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Chapter Twenty One




You could have imagined what happened next.



Immediately he dropped the call, he changed into something casual and left for the hospital.



Sharuna was still asleep



He got to the hospital and met Henrietta at the entrance, she was actually waiting for him



“Mr Kesmanee?”, she called



He stooped to look at her


“Sorry, I don’t know you”, he said



Henrietta laughed.


“Actually, I was the one who called. You might not know me, but who doesn’t know Mr Kesmanee of the Delhi Cooperation, I know you well”



He hit his forehead with his right hand



“Oh!”, he mouthed


He had forgotten how popular he was.



“So, where is she now?”



“Come with me”, she said and they walked into the waiting room.



“The doctor is still there with her, they haven’t come out yet”



He sighed as they sat down on the couch.



“What really happened? How come the accident?”, Kesmanee asked



She sighed



“Well, I’m actually her friend and colleague at work. She forgot her phone with me and left for home.


Minutes after she had left, I noticed I was still with the phone and I decided to walk down the street that may be she hadn’t found a cab yet



“Well, as I walked down. I noticed crowd gathered by the road side and I went to have a look.


Fortunately or should I say unfortunately, Vida was involved in the accident. It was a head-on collision of their cab and an oncoming truck”, she explained



Kesmanee sighed


“Well, thanks for taking her to the hospital and calling”



She smiled


“You are welcome”




Kesmanee sighed and thought of calling Sharuna.


He checked his gold wristwatch, 9:00, it said.



Soon, the door to Vida’s ward opened and a woman came out, followed by a young girl



They stood up



“Doctor, how’s she?”, Henrietta asked



“Yes doc, please talk to us”



The doctor sighed


“Well, she’s fine. The accident wasn’t as fatal as you thought. She would be absolutely okay”



They heaved a sigh of relief



“Can we see her?”, Kesmanee asked



The doctor shook her head


“I’m sorry you can’t for now. She needs absolute rest. Don’t worry I will inform you when it’s time for you to see her”



“Ok doc, thanks”



“Thank you doctor”, Henrietta said



“You are welcome”, she turned to leave



“Er, doctor?”, Kesmanee called




She turned





“Can I come with you, wanna set off the bills?”



“Sure”, and Kesmanee followed them out.



Henrietta slumped herself on the couch and sighed



Minutes later, he was back



“Hey, you are back”, she said



“Yeah”, he nodded


“Won’t you get going? It’s almost midnight?”, he asked



Henrietta laughed


“I can’t. Not when my friend is still unconscious. You should go, I will look after her”



He sighed


“Oh! Thanks”



Of course he really needed to go, Sharuna was at home all alone.



He got up


“I will be going then”



“Hope it’s not too late?”



He checked his wristwatch


It was already 10:30


He shook his head


“Never too late when Sharuna is at home”



She laughed



“I will come in the morning….. with her”, he added



“Ok, good night”



“You too, take care”, and he left.



Soon he was home, thank heavens.



She was still sleeping.



He changed into his pyjamas and slumped on the bed closer her.



And soon, he slept off.






Kesmanee and Sharuna rushed into the hospital.



Henrietta was still there



“Good morning”, she greeted


“Sharuna!”, she called, happy to see her, “my God! You are here?”



“Morning”, Kesmanee said



“Good morning aunt Henrietta”, Sharuna greeted


“Where’s she? Hope we can see her now?”



Henrietta nodded


“Yeah, the doc said so”



And they went in



Vida was awake



Sharuna fell by her bed and cried


“Mom”, she called. “Mom, what happened?”, she cried



Vida placed her hand on her daughter’s head



“Don’t cry daughter. I’m happy to see you”, she turned to Kesmanee and Henrietta



“Thanks very much, you two. Henrietta, you are truly a friend indeed and in need”



Henrietta smiled


“No problem Vida. Now I can leave, now that I’ve seen that you are awake”



“Thank you aunt Henrietta”, Sharuna said



“Oh come on Sharuna. It’s nothing. Vida”, she called, “I will be leaving for work now. I’m gonna tell the boss about you”



“Oh! Thank you so much, thank you”



All these while, Kesmanee was mute watching them in awe.



“Okay then, good bye. I will return in the evening after work”, she turned to leave



“Take care”, Vida said and she left.



“Son?”, Vida called Kesmanee



“Yes Mom”, he replied



“I will like you to do me a favour”



“What’s it mom?”



“I don’t know when exactly I will be leaving here, and I can’t leave my daughter stay home alone all through my stay here. So, I want you to help me pack some of our things to your apartment for the mean time”



He sighed



“That’s not a problem at all, I will do that”



“Thank you”



“Mum please stay strong for me, I still need you”, Sharuna said



Vida ruffled her hair


“Don’t ever panic daughter, I will definitely be out of here”



Sharuna sniffed.


Kesmanee’s phone rang.




He looked into it, Jennifer, it read



He checked his wrist watch, it was 7:30



“Excuse me please, let me pick the call”, he said and walked out







“Hello Jenny”, he said



“Hello Mr Kesmanee, you aren’t at work yet?”



He sighed



“Well, I will be at work but later in the day”






“There was an emergency. But don’t worry, I will be at work. I want you to do something for me”, he said



“I’m always at your beck and call sir, what’s it?”



He smiled


“I want you to go over to Sharuna’s house and get her clothes and that of her mother, then take them to my apartment”



“Okay sir. Any other thing? What about personal belongings like toothbrushes and all that?”



He slightly waved his head


“No, forget all that. I will make purchases for it”


“Okay sir. Consider it done soon”



He smiled


“I trust you. Okay see you later then”



“Okay sir, bye”



“Yeah”, he ended the call and then walked into the ward.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued











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