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Chapter Twenty




What he saw on the dining table was a wow



Right before him was a bronze sculpture of his face.



Ranging from the head down to the neck.


The eyes, nose, mouth and even ears were exactly like his.



Oh my God!


It was wonderful



He stood there in astonishment, staring at the sculpture made of bronze.



“Sharuna?”, he called






“This is awesome, oh my goodness!”, he exclaimed



“Do you like it?”, she asked smiling



“I love it, come here”, he wrapped her in an embrace.


“Thanks. But wait, tell me you aren’t a witch?”



She laughed


“Your baby is a witch?”



He laughed


“How did you do it? I mean, this sculpture is exactly me”



She smiled


“I’ve studied your face with my fingers”



“Wow, that’s great of you, thank you”






“Now let’s go, you informed your mom that you won’t be back for the night?”



“Since yesterday”, she said



“Okay then, let’s leave”



“You not taking your gift?”



He turned to admire it


“I will, but not now. Let’s go”



He led her out to the car and they zoomed off.



They arrived at the restaurant; an Indian one.




A waiter approached their table and they quickly made their order.



“You enjoying the food?”, Kesmanee asked



She nodded


“Why not? You expected it to be bitter?”



He laughed


“No, I just wanted to make sure you are enjoying it”



She laughed


“Anyway yes, I’m enjoying it”



“Seriously, I would have loved to take you to go see my best friend, but unfortunately, he isn’t in the country now”



She sighed


“What’s so special about this your best friend you are always talking about?”



He laughed


“You won’t understand. Priceley and I share the same birthday. We are birthday mates as well as best friends”, he paused to sip his straw berry juice.



“Well, like I’ve always told you, I’m an orphan. It was his parents who accepted me. Though we have been best friends since we were six, I didn’t know my father. I only grew up to know mom.



“Unfortunately, Mom left me when I turned twelve, she died. I had no one, and Priceley’s parents took me in and treated me as their child.



“His father is the reason I’m what I am today. He’s behind my success”



She sighed


“What a story!”



“Yeah, now you understand why I always talk about him?”



She nodded


“Yeah”, she agreed.










Now they were through with all the fun they planned to have, and they were home.



Kesmanee led her in, after parking his car at the parking lot



“I feel this is a mansion”, Sharuna said



He laughed


“You always feel right”


He led her to a seetee in the sitting room.



“Now, sit here. Let me go get some things done”



“Thank you”, she sat, relaxing her head on the headrest.



After some minutes, he came out.


Now dressed in his nightie.



“Come on and take your bath. I’ve prepared your bath water, the way you like it”, he helped her stand



She laughed


“How do you know the way I like it? Thanks anyway”



“Welcome”, he led her into the bathroom and left.



Then he went into the kitchen to get some eatables.



He went into the refrigerator and brought out a cup of ice cream.



Then he brought out some popcorns and started munching, walking to his bedroom.



He got there and paused





He saw her seated on the bed and putting on his t-shirt; his favorite one.



How did she know?


This girl must be something.



“Hey?”, he called and walked in



She looked to the direction of his voice



“Hi. You don’t mind me putting on your t-shirt right?”



He shook his head


“No. But that t-shirt is my favorite, how did you know? How did you know this is my bedroom?”, he reeled out



She sighed



“Well, I think it’s instinct. But as for the shirt, I didn’t know. I just put my hands in your wardrobe and drew out the first shirt it touched”



He ran his hands through his hair



“Well, I got some munchies with me. Ice cream and some popcorns, which do you care for?”, he asked



She smiled


“Ice cream is my favorite, no matter the flavor”



He smiled and handed her the cup of ice cream and a spatula



“Here”, she stretched out her hands and took it






He walked up to the stereo and played it on.



The soft voice of Celine Dion rented the air



The moment was sweet



Then he walked up to the bed and sat.



She was humming along



“Seems you enjoy his music?”, he asked smiling



“Not just his music, but musics”




They laughed.



He dropped his pack of popcorn and suddenly threw a pillow at her



She gasped


“What was that?”



He laughed


“A pillow. Throw it back at me”, he dared her



She gently kept the ice cream, rummaged the bed for the pillow and threw it back at him, laughing.



He caught it and threw it back.


They were now pillow-fighting.



“I’m tired Kes”, she said after some throws



“So quick?”, he asked and moved towards her.



“Okay then, come place your head on my legs”



With smiles and speed, she relaxed her head on his legs.



“Tell me a story”, she requested



He laughed


“Come on, are you aren’t a baby”



“But I’m your baby”, she pressed on



He laughed


“Okay then. In a very far away land”, he began,



“There lived a beautiful poor girl, she was an orphan and she lived with her stepmother.



“Her stepmother was very wicked to her, she made her do all the chores at home, and never gives her enough clothing to wear…..”, he paused and looked at her



Oh my gee


She had already slept, her beautiful face breathing in and out



He smiled, lied her well on the bed and tucked her into the duvet and pecked her forehead.



Then he climbed down the bed to take the ice cream plate and remnants of popcorn to the kitchen.



He returned and looked at sleeping beauty.


Her br**sts were rising up and down, in rhythm to her breathing.



He smiled and was about switching off the lights when her phone rang.



He looked at her, she was still peacefully asleep.



He looked at the big wall clock hung on the wall.


8:30, it read.



Then he went to pick the call.


He looked into it, ‘mom’, it read.








He picked it up.





“Hello Sharuna”, the person on the other line said.



But the voice wasn’t Vida’s



“This isn’t Sharuna, this is Mr Kesmanee”, he said.


“Who am I speaking with?”



The person sighed


“Oh Mr Kesmanee. This is Henrietta, Vida’s colleague and friend. Please what about Sharuna?”



He looked at her, she was still asleep



“She has slept. Anything?”



“Well, just wanted to inform her about her mother”, her voice deduced panicking



“What happened?”, he snapped



“She’s presently in the hospital. She was involved in a fatal accident”






Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Oh my God


Another trouble





Love y’all










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