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Episode 43


By: Faith Lucky.


Jocelyn’s Pov:


I walked on the red carpet, arrayed in a long silver colored gown. Flowers were sprayed on the carpet for me to walk on and as I did, the guest clapped excitedly. The atmosphere was dark, but the gleaming lights everywhere gave the party a befitting color.


A slow cool song was being played and it fitted the moment.


Before I got to the stand, mum walked up to me with a bowl of colorful flowers and sprinkled some of it on me.


“Welcome home, Jocelyn” she said with a smile and embraced me.


Then she held my hand and took me to the stand and gave me a peck before leaving.


Dad came up afterwards with a little wrapped presence and gave it to me.


“Welcome home, Jocelyn. I pray nothing takes you away from us again” he said


and planted a kiss on my forehead.


“Thanks dad” I replied happily and he left.


Then, Megan came up next with a bunch of flowers. She looked sad, though, but tried to dissemble it with a smile.


“Happy return Jocelyn. I’m glad you’re back” she said vacuously and I collected the flowers from her.


“I miss you, Megan. And I’m sorry we haven’t had enough time for each other since I returned. Maybe we can work it out, can’t we?” I said and she chuckled. Then, we embraced each other and she left.


Rodney came up after her and I was already smiling before he got to where I was.


“Hi” I said in a whisper as he stood in front of me.


“What are you smiling at?” He asked and I rolled my eyes.


He handed me the sparkling flowers he held and inside the flower was a small jewelry box.


I took out the box and gave the flower to the people beside me who were in charge of keeping my flowers and gifts.


I opened the box with curiosity and found a glittering necklace in it and a little disappointment touched my lips. But I quickly covered it up with a smile.


The middle part of the necklace was designed with letters R&J and Rodney helped me to wear it on.


“Thanks” I told him while touching the necklace.


It was so beautiful.


“Always put it on, Jocelyn. It represents what we share” he stated and I nodded and


we kissed for some time.


Then, he left.


Leo was the next person and I could clearly see the diffident look on him as he stood in front of me.


“Welcome home, Jocelyn” he said simply and gave the little prezzie to me.


I smiled and collected it.


“Um…Leo” I said.


“We haven’t been able to talk since the incidence occurred. Um…about the kiss…” “Sshh” he cut me off, placing his index finger on my lips.


“Don’t talk about it, Jocelyn. What if Rodney overhears you and plucks out my eyes?” He asked and I laughed and he embraced me. “Don’t worry; it’s okay” he added in a whisper and left.


Then, Rachel came up next, holding a bunch of flowers.


“Hi” she said elatedly as she stood in front of me.


“Hi Rachel” I also replied with a broad smile.


“You’re beautiful” she said and I chuckled.


“Um…sisters for life, right?” She asked.


“Of course” I replied and she nodded and gave the flowers to me.


We embraced each other and after which, she left.


Davis also came up with a bunch of flowers and handed it to me.


“You’re looking stunning, Jocelyn” he said.


“Now I can understand why Rodney has always been so crazy over you”.


I laughed as I collected the bunch of flowers from him.


“Thank you Dr Davis” I said.


“Please, drop the formalities. You can just call me Davis”.


I nodded and we hugged each other before he left.


Many other families, friends and business associates also came to welcome me and


it was a very long night.


Even Mrs Salome was there.


Leo’s Pov:


I was sitting on a bench by the pool with a glass of wine beside me.


The party was still on, but I just wanted to be alone.


I kept staring into the waters, lost in thoughts, until I felt someone sit beside me.


I turned and it was Rachel.


I looked at her with surprise and wondered why she was there.


“You loved her, right?” She asked in a genial tone that I didn’t expect.


“Who?” I possum.


“My sister – Jocelyn” she replied.


I sighed and took my gaze back to the water.


“She’s in love with Rodney” I replied embittered, not looking at her.


“That doesn’t answer the question” she said and I scoffed.


“What do you want?” I asked.


“What do you mean what do I want? I’m just trying to be concerned”.


“Concerned? Well, the last I can remember, you threw a stone at me.”


“Not you; your windscreen”


“What difference does it make?”


She finally became fed up and stood up.


“You know what? Maybe I’m just wasting my time here. Maybe you don’t deserve my attention after all. So, suite yourself” she said rashly and tried to leave, but suddenly stopped and turned back to me.


“Fine!” She muttered and sat beside me again.


“I was at fault and you were also at fault. Why don’t we apologise to each other? Let’s settle our differences” she said and I scoffed. ‘Seriously?” I asked with a little grin.


‘Will your pride allow you to do something like that?”


“Look, I’m trying to be nice here. I mean, since my sister and your brother are together, I deem it necessary for us to be in good terms. So, stop being so annoying.”


“Oh! So, I’m the one being annoying? Well,,if you really want us to make peace,


you’re gonna have to apologise first.”


“Whaaat? B…But, that’s not possible. ..”


“And why isn’t it possible? You’re making peace, right? So you’ll have to apologise first and then, I’d accept and also apologise”.


“You know what? Just forget about this” she said and stood up again but stopped halfway and returned.


She heaved a huge sigh and returned to the bench.


She was just too proud.


“Fine! I’m sorry” she finally said after a short contemplation and I smiled.


I took up my glass of wine and sipped from it.


“Hmm. Apology accepted” I replied and stood up and she flinched.


“What about yours?” She asked suspiciously and I smirked.


“Well…talking about my apology, I’ll think about it” I replied and she sprang on her feet.


“B…But that wasn’t out agreement” she grouse.


“What agreement?” I asked and turned to leave.


“How dare you? Get back here and apologise. Leo! You’re nothing but a double crossing jerk!” She said angrily behind me but I didn’t stop to look at her. TBC.










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