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Chapter Sixteen




Days turned into weeks and weeks into months.



Sharuna was now fully well and fresh from the hospital.



Kesmanee didn’t tell her or her mother concerning his research about the perpetrators, he kept mute.




And life went on




Sharuna was lying on the seetee in the sitting room, she heard screeching of cars outside.



She got up with a start, afraid.



Two vehicles screeched to a halt outside the building.



One was a Cadillac and the other was a truck carrying strong doors made of oak wood.



The Cadillac opened and Kesmanee came out, three guards followed.



One went to the booth and dragged out a barking Rottweiler, chained on it’s neck and barking loudly.



It looked harsh and severe.



Kesmanee walked to the truck.



“You get that barking idiot into it’s cage”, he shouted at the guard with the Rottweiler and he obeyed instantly, dragging the dog along with him towards the back of the building.



“You go check out the doors”, he said to the boys in the truck.


“Rip out all the doors leading to the entrance, and fix these new ones in there”, he pointed at the new doors in the truck.



The boys got down to work immediately.



He turned to one of the guards with him.


“You Sal, this is the house you gonna be manning from now on”



He nodded


“Okay sir”



“Go help Terry with the dog, it’s barking like shit”



And the guards left instantly.



Kesmanee looked round the building, and then walked in.



He met Sharuna at the entrance, she seemed nervous.



Seeing her in that way made him smile



“Sunshine?”, he called and walked up to her.


“Scaring beauty”, he laughed, his arms wrapped around her.



She sighed in relief.



“Don’t be scared, it’s me”, his right hand on her waist and his left hand smoothed her hair.



She smirked



“I’m not scared”, she snapped



“Hey babe, watch out for your health”, he said smiling.



She sighed








“Come on”, before she knew it, he had swept her feet off the ground, and carried her bridal style, leading her to the dining.



“What you doing?”, she laughed



“Watch me”, he got to the dining and dropped her on the chair.


Then he sat close to her.



“So how are you doing?”, he asked



“I’m fine. What’s all this noise I’m hearing?”, she asked



He sighed



“Well, I’m tryna making some changes here”



“Changes? How?”



“I’m changing the doors into more stronger ones”



“Huh? What about the barking of a dog I hear?



“That’s a guard dog”



She gasped



“Guard dog? That’s fearful and dangerous? Who gonna be taking care of it?”


She looked afraid.



“A guard. I’ve placed one of my guards to man here, so my princess would gonna be afraid of anything anymore”





She was speechless



“I…… I don’t even know what to say”, she stammered and he smiled



“Say anything”, he said



“Like what?”



“Say something romantic….call me pet names”



She paused, laughing.



“Actually….. I know no pet names”



“Come on Sharuna”, he nudged her.



She shook her head in both sides.



“Okay…. okay, thanks so much dear, I appreciate”



His countenance fell, not satisfied



“That’s not romantic”, he complained



“That’s a pet name”


She laughed



He shook his head



“Whatever. Sharuna?”, he called






He took a deep breath.



“I’m sorry for all that happened to you all these while, it’s because of me”



“Oh come on. It’s not your fault, and I’m fine”



“I’m going to make it up to you”



She grinned






“Get prepared for outings, coz we gonna be going out almost everyday”



She laughed and slapped his shoulders



“For what?”



She tried withdrawing her hand and he held it, giving it a sweet caress.



“Just get prepared”, he said and silent crept in.



Giving them the opportunity to hear the breaking of doors and fierce barking of dogs.



He looked at her thin lips.


“Sharuna?”, he called romantically






“Um……can I?….”, he paused



“What? Go ahead”, she nudged him



He exhaled, like he was preparing for an exam



“Can I kiss you, I mean can we have our first kiss now?”



She gasped


Not knowing what to say.



“Can I please?”, he pleaded



She nodded, like she agreed



And he brought his head down to her lips.



Their lips met, he moved closer her and held her tight to himself as their tongues rolled against each, it was ecstasy.



“Urghh”, she let out a moan



Kesmanee withdrew, though not wanting to.


But he had to



They tried catching their breaths for seconds.



“Um…… Kesmanee?”, she called



“Yes dear?”



“Why do you love me?”



“That’s not a question”, he pecked her.


“But you are special”



His phone rang and he picked it up.



“I gotta go”, he said after the call, “I’m needed at the company right now. So should I leave?”, he asked



Her face turned pale


“You need to”



“No, give me the allow, I can as well forget it if you don’t let me”



“You should go Kesmanee, it’s important”



“You are more important. But as my queen wishes, I’m leaving”, he stood up



She smiled


“Just be careful”



“I will”, he pecked her and left.






“So Vida how’s our Sharuna now?”, Henrietta, Vida’s colleague at work asked



Vida sighed



“She’s okay now by His grace”



“Ohh! Thank God”



“Thanks for making the boss see reasons with me”



She laughed


“That’s not a problem. But Vida, why didn’t you use one stone to kill two birds?”



Vida gave her an inquiry look



“What do you mean?”



“Why didn’t you seek a solution concerning her blindness, you all went to the hospital”



“Well, I don’t think there’s any for it. I mean there isn’t any solution we haven’t searched for”



“You should have still tried even at that”



“I’m still trying, my daughter isn’t even worried about it, I’m the one killing myself”



Henrietta looked surprised



“You don’t mean it?”



“That girl is something else, I can’t understand her” She let out a mocking laugh and Henrietta joined in.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued












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