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Chapter Seventeen




Jennifer was behind the wheels driving towards Sharuna’s.


With her in the car was a young girl, she was an errand girl.



Kesmanee has just sent her a message.



She got to the house and halted.





Escaped her lips as she saw the way the building had changed.



She had once been there, so she could really spot out the changes.





CEO is really……. something.



She came out of the car, likewise the girl, and they walked further the building.


They met Sal by the entrance.



“Hey Sal”, Jennifer greeted



Sal smiled



“Hi Jenny, good afternoon”



“Yeah, is CEO’s wife around?”



Sal looked at her and laughed



“Of course where else would she go to?”



“Oh!”, she hit her head with her hand.


“Take care”, and she walked in.



She rang the doorbell and Sharuna came to answer it.



“Hello”, she said opening the door



“Good afternoon Miss Sharuna”, Jennifer greeted entering into the house.



“Afternoon”, she closed the door



“I’m Jennifer, Kesmanee’s PA”



Sharuna smiled


“I know, I’ve heard your voice”



Jennifer smiled


“Okay, he sent me a message here”






“He said I should come pack all the dirty clothes, dresses, bedsheets, curtains and all that, to the laundry”



Sharuna gasped





“With me here is Prisha”, she introduced



Sharuna looked into space



“She was hired to keep the house clean and prepare some food”



Sharuna was amazed



“Good afternoon ma’am”, Prisha greeted



Sharuna looked to the direction of the voice



“Afternoon”, she smiled



“He also told me to inform you that he gonna be here in the evening, to……


take you out”, Jennifer informed.



Her face showed surprise.





“So, I think we gonna get down to work now”, Jennifer said.



“Ok, thank you”, Sharuna said.


“I will be in my room in case you need anything”, she turned and left.



“Okay Prisha, get down to work”, Jennifer said



“Ok ma’am”, she left.



Jennifer gathered all the dirty clothes and linens and packed them into a sack.



Then she walked up to Prisha, she was cleaning the kitchen.



“Hey Prisha”, she called



Prisha turned





“I will be leaving for the laundry now, once you’re done, call me so I can come and pick you or I send someone”



“Ok ma’am”



“Take care”, and she left.









Vida returned home so very tired.



She opened the door and went in to behold something new.



She noticed the house was well cleaned than she saw in the morning before she left.



She sniffed.


Nice appetizing aroma filled the air.



“What happened?”, she asked herself, going further into the house.



“Sharuna……. Sharuna”, she called



“Yes mummy, I’m coming”, she shouted from her room.



Vida walked to the kitchen to find sweet scented prepared meals, ready for devouring.



She gasped



Did she cook?


But how?



Then she went out.


What she saw made her stopped in her tracks.



“Sharuna”, she called.



Sharuna was standing by the entrance of the corridor, looking all queenly in a long beautiful dress.



Oh my God!


Her daughter was a beauty.



“Woah!”, she exclaimed.


“Is that you? Is that my Sharuna?”


Sharuna smiled


“Yes Mom, it’s your daughter”



“Where you going?”



She sighed and rested on the door frame, holding up her gown “Well, he’s taking me out”



Vida smiled and digressed.


“How come all this changes I see? The house so clean and some well cooked food?”



Sharuna smiled



“He sent someone to do the cooking and clean up the house”



Vida gasped, holding her mouth.



“What!”, she exclaimed.



“Even the dirty clothes was taken to the laundry”



Vida was speechless.


She didn’t know what to say.



“Wow…….my son in law”, she finally said.



Sharuna looked in astonishment.



“Mum? Did you just say son in law?”, she asked




Vida laughed


“Isn’t that what he’s”



“I thought you….. you know?”



Vida laughed


“Come on daughter, forget that”



“Hmm”, Sharuna sighed.



“So you staying for the night?”, Vida asked.



Sharuna shook her head


“Nah, I will return today”



“Okay, wish you the best”, she said, going into the room.



Sharuna laughed


“Thanks Mom”



Soon, a car screeched to a halt.



“That must be him”, Sharuna smiled, raising up her dress in order to let her walk properly.



Kesmanee entered.


“What a damsel”, he exclaimed staring at her.





She looked awesome.



She was putting on a long red silk gown, it was well fitted as it exposed her curves.



Her hair was left falling to her waist.




He loved his women leaving their hair that way.



Drooling was an understatement, the CEO just stared with opened mouth.



Sharuna was taken aback by his silence.



“You there?”, she was forced to ask.



He shook his head, hitting it with his right hand.



“Yeah, I….I was staring at the beauty before me”



She blushed



“The gown looks well fitted on you”



She smiled



“Thank you”



“You are welcome”, he went further and wrapped his arms around her.



“I must confess miss, you look amazing”, he whispered softly



She smiled, flashing her thirty two.



“I feel special, thanks”



Then he brought his lips to hers, their tongues rolled.


The sensation running through their spines was burning.


The kiss continued.



Then Vida entered and cleared her throat, interrupting.


She had been watching them all this while



They cut the kiss, still holding onto themselves.



“Good evening mom”, Kesmanee greeted, making Sharuna to lie her head on his shoulder.



“Evening son. How are you?”


She smiled



“I’m fine and you?”, he held onto her waist with one hand, and used the other to smoothing her hair.


Her head was still rested on his chest.



“I’m absolutely ok. Er…… thanks for everything son. You have been really


awesome these days”, she smiled



Kesmanee grinned


“You are highly welcome. Though it’s nothing, it’s not a burden to me”



Vida smiled


“Thanks for the love and care. My daughter’s happiness had really returned, you brought it back”



Sharuna chuckled, her head still resting on his chest.



“I’m also doing it for myself mom”


“I learnt you are going out, please take care of her”






“Okay, take care”



“Okay Mom”, he raised Sharuna’s head from his chest, “Are you ready?”



She nodded



He kissed her hair, disengaging from the hold.



“Bye mummy”, she said.



“Bye daughter”, Vida replied smiling.



Kesmanee wrapped his right arm on her shoulder and led her away.



He got to the car, opened the door and helped her sit.


Then he pecked her.



He closed the door and turned around to the driver’s side, and he entered.



“You gonna enjoy it”, he said helping her with the seat belt.



She laughed


“I know I will”



He smiled clanking the seat belt and they zoomed off.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued








Now for those asking, and also for the benefit of everyone, the setting of this story is mixed


It’s of mixed races, Indian and American.



Anyways, hope ya enjoying it like hot



Love y’all







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