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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 35


Lucian should feel relieved but he didn’t. He was bothered, extremely bothered. Why wouldn’t hazel mind if he married Klara? Didn’t she like him anymore?


After she told him she didn’t mind she had left him there, confused. Something was going on with her and he didn’t know what. It made him nervous. He sighed in frustration.


“Is something bothering you?” Lincoln asked.


“Any news?” Lucian asked in return ignoring his question. His youngest brothers Peter and Nathaniel died. Peter killed Nathaniel and then Peter got killed by Adam. Some say Adam killed them both.


Pierre might be sly and cruel but Adam was purely evil. He was the one who bullied him the most when they were younger.




“I think Adam is working with Pierre. Pierre must have promised him something.” Lucian already knew Pierre was using Adam and as soon as he is finished with him he could kill him, but Adam was probably thinking that he was the one using Pierre. Lucian knew that Pierre was not the type to trust anyone even if they were trustworthy. Besides, Pierre has the army’s support since he is the crown prince and many allies thanks to his many wives. Defeating him wouldn’t be easy. In fact, it was almost impossible.


Of course, he could just burn the whole battlefield but then people would be terrified and turn against him. People are scared of what they don’t understand and since they already believe he is the son of the devil they would see that as a confirmation of the rumor and try to get rid of him. He couldn’t rule a kingdom where everyone was trying to get rid of him. Besides he never tried to burn a whole battlefield before so he didn’t know if he was powerful enough to do that.


Lucian sighed again. Maybe he should escape somewhere far with hazel and live a normal life. He wondered if she would agree to it.


“Your Highness, if I may suggest something. I Believe it’s best if you marry Klara and take the throne as fast as possible. Many people are suffering and dying because of the war and… and I fear for our families. Your brother is looking for our families to threaten us with them.”



Lucian cursed under his breath. Pierre and his dirty tricks. If he escaped with Hazel his men and their families would suffer. He felt conflicted. He had to do something, he had to make a decision, but first, he needed to speak to hazel.


“My lady? Lunch is ready.”


“Take it back. I am not hungry.” I said laying on the bed. I had been laying there since morning, I felt like doing nothing. It was as if my body was drained of all energy. I felt lifeless.


“But My lady. You look very pale, you should eat something.” She insisted.


“I agree.” Lucian’s voice said from nearby.


I moved my head and looked up to find him towering over me.


“I am not hungry,” I said. He narrowed his gaze then frowned.




“You may leave,” He told the maid his eyes never leaving me.




“I came here to eat with you. Are you not hungry?” He then asked.








“Do you want me to take you out?” I would usually get excited to go out but I didn’t.




“Do you want me to leave?”




“Do you want me to make love to you?”


“N…” startled at the question I looked up at him.


“No?” He asked raising an eyebrow.



For some reason, my heart stopped for a moment and I forgot to breathe when he chuckled.



“Don’t worry. I don’t want to make love to a ghost because that’s what you look like right now so you better eat something.” He smirked.


Sitting at the table and tried to eat something but felt sick. Nothing tasted good. I could see Lucian wasn’t eating much either and had a concerned look on his face. We didn’t say much to each other while eating, there was some kind of uncomfortable silence between us.


Suddenly Lucian stretched his arm from across the table and put his hand on my forehead.


“You don’t look well.” He said with a slightly worried expression.


“I am alright,” I said.


“If you were alright you wouldn’t tell me to marry Klara.I still don’t understand.” He said frowning.


“What is the chance of you winning this war if you don’t marry Klara?” I asked instead.


“I don’t want to scare you but very little.” He said.


“Then you should marry her if you want to win.”


“I just want you to be safe. I don’t care about the crown.”


“If you want me to be safe and if you want to be safe you should marry Klara. I am not saying I like it, I just think it’s the right thing to do at this moment.” While saying all this I felt like bursting into tears but I told myself that most men have several wives. It was a normal thing and Lucian would have gotten another wife sooner or later anyway. So why not now if it meant saving his life.


“I already told Klara no.” He said and that’s when my heart stopped for real. My dream was becoming true. We were in this bloodthirsty kings kingdom, in his home without weapons or any kind of protection and Lucian had said not to his sister. My heart started to beat again but it was beating in my ears this time. It was only a matter of time before the bloodthirsty king spills some blood. Lucian blood.


“Why did you say no?” I asked rising from my seat. He looked at me confused again.


“I thought you would be happy about that.”


“Well, I am not. Do you want to die?” I almost yelled. He stood up from his seat as well.


“I won’t die Hazel.”


“Yes, you will.” I cut him off panic clear in my voice. He slowly walked to my side as if approaching a scared cat. “You should go back now and tell her yes,” I said pointing at the door.



“No, I won’t.” He said calmly then grabbing my arms he slowly pulled me in for a hug.


“Lucian you should…” I began trying to knock some sense into his head but he cut me off.


“Shh…I won’t die I promise,” he said stroking my back in a way that calmed me down but in this quiet room I dreadingly waited for the door to swing open with a crushing sound and find the Rasmus standing there with his men behind him and a sword in his hand and just as I imagined I heard the door swing open with a crushing sound.


My heart stopped and I quickly pulled myself from Lucian hold to see death waiting at the door.





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