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Chapter Two




Kesmanee was still lost in thought staring at the girl.


“She is blind and so doesn’t talk to strangers”, Vida said bringing him back from his land of thoughts.


“Oh-oh!, sorry for that. Ma’am I will be leaving now. It’s nice meeting you”, he said.


“Okay son, have a nice day”, Vida waved as Kesmanee turned and left.


He entered his car and zoomed off.


He couldn’t concentrate on the driving, he swerved and parked.


“What the hell is the problem? Why aren’t I concentrating?”, he yelled and lowered his head on the steering.



He knew the problem. He knew it was that innocent smile from Sharuna, that sweet smile from a beautiful face.


“Why did I even looked at her face? Oh goodness!”, he screamed as started the car and zoomed off.




Kesmanee arrived at work; the company where he was the CEO.


His personal assistant entered as soon as he settled himself on the chair.


“Good morning Mr Kesmanee”, she greeted as she dropped the files with her on the desk.


“Morning Jennifer, how was your night?”


“Fine sir. Um…..Mr Priceley called this morning”


Kesmanee looked at her inquiringly.


“Yes?”, he said.


“He asked me to remind you of the deal, the contract you guys talked about” Kesmanee nodded.


“Thanks for the reminder”, he opened his cabinet and brought out some files. “You just take these files and….. there are things in there I want done” She took the files.


“Ok sir”, she turned to go.


“Please my coffee straight away please”, Kesmanee called back.


“Ok sir”, she left the office.


Priceley. Priceley was his best friend,why the hell was he calling to remind him of the contract?


He can’t possibly forget anything concerning the both of them. Why should he? They were best friends.




“I’m on my way daughter, take care”, Vida called as she was leaving for work.


She worked in a grocery store.


“Ok mom”, Sharuna replied.


Another day to be spent lonely.


She had no friends,no one to keep her company, not even her relatives.


Her mom was scared and didn’t trust any soul, so she had warned her never to let people in whenever she wasn’t around.


Sharuna sighed as she continued with her braille. She was already used to the lonely life or wasn’t she?




Break hour at work, Kesmanee was still sitted in his office. He was on his laptop surfing.


Cindy strode in.


“Hiya Kes”, she called.


Kesmanee looked up, his face changed instantly.


“No knocking again?”, Kesmanee fired fuming.


Cindy smiled.


“I’m sorry CEO…it’s break hour. Aren’t you going out for lunch?”, she asked sitting opposite him.


Kesmanee shook his head, he had warned Cindy several times against disrespect. But she had never listened. Maybe because he was friendly and hardly behave like the CEO.


“Nope….I’m not”, he replied shortly.


Cindy made a face.


“Ok, you care for anything?”, she asked.


Kesmanee was becoming disturbed.


“No, thanks. Please if you don’t mind I need some privacy”


Cindy laughed, got up and walked up to him.


“Come on CEO”, she placed her two hands on his shoulders.


Kesmanee looked on in astonishment. What was she up to now?


“We should have privacy together”, she brought her lips close to his and kissed.


Kesmanee was stunned.


“Are you crazy?”, he thundered, “get off me!”, he pushed her almost falling her.


Cindy was stunned.


“Kesmanee?”, she called in surprise.


“Don’t let me make you receive your sack letter. Now use the door, fast”, he shouted at her pointing to the door.


Cindy, shocked with tears already running down her face, ran out. Β©



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