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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 23: Chapter 23


Lucian watched as the blonde woman undressed seductively, waiting to get a reaction from him, but when she got nothing…


“Don’t be shy. Maybe… you would like to undress me?” she said as she stalked toward him while eyeing him up and down. “Or maybe I should undress you first” she continued as she tugged at his robe.


He grabbed her arm harshly and gave her a hard glare. Why didn’t he like the fact that this woman was trying to undress him when he came here willingly?


“Oh… so you want to do it with clothes on? I get it. Everyone has their own preference.” she smiled, trying to lighten his mood.


He let go of her arm and as soon as he did she slid her arm around his neck and pulled him down, pressing her lips to his. She kissed him hungrily, and he kissed her back, but he felt nothing. Why? He pushed her body closer, trying to feel something but nothing. She didn’t taste as sweet as Hazel, didn’t smell like her, didn’t feel like her. She didn’t make his heart beat as fast, or his body burn as hot as Hazel did, and his demon was as silent as the dead.


He was getting frustrated. Why wasn’t his body reacting? He ripped her clothes off and pushed her down on the bed. She gasped but seemed satisfied thinking she made him go wild when it was the opposite. Maybe seeing her naked would make him excited, but it didn’t. He tried to touch her and kiss her once more, but nothing. This wasn’t working.


He was here to feed his demon, but his demon wasn’t a bit hungry. Getting up, he grabbed the sheets and covered her body. She stared at him, confused. Then turning around, he stalked toward the door as it was useless to try. No one could make him feel as Hazel did.


“Where are you going?” she called behind him. Ignoring her, he opened the door and walked out.


He walked through the halls confused. What did Hazel do to him that made it impossible for him to desire other women? He used to enjoy his women before his marriage. Now he couldn’t even go back to his room because Hazel would be there and having her in the same room without touching her would be difficult.


“You don’t need to follow me.”


Lincoln who had been following him silently appeared from the shadows.


“Allow me, your highness, it’s for your own safety.” He said.



Lucian didn’t like to be followed, but Lincoln had been doing that since they came here. Apparently, he didn’t trust Rasmus, or to be correct, Lincoln trusted no one easily.


“Keep an eye on Hazel instead.” Lucian ordered.


“Her highness is under Oliver’s protection.” Of course, Lincoln always had everything in control.


Lucian continued walking through the halls with Lincoln walking right behind him. He knew Lincoln cared for his safety too much to leave him alone. He remembered the first time he met him. He was eleven back then and Lincoln fifteen.


While the rest of his men feared him at first, Lincoln never showed any kind of fear.


He never questioned Lucian’s abilities, and he never reacted when Lucian behaved differently.


Sometimes Lucian wondered what Lincoln really thought about him.




“Yes, Your Highness.”


“Do you believe me to be the devil’s son?”


“It doesn’t matter to me, Your Highness.”


“That’s not what I asked,” Lucian said, “and I want you to be honest.”


“I am not sure, but I know you are different.” No doubt. Lincoln was someone who paid attention to minor details.


“Your Highness?” Lincoln’s voice was filled with concern. “I don’t like that we can’t have our weapons. We can’t protect ourselves.” Lucian had the urge to laugh. Lincoln was all about safety and protection, and he just wanted the man to relax.


“Relax Lincoln. They have no reason to harm us,” and if they did, Lucian would burn them all.


When they reached the main entrance Lucian heard the clinking sound of swords. He went out to the cold night breeze and found Astrid and Klara fighting in the middle of the big garden.


He watched silently for a while, observing their skills. Astrid was the cautious type, she defended herself a lot from Klaras attacks but ones she attacked she never missed.That was both her strength and weakness.


Klara, on the other hand, was the type to attack. She swung with her sword continuously aiming at different places. On top of that she was quick, but she wasn’t very good at protecting herself. One needed to both attack and defend.



Astrid swung her sword at her sister so hard it made her sister’s sword slid from her hand. Without giving Klara a chance to recover Astrid swung her sword at her again but Klara was quick and kicked the sword out of her sister’s hand. Now none of them had a sword. Klara tried to pick up hers fast, but Astrid has already placed a dagger on her sister’s throat.


“I told you many times, you always need to have an extra weapon.” Astrid said. Klara removed the hair


out of her face and stared at her sister angrily.


“One more time.” She breathed.


“No, I am tired. I need some sleep.” Astrid said while putting her dagger back and picking up her sword.


Turning around, she noticed him standing there for the first time.


“Prince Lucian?” She said surprised, “what brings you here?” Klara got to her feet quickly and adjusted her hair before looking his way.


“I was just passing by when I saw you fight.”


“I am better than my sister, right?” she said looking at her sister mockingly.


“That wasn’t my best” Klara shot her an angry glare before looking back to Lucian. “Why don’t you fight with me?” She suggested to him.


“He is not wearing clothes suitable for a fight, sister.” Astrid said as she looked him up and down.


“All right. How about tomorrow? I will think of what to ask of you when you lose till then.” She smirked. “Don’t bother, because I won’t.”




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