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Chapter Ten




There was no freshening up, no cleaning up, no refreshments, no changing, nothing!




He just rushed out of the house with his phone and car keys.




He raced towards the garage and entered the Beetle, which was obviously the smallest car he had.



He drove out the car peacefully towards the gate.



He halted as soon as he got to the gate in order to speak with the guard.



“Hey Terry”, he wind down the glass as the guard stooped to the car level.



“I just received an emergency”, he continued, “am I not be back this night”



Terry nodded assimilating the news.


“Ok sir”



“Take care of the house”, and he zoomed off.



As soon as he hit the road, he drove mad like hell.



It was okay for him, there was no traffic as it was almost night.



In matter of minutes, he got to the hospital, and drove towards the parking lot.



Then he rushed into the waiting room.



Vida was there, she had returned immediately after getting some money.



Kesmanee walked up to her.



“Ma’am what’s the problem…. where’s she?”, he reeled out questions.


Vida sighed and sat up on the couch.



“Like I said, she was shot. The doctor said it was a bullet injury on the surface of her abdomen”



Kesmanee looked on in shock trying to absorb the whole thing.



Shot? How?


Who could have wanted her dead?



“So what’s the doctor saying now?”



“That she needs blood as she had losed a lot”



He sighed.



“Blood transfusion or…..”, she interrupted.



“No, not too safe with blood transfusion. We are buying pints of blood, I’ve paid some money already”



“Okay, but she’s ok right?”, he asked.



Vida nodded, “yes”



He let out a sigh of relief.



“Let me go see the doctor”, he turned.






“Let me set off the bills”, and he left.



“Oh, thank you”, she sighed.



Though it wasn’t necessary, he didn’t hear the ‘thank you’



Minutes later, they were allowed to go see her.



Vida and Kesmanee went in.



She was sleeping soundly, her innocent face was white.



A blood catether was fastened on her right hand.



They walked up to her.


Vida sat on the floor beside her bed while Kesmanee stood, looking at her face.



He couldn’t believe this had actually happened.


He blamed himself for not being there for her, for not ignoring the damn meeting and going to see her.



He felt walking up to that bed and planting a kiss on her thin lips.



He stretched his hands to feel her impulse.


It was there.






The sound of fast walking feet on the marble floor of the hospital along the waiting room woke Kesmanee up.



He flicked his eyes opened and turned to see a nurse walked by.



It must have been her feet that woke him up.



He stretched his hands and ouch!


All he felt was pains around his joints.



He had slept on the couch while Vida slept in the room with Sharuna.





He really didn’t go home the previous night.



He got up and walked to Sharuna’s room.






She was awake!


He rushed further into the room.



“Sharuna”, he called.


He was smiling all over as he walked up to her and held her left hand.



He was so happy that he forgot to greet Vida who was close by.



“Sharuna…. how are you feeling?”, he asked.



Sharuna opened her mouth to speak, but tears came out instead.



She was feeling a sharp pain on her abdomen where the bullet had hit.



“Stop crying, it’s gonna be well. I promise you that”, he said as he took her hand close to his lips and kissed.



Vida on her own part was struggling to hold back the tears threatening to run down her face.



Seeing her daughter in pains was much pains on it’s own.



“Ma’am”, he called and Vida turned to look at him.



“I will be going home now to freshen up and get some food. I would also like to visit work”, he said.



“Okay son, not a problem. Thank you”, she said.



Kesmanee gave Sharuna one last kiss on the back of her hand and turned to leave.



“Be careful”, Sharuna said.



Kesmanee turned back to look at her and smiled.



Then he left.



Kesmanee got home, took his bath and changed into something easy and simple.



By the time he was through, it was mid afternoon.



Then he went to his company.


He had already informed Jennifer before hand that he won’t be coming to work that day.



“Afternoon Mr Kesmanee”, Jennifer greeted obviously happy to see him.


He managed a smile.



“How are you?”, he asked.



“Fine. Um…’s miss Sharuna, hope she’s okay?”, she asked.



Kesmanee nodded.


“Yea. So how is the work going on?”, he demanded.



“Very ok”, she nodded.



“I trust you. I will be leaving now, let me rush to the Mart to get somethings”, he said turning to leave.



“Okay sir. Please tell miss Sharuna to get well soon”



He smiled turning back to her.


“I will” and then he left.



As soon as he was about entering the car, Cindy rushed up to him.



“Hey Mr, afternoon”, she smiled.



“Yeah”, he replied shortly.



“How’s Sharuna?”



Huh? How the hell did she know?


It was only Jennifer he told about her and he knew well that she hadn’t tell anyone yet. Hmm


He began suspecting her.


“She’s very ok”, he replied, revving the car.



“Um….. which hospital is she?”



His suspicions increased.



“Never mind”, he zoomed the car and reared off.



Kesmanee had just finished getting some food and beverages.



He came out from the mart, walking to his car.



He opened the back seat and dropped the bags he was holding, then he entered the car.



Soon, his phone rang.



He picked it.


It was Sharuna’s mom.



“Hello”, she was the first to speak and her voice looked panicking.



“Hello Mom”, he said noticing the panic. “What’s it?”, he asked.



“It’s Sharuna……”



“What happened?”, he interrupted.



“She’s gone son. She couldn’t make it”





Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Who else is crying????


Me, I’ve soaked my bed with tears oo







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