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Chapter Fourteen




Kesmanee was stunned, he stood frozen on the spot, staring at Jennifer.



“How did you know?”, he suddenly found his voice asking.



Jennifer sighed.



“Well, I eavesdropped on their conversation, she and Sissy. They were rejoicing and saying the guys did the job well, I don’t know. But I think Sissy also has a hand in it”



It was unbelievable.


Cindy of all people.



“Jennifer?”, Kesmanee called, “are you sure of what you are telling me?”, he asked looking straight into her eyeballs.



She sighed, and brought out a pen.



“If you can’t believe it, well here is the recoder I took with me to the office”, she handed the pen to him.



He took it and looked at it.



“That’s my pen and it’s also a recorder. It’s capable of recording and tapping voices even from a distance, so far the environment is quiet”, she explained.



What a small but mighty weapon.


Kesmanee looked at the pen again, wondering.



“Thanks for the information”, he managed a smile.



“It’s part of my duties sir, no need for thanking.



He smiled



“Anyways, what can I say again? Thanks”, and he went into his office.



He dragged himself lazily to his seat.


He groaned.



He brought out the recorder pen, and he played it on.



Much to his astonishment and fear, he listened to their conversation.



“……. blind witch….”


It was as if his heart was stabbed as soon as he heard that.



“She’s dead and gone forever…..”, he groaned.



He angrily turned it off.



How could Cindy do this to him. How?


He still couldn’t believe it.



If not for this record, he wouldn’t have believed at all.



Cindy of all people


He trusted her so much.



He stretched himself on the seat and relaxed his head on the headrest.



The information had torn him apart.






A young boy strode into Cindy’s office.


He was the messenger, he walked straight to Cindy.



“Miss Cindy, the CEO sent for you”, he said and left.



Sissy and Cindy looked at each other and smiled.



“Oh my God! I can’t believe he called me already”, Cindy said as she got up and smoothed her skirt, and arranged her blouse as well.



“Isn’t that what you have been waiting for? Come on girl”, Sissy laughed.



“I’m on my way”, she turned



“Play hard to get”, Sissy called after her.



“I wish I can, I’ve really missed him”, she winked and left the office.



Sissy laughed.



Cindy got to Jennifer’s office without glancing or even greeting.



Jennifer on her own part said nothing to her.


Cindy went into the CEO’s office without knocking.



“Good day CEO, you sent for me”, she said walking up to him.



Kesmanee was still seated in the resting position, his head on the headrest.



He didn’t look at her, his gaze just fixed on the air.



He was still trying to believe it.



“I’m here”, she said smiling, this time louder, thinking he hadn’t heard her.



Kesmanee still remained in his position, without looking at her.



Cindy opened her mouth and was about to say something when he interrupted.



“I did”, his voice was calm.


He still wasn’t looking at her.



Then he turned to look at her.



She smiled, walked up to him and made to kiss him.


Then she abruptly stopped



“Go ahead”, he commanded, but she couldn’t.



“Why did you decided to kill a part of me?”, he asked.



Cindy looked confused.



“What do you…..mean?”, she asked




“Why did you do it to me? You of all people, you whom I trusted”, he barked.


His voice raised a pitch higher and obviously angry.



Cindy still looked confused.



Then he turned on the recorder and it played.



Cindy was shocked.



“I….. I can explain”, she panicked.



He smirked and stood up.


Too late.



“You can explain what? That you wanted to kill an innocent blind girl all because of jealousy?”, he barked.


“What the hell you wanna explain?”, he was walking up to her.



Cindy on her own part was moving backward.



“I……it wasn’t like I killed…..”, a slap arrested her remaining words.



She held her slapped cheek.



“You are still lying huh?”, he slapped the other cheek.



Cindy wasn’t shouting for help, she was pleading with low tunes and silently crying.



“I don’t know you are this heartless”, he slapped her again.



This time, she went down.



Kesmanee bent over her.



“You even called her a witch”, he punched her in the stomach and she growled.



Then he started choking her, he wasn’t listening to her pleas.



“You wicked daughter of a bitch”, he shouted choking her more, his two hands on her neck.



Cindy became week, she was weakening slowly.



She felt her strength leaving gradually.



The pains with which the punches, slaps and the choking came, was too much.



“Kesmanee please”, she managed to say.



He didn’t listen to her as he kept choking.



She felt the room turning as her eyes spinned, her head twilred.



Slowly, slowly, she passed out.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued


E never finish oo


Kesmanee’s venom hasn’t finished yet, she na faint


She dy faint when beating just dy start…







Love y’all










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