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Chapter Eleven




Kesmanee rushed into the hospital waiting room to find Vida sitting on the couch and crying hysterically.



About two nurses surrounded her doing their best in consoling.





Don’t tell me that.



“Ma’am, where’s she?”, Kesmanee asked for the third time.



Oh Christ!


She really was gone.



So unfortunate that he even didn’t get to see the corpse before it was taken to the morgue.





His world, his happiness.



Who could have shot her??



Then he sat down close to Vida, also consoling her.



Now, the one to be consoled, became the consoler.



“She gave me a message for you”, Vida said to Kesmanee in between sobs.



Kesmanee abruptly turned to her.



“What’s it?”



Vida sniffed.


“She asked me to tell you that she really loved you and appreciated your love for her….”, tears pursed her.



Then she continued.


“She said the only unfortunate thing was that she didn’t get to see the person that loved her so affectionately”, she sobbed the more.



Kesmanee looked up and felt a tear dropped from his eyes.



He was really hurt……so hurt.



“How come?”, he found his voice. “I mean she was well when I left”



Vida sighed.


“She became unconscious as soon as you left and soon gave up the ghost”



The news was too heavy for Kesmanee to carry.



He got up when he saw the doctor coming towards them.



“Doctor, what I’m I hearing?”, he asked him.



The doctor shook his head and sighed, putting a comforting hand on his shoulders.



“Take heart Mr. That’s just life for you”



“This is unbelievable”



“I’m sorry Mr Kesmanee, I’m really sorry”, and he left.



Now, Kesmanee gonna be a man and take heart.



He had Vida to look after so as not to try anything stupid.



The hospital inmates asked him to take her to his house, so he can put an eye on her.



Kesmanee agreed, and they went home after a long stay at the hospital.






Jennifer just received a call, the information she got was needed by Cindy.



She got up and left for her office to deliver the message.



Cindy and Sissy were in their office as usual.



A bottle of champagne and some cigarettes were on the desk.



“Enjoy babe”, Cindy shouted.


“People don’t mess with Cindy and get away with it”, she sipped champagne from the glass tumbler she held.



Sissy laughed.


“You really gat brains babe”, she said.



A cigarette stub in between her fingers, and a glass tumbler of champagne sticked from the other hand.



Now Jennifer had gotten to their office and wanted to knock.



She heard something and stopped. Cupping her hands, she placed it gently on the door and put her ears on it.



In that way, she listened to all their conversations.



“Come on babe”, Cindy shouted a bit higher, “CEO is now mine”



“Of course”, Sissy laughed.



“Not some blind witch”, they all laughed.



“She’s dead and gone forever”, Sissy said.



“Yeah, thanks to the guys. They did the job well”, Cindy agreed.



Jennifer couldn’t believe all this.


She gasped, removed her hands from the door and ran back.



Cindy was this evil.


She didn’t even know Sharuna was already dead as Kesmanee hadn’t informed her.






As soon as Vida and Kesmanee got to his house, he showed her to the guestroom.



She thanked him and went in.



No dinner.


There wasn’t the appetite.



She sat on the bed thinking.


How could her daughter leave her at this time, no.



She shook her head.


Not now.



Then, she remembered.


She needed to pray. Yes



She got down on her knees and prayed.


Nothing God cannot do, isn’t it?



Kesmanee on his own part still couldn’t believe his love had gone.



He strode to the bar section of the house.


Selected drinks and drank himself to stupor.



Then he took to becoming violent, destroying things.



He first started with the flowers vase.


He got hold of it and flung it.



It crash landed on the plasma, splitting the screen in two.



He groaned and went for his phone, he threw it towards the direction of the window.



It crashed the window and down it went, smashing on the tiled floor.



Soon, he got tired and drifted into sleep.






The sun rays through the window glistened into his eyes and he flickered it open.



He sat up and groaned, looked around the house, it was a mess.



Then it dawned on him that he had slept in the sitting room.



He sat up thinking for a moment.


He couldn’t still bring himself to believe that Sharuna had gone.



He got up and went to the bathroom to brush.



Then he heard the ringing of his phone; obviously the second phone.



He started the search for it.


He couldn’t find it and gave up on the searching.



Minutes later, it started ringing again.



He searched and then, there it was lying in the kitchen sink.



By now it had stopped ringing.


He looked into it to see twelve missed calls.



He didn’t know the caller.



Soon the call came again and he picked it up.



“Hello”, he said.



“Hello Mr Kesmanee”, the voice was familiar but he still didn’t know yet.



“Morning,who I’m I speaking with please?”, he asked.



“It’s the doctor. Well I have been calling since yesternight….”



“Yes?”, he interrupted already getting angry.



“Miss Sharuna is awake…….she’s back”








Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued








Love y’all











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