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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 39


“Who are you?” Lucian asked. The man walked closer.


“You should ask what I am instead.” He said. The man was tall slightly taller than him and Lucian could feel the power coming from him.


“Are you like me?” Lucian asked remembering the man’s claws.


“And what are you?” The man said. That was a good question. Lucian didn’t really know what he was. All he knew was that he was different.


“I don’t know.”


The man narrowed his dark eyes, They were frightening.


“I am not like you.” The man said. “But I am not here to tell you what I am. If you want to win this war you need to stop being softhearted. You need to do whatever you need to do”




“Why would you care about me winning this war?” Lucian asked.



“I really don’t care, I just don’t like your brothers.” He said.


“Do you know my brothers?”



“Yes.” He said with a sigh as if he was tired of all the questions, still, Lucian couldn’t stop himself from asking.


“How do you know them? How did you enter the castle?”


“If I can enter your dreams it’s not that difficult to enter a castle.” He said then looked me up and down and shook his head.


“Tsk, tsk. Don’t fight your demon too much, accept it instead.” He smiled then just like that he disappeared into thin air.


“Wait!” How did he know about his demon?


“My Lady?” I opened my eyes slowly and looked directly into Irene’s. “It’s late you should wake up.” I sat up on the bed and yawned while rubbing my eyes. Irene smiled at my action. “You are like a little cat.” she said.


“I like cats.” I smiled. ” I wish I had one.”


I looked to my left. Lucian was gone.


“His Highness was probably tired last night.” She said trying to comfort me.


“I don’t think he wants me.” I said. Even though he had told me he wanted me but every time we kissed he almost got sick and distanced himself from me. Maybe I was just bad at it.




“Of course he wants you. A man would be blind not to.”




“You are just being kind.” I said climbing down from the bed and heading to the bathroom.


“You know I am very honest My Lady.” Yes she was but she was kind too.


“I just don’t know what to do to…to…”


“To seduce a man?” She finished.


“To make him want me.” I corrected but that made her laugh.


“It’s the same thing My Lady.” Yes, Of course.


I took my nightgown off and walked into the hot water.


“Don’t worry. I will teach you everything you need, My lady.”


I sat on the bed, watched Irene and listened while she gave me advice on what do to all while showing me.


“First, pretend like you are not even trying to seduce him. So when he comes back sit in front of the mirror and pretend like you are preparing to go to sleep.” She sat in front of the mirror and picked up a brush and began to brush her hair.


“Start brushing your hair and putting oils onto your skin. When putting oils on your arms, neck and shoulders do it slowly and make sure he sees you.” She removed the hair from her neck and caressed her neck slowly moving down to her shoulder and further down her arm with fluid movements.


“You should even try to lift your dress and put some oil on your legs. Try to talk to him while you do all these things to grab his attention.” She said. She put her leg on the footstool the she lift her dress slowly and began to massage her leg. “Like this,” She said running her hands up and down her leg. I couldn’t help but giggle. Was I really going to do that?


“Smile while you talk to him and speak in a low voice.” She said lowering her voice ” and blink with your eyes a few times while you speak.”


She looked like a seductress who wasnΓ€t even trying to seduce someone. If I did what she was doing I would look clumsy and foolish.


“What should I talk to him about?” I asked.


“Anything pleasant, something that will lighten his mood.” I nodded and she went on telling me a few other things I could do if the first things didn’t work out.


“If you want to seduce him then you need to seduce his senses, what he sees, hears and smells. If he likes what he sees, hears and smells then he is all yours.”




“Yes, My Lady.”


“The person you love, are you together,” I asked.


“Yes, My Lady.” She smiled.


“Can I meet him sometime?” I was really curious to know the kind of man she fell in love with. Whoever he was, he was lucky to have a beautiful and smart woman like her.



“Of course My Lady. If that’s what you want.” then she suddenly looked at the door.


“His Highness is on his way I’ll leave you alone.” She said and left. I really wanted to know how she knew these kinds of things.


After a while, Lucian opened the door and entered while I was still sitting on the bed. I could feel my heart speeding up a little as he ran his fingers through his hair and smiled at me.


“Good morning wife.” He seemed to be in a better mood but I was still a bit hurt by his actions last night.


“Good morning.”


“Did you have breakfast?” He asked, slowly walking closer. It was actually in the middle of the day, time to eat lunch but I woke up late.


“Yes.” I replied. He walked even closer until he stood a bit from where I was sitting. I looked up to meet his gaze as he looked down at me. Would I really be able to seduce this man? I wasn’t as seductive or nearly as beautiful as Irene. What if I made a fool of myself?


He put his hand below my ear and caressed my cheek with his thumb.


“Hazel.” He said his voice soft and warm like the summer breeze.


“Yes.” His thumb traveled to my lips.


“Don’t ever think I don’t want you,” He said his voice low. “I do but I am afraid to hurt you.”


Something dark flickered through his eyes as he continued “You know I can.”


Why was he trying to frighten me?


“But you wouldn’t.” I said.


He lowered himself until his face was close to mine.


“Yes, I would if was in the mood to do so.” He said his breath fanning my face. “So don’t ever try and seduce me again because these days I am in the mood to hurt someone.”


Now, I wasn’t listening to what he was saying because his face was so close, his lips so close that if a leaned in just a bit they would touch mine.


“Are you listening Hazel?”


“No,” I whispered surprised by the need I heard in my own voice.


He pulled away and stood straight again. Then he looked at me with a serious expression.


“Yes, I listened. But you won’t hurt me. I know.” I said. I don’t why he believed he would hurt me.


He looked at me for a while in silence before he spoke.


“I killed Adam. I killed my brother Adam.”




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