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Chapter Twelve




Kesmanee and Vida rushed into the hospital and straight to the room Sharuna was kept.



Oh my!



She was there on the bed, alive and kicking.



The doctor and a nurse were inside the room as well.



Smiles played on their faces.



“Good morning doc”, Kesmanee greeted as Vida ran up to her daughter.



“Morning Mr Kesmanee”, the doctor smiled.



“Thanks for the good news this morning, I really appreciate”, he looked at the girl on the bed.



The doctor smiled and sighed.



“That’s really not a problem. Actually, we are very sorry, it was a mistake on our side”, his tone changed to that of pleading.



Vida who held her daughter’s hand turned to look at the doctor, as well as Kesmanee.



“What do you mean?”, Vida asked apparently curious.



The doctor sighed.



“Doc? Go ahead”, Kesmanee said.



“Anyways”, the doctor continued, “like I said it was a mistake on our own side. Late in the night, the morgue attendant ran into the hospital premises. He said he needed some assistance that he heard a voice shouting for help in the morgue”, he paused.



Kesmanee’s and Vida’s eyes digging holes into him.



“Well”, he continued, “three nurses on night duty accompanied him, only to go in there and find out it was she”, he pointed to Sharuna, “who had been shouting for help, she was then taken back into the ward”



“Interesting”, Kesmanee smiled.


Though he was hot angry inside, he only used the smile to keep himself from doing something regrettable.



“So, what’s the mistake you talking about?”, he asked.



“I ran a test on her immediately she was taken to her ward, only to discover that the time she became unconscious, and we thought she had given up the ghost, she actually drifted into comma, not death”, he reeled out.


“We are really sorry. Thanks to God, she’s well now”, he said smiling.



Vida and Kesmanee let out a deep sigh.



What a story!



“We’ve given her some drugs to keep on relieving her pains, and as you can see, she’s on blood catheter. She still needs blood”



Kesmanee looked at her and nodded.



“I see”, he said.



“But all the same”, the doctor continued, “it’s just the mercies of God. I mean, this is actually the first time such thing is happening in this hospital. That lady over there”, he pointed to Sharuna, “carries grace. This is a miracle”



Vida smiled.


God had never disappointed her.



“Thank you doctor”, she spoke up for the first time since she came in.



The doctor looked towards her and smiled.


“It’s just God Almighty”, he said.



Kesmanee sighed.


“Anyway doctor, thanks all the same”, he said.



“You are all welcome, I will be taking my leave now please”, and he left with the nurse.


Kesmanee walked up to the bed, and instantly, Sharuna woke up.



“My dear, you are awake”, Vida said smiling.



“Sharuna, thank God”, Kesmanee said.



Her eyes opened.


She couldn’t see them, but she could hear them.



“Mom? Kesmanee?”, she called.



“Yes dear, I’m here. You will be fine”, her mom said.



A tear dropped from Sharuna’s eyes as her mom squeezed her hand.



“It’s ok dear, you are fine”, Kesmanee said.



Sharuna nodded and her mom cleaned up her eyes.



“Thank you all for being there for me”, she said.



And they smiled.



“No problem daughter, God is more there for you. Do you need anything?”



“No mom”, she shook her head.


“I’m feeling pains, I think I should get some sleep”



“Yeah. You should”, Kesmanee replied.



And soon, she slept off.


Vida and Kesmanee walked outside to the waiting room and sat.



None seemed prepared to leave.



“This is actually strange. Mom, do you know who attacked her?”, Kesmanee asked.



Vida sighed.


“It’s of no use son. The main thing is that she’s alive now”, she replied.



Kesmanee wasn’t satisfied.



“Yeah and I thank God for that. But tell me, do you know?”



“Anyways,I think it’s her uncle. That’s my husband’s junior brother”



Kesmanee sighed, remembering what Sharuna had told her once, concerning her uncle.


Same uncle she was referring to.



“I say so because he had been giving my family trouble since he killed my husband”, she continued, “but don’t bother yourself to revenge, it’s of no use”, she pleaded.



“I would have, I’m damn so angry here”, he replied fuming.



“Please son, please. Just let it go ok?”



Kesmanee nodded.



“I think I should be going home,I really need to get to work to see things”, he said getting up.



“That’s not a problem”



“Let me go check on her first”, he went to Sharuna’s room.



Sleeping beauty was still sleeping.



After certifying himself of her safety, he left the hospital.



The drive was cool, he whistled along.



Happy to be happy.



He really wanted to teach the perpetrators some lessons, had it been Vida hadn’t begged him not to.





Whoever did that, whoever tried to kill his Sharuna really didn’t deserve to live.



Left for him, he really didn’t want to leave the hospital, but he needed to get to work.



He hadn’t really been there for a while.





My Sharuna is alive!



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued


Once Kesmanee finds out the perpetrator, he or she is better off than dead.



Who else agrees with me???





Love y’all









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