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Chapter Twenty Three




Sharuna waited patiently for Kesmanee to come home



Didn’t he say he would come home soon?


So she waited for him to come home soon



Now, she was worried



Normally, her mom usually comes home before him, and it was almost the time she comes back and still, he was no where to be found.



She stood up from the couch, and sat down back.



She was confused



Soon the door opened and Vida entered



“Hey dora, I’m back”, she announced



Her face lit up in happiness


“Hi Mom, welcome”, she said and stood up to hug her



They embraced



“How are you doing?”, she ruffled her hair



“I’m fine mom”



“Kesmanee isn’t home yet? Seems I first him to get home today”, she said and laughed



Sharuna’s face turned pale, Vida noticed



“Hey angel, what’s wrong?”



“I’m worried about him”, she said



Vida looked confused


Him? Who?


Then she remembered



“Oh! He would soon be back, don’t worry yourself”, she said and went in



He would soon be back…. he would soon be back



Two hours gone, he was still not at home.



Now both mother and daughter were worried



“Why not call him mom?”, Sharuna opted



Oh! That is true


Why hadn’t she thought of that



She picked up her phone and dialed his number



It wasn’t going through


What could have happened?







She called, it wasn’t going through



“Anything wrong mom?”, Sharuna asked



Vida sighed



“It isn’t going through. And I don’t even know his company’s number, I would have called that”



Sharuna was now feeling uneasy, she felt like bursting



“Something is really wrong somewhere”



“None of his guards are around even, so I can question them at least”



They sighed


Sharuna was now crying silently



Vida noticed and walked up to her



“Daughter, don’t cry yet. We still have tommorow, he might return, or better still we find out about his whereabouts”



She sniffed







Sharuna nodded


“He should better return…..or I do something crazy”, she said much to the


shock of Vida.



“Don’t say that. Nothing has happened to him okay? Don’t worry, let’s go in”, she helped her and they walked into the room. *








Days passed, the search for Kesmanee continued.


But there was no reasonable results



Vida doesn’t know any of his three companies, she would have visited one



Neither did she know any of his relatives, friends or colleagues



Six days later, Vida returned home tired and heartbroken



“Evening mom. Any news yet?”, Sharuna asked



That has been her welcome question for Vida whenever she comes back home for the past six days



Vida sighed and sat down






“Really?”, Sharuna interrupted


“What’s it?”



“Well don’t rejoice. It’s a rather bad news”


“What!”, she gasped, placing her two hands on both sides of her cheeks



“Well, I gathered he was involved in an accident, a fatal one, on the 19th, and was rushed to the hospital. Nobody knew the hospital, or whether he’s alive, no one knows”



“Oh……my…… God!”, she exclaimed, her hands placed on her head.


“Accident? How?…..and that 19th…”, she paused to think, “yes, that was the


day he told me he was going to the Mart, and that was the last day I saw him. Oh God!”, she cried



“Daughter?”, Vida called and walked up to her, “take it easy please. Your health you know? Please take it easy”, she pleaded



She didn’t listen to her as she kept wailing and crying



“Oh my! Why Kesmanee? Why him? Why my Kesmanee?”, her crying increased



Vida consoled her



“We will be leaving here for our house tomorrow, so no one will come and say we had stolen his house. At least I’m strong enough now”



It added to Sharuna’s cries.



She wept and wept, until she slept off






Vida and Sharuna prepared to leave for their own house.


Sharuna couldn’t stop crying.



And soon they left the house, left him and losed all connections with him.



It was sad






Vida got to work looking all worried and sad



Worried about her daughter.


What if she kills herself? She’s all home alone



The guard, Sal which Kesmanee had employed to work there, and also disappeared



And she was sad, following the mysterious way Kesmanee had left them



“You look extremely worried Vida”, Henrietta said to her



Vida sighed


“We losed him Henrietta, we losed him”, she cried



“Come on, you can’t possibly say that. If he ever died, or dies the news would trend that the CEO of Delhi Cooperations had died. You know how popular he’s. But there’s nothing like that”



She intelligently said


Vida saw a truth and meaning in what she said.



“Cheer up okay? I believe he isn’t dead”, she smiled




Vida nodded


“I hope so”



“Smile please. I have good news”



Vida looked at her inquiringly


“Good news?”



She nodded



“Okay shoot”



Henrietta smiled widely


“Well, the good news is……..”, she paused, “I think I have found the solution


to Sharuna’s blindness”



Vida gasped.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Love y’all











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