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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 25: Chapter 25 1


I stood there and watched while Lucian examined Klara’s arm. I was sure she did it on purpose.


“I am all right.” She said blinking with her long lashes, something I noticed she does often in Lucian’s presence.


“Are you sure.” He asked looking at her wound again. He probably felt guilty, but she was the one that wanted to fight and she was doing all this on purpose. She was doing it to get close to him.


Why do I always have to fight for him? I was tired of it.


Not wanting to see any of it anymore, I decided to leave.


I was hurt, angry, tired. Should I have stayed with my parents? Did I make a mistake by coming here with Lucian? Tears filled my eyes and not wanting anyone to see me cry, I walked faster through the halls. When I got around the corner I bumped into someone and stumbled backwards.


“I am sorry, My Lady, I didn’t see you coming.” Oliver said, startled.


“It’s all right” I said, trying to walk past him as I didn’t want him to notice that I was crying. But he did.


“Are you all right, My Lady?” He asked concerned.


“Yes, I am fine.” I tried to smile.


“Just tell me and I will kill whoever made you cry.” He said. I looked up to see if he was joking but he wasn’t which suddenly made me want to laugh.


“It’s no one you can kill.” I said.


“Is it the king? His sisters?” I shook my head. He seemed to think about who it could be. I could see he was taking this seriously.



“Why don’t you just take me outside the castle?” I suggested. His eyes widened.


“It’s not safe, My Lady.”


“But you are with me.” I said.


“I would if we were back home, but there are crazy people in this kingdom. It’s not safe outside the castle.” He said apologetically.


“Please, no one has to know.” I said. I really needed to get out and do something to make me forget about everything. He sighed after thinking for a while.


“All right, but we won’t go far.” he said. I gave him a big smile.


“So you won’t tell me who made you cry?”


“No.” I shook my head as we walked not far away from the castle.


“Are you married?” I asked him.


“Yes, My Lady.”


“Do you love your wife?” I didn’t want to be prying or make him feel uncomfortable, but I couldn’t help but ask.


“Very much, My Lady.”


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“Would you be with another woman beside her?”


“No, My Lady.” He then went silent for a while before saying,


“His Highness cares for you a lot. I have never seen him care so much about anyone.”


I guess he put the pieces together.


“We shouldn’t go any further. I have no weapons to protect you.” Just as he finished his sentence four men appeared from behind the trees holding swords in their hands. It was as if they have been waiting there for us. Oliver placed himself in front of me immediately.


“Run!” he said. I didn’t know who these people were, but I could see they were dangerous. I couldn’t leave Oliver here, but when he yelled “Run!” louder this time I started running.



I felt guilty for leaving him, especially when I was the one who convinced him to take me out. God, what have I done? Who were these men? Would he be ok? I stopped in my tracks when I remembered he had no weapons. I couldn’t just leave him but before I could think of doing anything, a hand came around my waist and another one covered my face with a piece of clothes. I tried to struggle against the grip and breath for air but a stinging smell filled my nose and slowly my eyelids became heavy and my body went limb.


Opening my eyes slowly, I groaned at the pain in my head.


“My Lady? Are you awake?”


I blinked several times before I could see Oliver tied to a chair.


“Don’t worry, I will take us out of here.” He said. His clothes were torn and soaked in blood.


“Are you okay?” I said my voice horse. My throat burned and felt sore. I needed something to drink, but I was tied to a chair too. I looked around the room, it was empty.


“Who were those men?” I asked as fear crept its way into my mind. Oliver opened his mouth to say something, but the door to the room opened and five men entered.


“I see you are finally awake.” one of them said, holding a dagger in his hand. “Let’s get straight to business. How much are you willing to pay us young man?” he said, looking at Oliver.


“Let her go and I will pay you an amount you could only dream of.” Oliver said. The man laughed.


“No no, you bring us the money then we will let the lady go.” the man said.


“No, you let her go, you can keep me and I will bring the money.”


“Listen young man, don’t tell me what to do. Just do what I say or I will scar your wife’s beautiful face ,” he said as he walked behind me and placed the dagger on my cheek.


My heart pounded so hard in my chest, and I never got so scared in my life before.


“Don’t touch her!” Oliver said, “trust me you touch a hair in her head and you will regret it.” He said in a threatening voice.


Now all of them laughed.


“Ooh I am so scared. Take him and make him bring the money.” he ordered the other men.


Two men untied Oliver from the chair, but his arms and legs were still tied, then they dragged him out of the room. Oliver didn’t struggle this time, he probably knew it was pointless.


“You are a beauty, by the way.” the man said, grabbing my face in his hand. “but you know what? I hate rich people.” He continued disgusted.



“Yeah but come on, brother. She is beautiful.” the other one said as he eyed my br**sts, and I regretted immediately that I wore this dress today. I regretted that I went outside of the castle and I regretted not listening to Oliver, but now was too late. I knew what these men wanted to do to me. I could see it in their lustful gazes.


My head throbbed so hard it was hurting and my heart pounded painfully inside my chest. I felt like throwing up because of fear.


“Money is our priority.” the man said.


“Yeah but we can still have fun and get the money.” The man looked at me and licked his lips as his arm slid down to my throat and slowly further down. I was screaming inside, but nothing came out of my mouth. Tears filled my eyes as he grabbed my br**st and squeezed it.


“Shh don’t cry.” he said and placed his finger on my lips. “I hate tears.”


Anger took over, and I bit his finger then screamed as loud as I could for help, but the other man slapped me across the face so hard I could taste blood in my mouth. My sore throat burned even more from the scream and my cheek stung so much I wanted to cry.


“Bloody whore!” the one I bit said looking at his finger. As if it wasn’t enough with one slap he slapped me again on the same cheek. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled my head backward. I had the urge to spit on his face, but I wouldn’t be able to handle another slap. My face was already in so much pain.


“I will make you regret that you even thought of biting me.”






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