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Chapter One




Sharuna was a blind girl who lived with her poor mother, Vida at the outskirts slum of Marudai.


Her beauty was none as such as no one as beautiful as her had been spotted out.


Sharuna only lived with her mother because she had lost her father at the tender age of eight. So, Vida her mother was had to toil day and night to make ends meet. Sharuna couldn’t assist, she had a life challenge; she was blind.


Been blind from birth, she had resigned to fate.


There wasn’t any solution her parents hadn’t searched for, but still they couldn’t find any.


Vida and her daughter; Sharuna were on a walk going home.


They had gone to see a friend of Vida’s.


Suddenly on the road, a speeding car sped past, splashing mud on the duo.


Vida screamed and tried covering up her daughter, but she was late. The duo were stained and the car driver didn’t care to halt, he just glanced once and kept his pace.


Vida began muttering under her breath as she cleaned their stained clothes.


“Mum, what was that?”, Sharuna asked.


“It was a car dear,it splashed some muddy water on us”, her mom explained still cleaning.


Sharuna just sighed and wondered why the car driver hadn’t bother to stop to say sorry.



“Such is life”, she wondered aloud.


“Let’s go and clean up”, Vida persuaded.




Kesmanee finished from the mart and headed home. He entered his car and zoomed off.


Then, he remembered that he still had something left to do. He sighed, reversed his car and headed towards the outskirts slum.


He got to the front of a building and stopped. He came out of the car.


He could see a woman washing and a girl sitted,she seemed to be reading from a book.


As he got closer, the woman washing looked up and stood, looking at him inquiringly. The girl also looked up apparently alerted by the sound of his car.


Actually Kesmanee was a tall, handsome young dude. He was coperately dressed that afternoon.


He walked majestically towards them.


“Good afternoon ma’am”, he greeted.


“Good afternoon son. Can we help you?”, she asked. Kesmanee looked at Sharuna and back to Vida.


“Actually I was the one who splashed some muddy water on you at the road. I was


speeding somewhere and couldn’t wait to say sorry. I am really sorry ma’am,it


wasn’t intentional”, he pleaded fluently.


Vida smiled and turned to Sharuna.


“Ok son, no problem. At least you have called to say sorry. That’s good”, Vida said turning to Sharuna,


“Sharuna meet Kesmanee, he had come to say sorry, I’m sure you heard him”


Sharuna nodded in agreement, looking into space. Vida placed hands on her daughter’s shoulder.


Sharuna looked up, shook her head and smiled. She was speechless.


Looking at that beautiful face smiled was a distraction to Kesmanee, he forgot his senses as the smile laced his face. He just stared. Β©


To Be Continued


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