiles played on her face immediately and she got up and followed the girl.


She took her to a door. ‘Dr Sujit’ was written on it



“Here, just knock”, the girl said and left



“Thank you”, she replied but the girl had already walked out



She raised her hand and knocked



“Come in”, a husky voice said from inside



She opened and entered



“Good morning doc”, she greeted, standing



Dr Sujit looked up from the papers he was writing on



He was putting on a speck and looked young



Henrietta had told her that he was a divorcee without a child and had not remarried



But the doctor looked damn handsome



“You are Vida?”, he asked



She nodded


“Yes sir”



“Sit”, he motioned her to a seat opposite him



She sat


“Well, Henrietta had told me a lot. What exactly is the problem?”, he asked



She cleared her throat



“Thanks for making out time to see me. Well, it’s about my daughter. She’s been blind from birth and no solution had been found”



“What do you mean no solution? Or you didn’t take her to any doctor?”, the doctor asked perplexed



“We did. But they keep saying there isn’t a solution”



The doctor sighed



“Well, I will see what I can do”, he paused, then continued


“Henrietta said I should be lenient with you, says you’re a widow and all that”, he paused and smiled, “I know she’s saying all that because of money, but don’t worry, I will try something”



She couldn’t believe her ears


“Oh thank you doctor, thank you”, she tried kneeling



“On one condition though”, he said, cutting short her happiness



What could it be?



“What condition sir?”, she managed to ask



He sighed



“That should be when the surgery is done and successful”


“Okay. So when should I bring her?”



“Anytime you have the chance”



Tommorow, she gonna have the chance tommorow She couldn’t wait



“Okay sir. Thank you so much”



“You are welcome. But don’t forget to thank Henrietta, she’s the brain behind this”



“No problem, I will take my leave now”, she stood up



“Okay, till then”



And she left the hospital full of hopes.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued





What do you think the condition Doctor Sujit is gonna ask for??



Love y’all










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