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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 31


Lucian paced back and forth in the room as he waited for Hazel. He needed to speak to her today, be honest with her and tell her about the situation with Klara. That would be the right thing to do he thought.


The smell of food interrupted his thought. He couldn’t remember the last time he enjoyed food or s.e.x.


No wonder his demon was hungry to come out.


A few maids came in with the breakfast and started serving. Now and then they would look his way and blush. He was used to maids ogling at him but this time something was off.




“Your Highness the breakfast is ready.” A maid informed looking down as her cheeks turned red.


Really what was wrong with these maids?


“Yes, you may leave.”


They bowed and left giggling. Lucian continued with his pacing not giving a thought to why the behaved like that until Hazel came into the room. She was wearing a simple light pink gown and her reddish-brown hair was still wet from the bath. Oh, how he wanted to run his fingers through her hair.


He quickly put his hands behind his back to prevent himself from doing anything stupid.




“Yes.” He shook his head. He was probably staring.


“Why are you still half-n.a.k.e.d?” She smiled. What? Looking down at his body he realized he hadn’t gotten dressed yet. He now understood why the maids behaved strangely.


He had been thinking too much about Hazel that he had even forgotten about his own clothes.



“Ah…yes..” what was he supposed to say ?” I was about to get dressed.”




She just smiled at him. That smile, it was his weakness.


He quickly put something on then went to the breakfast table where Hazel was already sitting.


Usually the husband sits first then the wife, but he didn’t mind Hazel sitting down before him. He never understood those stupid rules anyways.


Hazel stood up and poured some tea for him.


“It will help with your headache.” She said.


He picked the cup, from the scent he could tell it was ginger tea. He took a sip, he didn’t like the taste but if it really would help with his headache then he would drink it all.


“About last night…I hope I didn’t do anything to upset you.” He said carefully.


She took a sip of her tea.


“Well… you just pushed me down on the bed and tried to take my clothes off and you told me you danced with Klara.”


He remembered the part where he was trying to take her clothes off but not the other one.


“I am sorry.”


Lately, he had been apologizing too much. Actually twice but it was a lot for him.


“I am sorry too… for saying that I almost got r.a.p.ed because of you.”


Why? Why did she have to apologize for that? Why was she suddenly nice and not fighting with him anymore? It only made him feel more guilty for what happened and for what might happen.


“Hazel…Rasmus wants me to marry his sister.” He said it quickly before he could change his mind then he looked down afraid to see Hazel’s hurt or disappointed expression.


I knew it. I knew the bloodthirsty king would ask for something in return and that it probably would be something like this. We shouldn’t have come here but where would we go? As soon as we step out of this castle I knew we wouldn’t be safe.



I looked at Lucian. He wasn’t looking at me for some reason.



“So what did you tell him?” I asked trying to keep my calm.


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“I haven’t given him an answer yet.”


“Why?” He could have said yes. It was a very common and normal thing for men to have many wives and now when he was in a difficult situation were his marriage could save his life I wondered why he hadn’t said yes.


He looked at me confused.


“Aren’t you angry?” he asked.


Angry? No I wasn’t angry. I was feeling as if my heart was being squeezed. The thought of sharing Lucian with another woman, with Klara felt like a knife in the heart, twisting.


Really, what was I expecting? I knew I was marrying a prince and that it is not only common but a must for princes to have many wives. Wives meant allies and more power.


“No.” Was all I could think of saying when I actually wanted to say a lot of things. But what could I say? I couldn’t tell him not to marry Klara because that would get us both killed, even though that is exactly what I wanted to say.


Lucian looked troubled. He didn’t even touch his breakfast. I haven’t seen him eat once these last few days.


“How is Oliver?” I asked trying to change the conversation.


He finally lift his head to look at me.


“He is fine.”


“I should go and see him.”


“You don’t have to. I will ask Lincoln to send him to you.” He said standing up. “I should get dressed and leave, I have things to take care of.”


“But you haven’t eaten anything.”


“I am not hungry.” He said and went to the bathroom.


As I was left alone everything started to sink in.



Klara, Lucian was going to marry Klara. I was going to share my husband with someone else and I couldn’t do anything about it. I knew this day would come I just didn’t know it would come this soon. I thought I could have Lucian to myself at least a few years.


Lucian walked out of the bathroom fully dressed but his hair still messy.


“I can brush your hair.” I suggested standing up.


He looked at me confused.


“If you like.”


He went to the dresser and sat in front of the mirror, then he watched my every movement in silence.


Picking the brush from the dresser I began to brush his hair. So soft, so smooth, I wanted to make a pillow of it.




“I think it’s enough.” He said after a while and stood up. Turning around he gazed into my eyes before leaning down and giving me a quick kiss.


“Thank you.” He smiled and then left quickly.


I just stood there, surprised by the kiss. Why was I behaving like a little girl? It wasn’t the first time we kissed but it still gave me a tingling feeling in my stomach.


There was a knock on the door.


“Come in.” I called and shortly after Oliver walked in.




“Your Highness,” he greeted looking down.


“I am glad you are alright,” I said walking closer but he quickly dropped to his knees.


“I am sorry, I failed to protect you.”


“What are you doing?” I said shocked. “Stand up.”


He slowly lift his head looking ashamed.


“It’s not your fault, I was the one who insisted you take me out. I should apologize.” I explained.


“No! Don’t.!” He almost yelled. “It’s my duty to protect you and I failed.”


There was no point in arguing with him I thought.


“Alright,” I said. “It’s your fault but I forgive you if you help me.”


He looked up surprised but then stood quickly up to his feet.


“Anything you need, I will do it for you.”


“First I want you to be my person.” His eyes widened. Him being my person meant that he would serve me before Lucian.


“Your Highness,” he looked slightly confused.


“I am not telling you to betray His Highness, I am just saying you should serve me first. Didn’t you say you would do anything for me?” He seemed to think for a while but then nodded.


“How may I help you?” He asked.


“I want you to help me stop His highness from marrying Klara.”




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