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Chapter Twenty Two




Weeks passed and Vida was now discharged from the hospital.



Though discharged and now resumed work, she was still visiting the hospital for check-up as the doctor had told her to.



And so, they were still staying at Kesmanee’s mansion.



One afternoon, Vida had gone to the hospital as usual, and Kesmanee had gone to work.



Sharuna was left at home.



She stood by the French windows over looking out, when the door opened and Kesmanee entered.



“Hey”, she said still looking out


“Why you early today?”, she asked



He was stunned


How did she know he was the one??


He hadn’t drove in any car, as he had parked outside the compound.



Now, he was……scared



“How do you know it’s me?”, he asked



She smiled and turned, leaning on the window frame.


“I know your smell”



He ran his hands through his hair and walked up to her.



“Well, I was going to get some things from the Mart. I decided to stop by to get some documents I had forgotten”, he placed his hands on her waist



She smiled


That haunting smile again!!!



“I have something to do, before I forget myself staring at you”, and he left laughing



She laughed



Minutes later, he was out with the documents.


“You done?”, she asked



“Yeah”, he walked up to her and kissed her hair.


“Take care, I will be back soon”



“Okay dear. Bye”



And he walked out of the house.










Kesmanee finished from the mart and walked to his car.



He dropped the things he bought in the back seat of the car and entered.



Then he zoomed off.



Few minutes later on the road, he noticed a particular Padded V-boot of green colour trailing him from behind.



He waved it off


He wasn’t him they were trailing, they were going their own



He looked at his side mirror, they were still trailing him



Okay now, he needed to be sure.



He swivelled to the left, onto another street, the car followed





He went further and turned again, this time to the left.



The car also followed



Now, he was damn sure he was being trailed.



Who were those beasts?


He smirked



He gonna show them the stuff he was made off



Then all of a sudden, he swivelled onto another route making a sharp bend



The car followed



That was the mistake!



The route he took was a lonely one.


They were bushes on each side of the road and they were the only cars on the road at the particular time.



The road was so bad and full of potholes.



He increased his speed and the car trailing him, did the same.



Then he made a mistake of increasing his driving gear, and he was now recklessly driving.



Suddenly his car raised up, three inches above the ground level and it crash landed, somersaulting on the tarred bad road.



The other car screeched and five boys came out and ran towards the damaged car



They were all masked



Suddenly a police siren was heard, and it seemed to be coming their direction



The boys realized and acted too late.



They tried to make good their escape, but the police was more swifter than they are



And they were captured, five of them and bundled into the police van



A policeman spoke into his cellphone and soon, an ambulance siren was heard



It stopped and three men came out of it and rushed to the damaged car.



And they carried out Kesmanee from the car to the ambulance



He was unconscious.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



So, she didn’t know that that kiss on her hair, was the last from him Ohhhh!!!



Love y’all









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