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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 30


“Excuse me?” Lucian said unsure of what Rasmus meant. Why would a king want his sister to become a second wife when she was a princess.


“You know that my sister Klara likes you. I would of course like her to get married to someone who isn’t already married, but I know she won’t accept someone else than you.”


“Did she tell you that?”


“No, but I know my sister.” Rasmus said. Lucian sighed. He already had enough problems on his plate and know he had to deal with yet another problem.


“I have a meeting to attend, think about what I said carefully.” He said looking displeased himself before he left Lucian to stand alone there.


“Your highness, as your personal adviser I suggest you take princess Klara as your second wife.” Lincoln said who had been listening to their conversation.


“You need a friend at the moment not another enemy. Besides taking her as your wife will help you even when you become a King, I am sure her highness will understand. ”


Lucian wasn’t sure about that. Hazel was already angry with him and he had hurt her enough. He didn’t want to anymore. Maybe if he spoke to Klara he might change her mind.


Tonight at the party, he would speak to her.




“My lady, I have brought the books.”


“Thank you. You may leave.” Placing the books on the table the maid left.



Picking one of the books I started to read but my thoughts wondered to Lucian. What was he doing now? Was he dancing with Klara at the party? Shutting the book angrily I put it aside. It wasn’t keeping me interested enough to forget about Lucian.




I thought I heard the name somewhere. Yes right, the bloodthirsty king had told me the story of Dracula, the man who made a deal with the Devil.


Grabbing the book I looked at its front. It was bound in brown old leather and smelled of dust. I slowly opened it, the pages were cracked and barely holding together. As I looked at the page the first word I read was Draco.



Draco, it was what the bloodthirsty king called Lucian.


Draco is the latin word for Dragon.


Did the king lie to me? Why did he say it meant devil? I continued reading.


The dragon is the largest snake of all snakes and is the…


A spicy scent filled the room and made me look around. Was Lucian here? Looking around I found no one. Strange. I tried to go back to reading but felt a presence in the room, as if someone was watching me. My heart started to beat faster in fear while my eyes scanned the room ready to run as soon as I found a threat.


“Lucian?… Lucian? Are you here?” I called but got no answer.


Suddenly the door opened and I jumped. Lucian entered the room walking unsteadily. His cheeks were flushed and his lips red. He smelled of wine, no spicy scent.


“Where have you been?” I asked standing up.


He ran his fingers through his hair to remove it from his face then he looked at me.


“At the party…dancing with Klara…incase you wanted details.” He said trying to keep his balance. Was he trying to anger me? Strangely I didn’t get angry, instead I went to help him.




“Let me help you.” I said. I placed his arm on my shoulders and put mine around his waist, then walked him up to bed. As soon as we reached the bed he collapsed on it. I had never seen him like this before. What had made him drink this much?



He must have been sad because his father died. I guess he did care after all.


“Take this off?” he said trying to get out of his robe.


The royal robes were heavy and uncomfortable to sleep in. Grabbing the robe I helped him get out of it.


“And this too.” he said pointing at his shirt. I could see he was wearing nothing underneath.


“You are going to be cold.” I said.


“No, it’s too hot. ”


Opening the buttons on his shirt I helped him take it off as well.


“Now let me help you.” Grabbing my waist he pulled me down on the bed.


“Help me with what?” I panicked.


“Taking your clothes off.” He stated simply tugging at my robe.


“No!” I tried to get up but he pinned me down with his body.


“I am sorry wife, but I won’t take no for an answer today.”


“Lucian! You are not in a right state of mind. You will regret this, now let me go.” I urged.


“I already regret it. I regret everything and I keep regretting.” He said and went back to trying to take my robe off looking both angry and sad. I was confused.


“Do you regret getting married me?” I asked. How could I worry about this now when he was trying to strip me. He stopped in his tracks and looked at me for a while, then he leaned closer and I thought he was going to kiss me but he collapsed on my body


“Lucian? Lucian?” When I got no answer I carefully pushed him away.


He landed on his back, he had already fallen asleep.




I let my eyes sweep over his half-n.a.k.e.d body before grabbing the sheets and covering him. I just hoped his answer would be no.





Lucian woke up, his head throbbing in pain. So this is how it felt like to have a headache, then he was glad he never had one before. Sitting up he removed the sheets and realized he was wearing nothing on his upper body. Wait! How did he even come here?


Slowly pieces of his memory came back. He remembered drinking too much, Hazel trying to push him away but him telling her he would not take no for an answer.


What had he done to her? His heart started to pound in fear and he became afraid to remember the rest. What if he had hurt her? Just what had he done to her? This time he tried to remember but he couldn’t. He didn’t know if he should be relieved or more worried now.


Hazel. Where was she? He had to find her and make sure she was alright.


Making his way to the bathroom he threw the door open. There she was, bathing in flower-scented water while some maids rubbed scented oils into her hair and skin.


Gasping they pulled themselves away as he neared.


“Your Highness.” They said and bowed.


Hazel turned around, her eyes widening as she saw him.


“Leave us.” He ordered and the maids hurried away.


Hazel pulled her legs to her chest to cover herself as her cheeks flushed red.


“Lucian? What are you doing here?”


He walked closer as his eyes carefully scanned her body to see if she was hurt. She pulled her legs even closer to her chest and shyly covered her shoulder with her wet hair.


“Are..are you alright?” He asked.


“Huh?” She looked confused. “Yeah, if you could only stop staring.” She said as she made an attempt to cover herself once again.


She didn’t look hurt and listening to her heartbeat she wasn’t scared of him either. He sighed in relief.


“Turn around.” She said “I need to get dressed.”


“I have already seen you n.a.k.e.d.” Her cheeks flushed a bright red. He tried hard not to remember her n.a.k.e.d body, he didn’t want to wake his demon.



“Still…” She said stubbornly.



Usually, he would enjoy teasing her at moments like this but he decided not to this time.


“I’ll wait for you outside.” He said and left her. At least she wasn’t angry with him anymore.




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