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Episode 05


Lakshmi’s Pov:


Saloni and I sat at the doctor’s office waiting impatiently for him to return.


“Mamaa! Why do you look so excited? Am feeling very sick and you are happy?” Saloni asked as I smiled broadly.


“Am pretty sure it’s a good sickness” I said with a smile.


“Good sickness? What are you talking about?” Saloni asked


“The good sickness I mean is…” I said as the doctor walked in and I quickly stood up.


I was expecting to hear a “CONGRATULATIONS” but I heard none as the doctor handed the envelope to me.


I opened it hurriedly and my countenance changed.


“What? She just has typhoid?” I asked in anger.


As Saloni stared at me in astonishment.


“Yes ma’am! You just need some few drugs and she will be totally fine” The doctor said as I banged my hand on the table angrily.


“Shut up doctor… You are definitely a fake daughter… Cos I know that my daughter is pregnant” I said in so much annoyance.


“Excuse me ma’am! But your daughter here is not pregnant” The doctor said I burnt up in anger.


“Mamaa I told you I wasn’t feeling fine not that am pregnant” Saloni said still shocked.


I tore the results right in front of the doctor.


“This result is a fake! My daughter is pregnant” I said as I gave the surprised doctor a deadly glare.


“Close that pit you called a mouth Saloni! Let’s just go” I said as I stormed out of the doctor’s office in anger.


“Mamaa… !” Saloni called running after me but I paid a deaf ear.


This is unbelievable!



So my daughter is not even pregnant.


She’s just suffering from typhoid?




Saloni is so infertile…..


She’s supposed to get pregnant, she did it when she was ovulating.


How come she didn’t take in?


I kept on contemplating within myself.




I pulled her by the ear to the back of the house.


“Ouch Mamaa!” She cried in pain.


“Shut up! Haven’t I told you to pretend to be very ill? I want to invite Sir Vishnu over” I said as she looked at me puzzled.


“What for Mamaa?” She asked and I scoffed.


“Here… Take this!” I said and gave her a piece of paper.


She opened the folded paper and read from it.


She gasped and quickly covered her mouth with her palms.


“Pregnant? Me? Mamaa why is this paper stating that am pregnant?” She asked almost so loud.


I covered her mouth immediately.



“Listen you have to pretend that you are pregnant of the heir… The Singh’s heir!” I said as her eyes widened in shock.


“Mamaa! I don’t think this is a good idea” She shook her head in disagreement “I don’t care what you think…. Just do what I tell you” I said


“But Mamaa how will my stomach enlarge? How will I give birth when there’s nothing in here?” She asked and I grinned wickedly.


“You do not have to worry about that!’ I smiled.


Krishna’s Pov:


I sat on the bed moping at the window.


It’s been six days since my son was kidnapped.


“Ma’am! Here is your food” A maid said as she placed the tray of food on the stool.


I shook my head in disagreement.


“I don’t want to eat” I said with my eyes still fixed on the window. “Ma’am you’ve not taken anything since six days now” the maid said I shook my head again and signalled her to take the food away. Which she did….


Tears rolled down my cheeks….


The thought that the corps will always come back with the same story of no sucess makes me go crazy.


Why didn’t the kidnappers take me as well?


Why did they have to make my little baby suffer?


I was still lost in thought when Aakash walked into the room with the same tray.


“Baby…” He called and sat beside me.


But I was still moping at the window.


My hair was so tattered and I looked miserable.


I don’t just look miserable, I am miserable as well.


“You have to eat something, you can’t starve yourself to death” Aakash said trying to spoon the food into my mouth.


But I quickly shifted my face away.


“Please Krishna just eat even a little” He said trying to feed me but I quickly hit the spoon.


I lay down on the bed and covered myself with a duvet as I backed him.


For the past six days, I’ve just become a sadist.


I don’t talk…


I don’t eat…


I don’t smile…


I don’t laugh…


All I do is moping everyday.


Lakshmi’s Pov:


My cell phone rang aloud and I quickly picked it up.



it was that crazy Rohi.


Gosh! I can’t wait for the buyers to come and buy that stupid little boy.


I quickly walked to the back yard to answer the call.


I just wanted to make sure that no-one is eavesdropping.



Hello Rohi….



Ma’am the little boy is very sick and have refused to eat….



(Bangs the table) Is that why you are calling me? Silly girl! Just force him to eat.


But ma’am…



I said force Kush to eat the damn cereal… He’s not in the Singh’s mansion


where he is treated like a prince just because he is the heir….


I shouted at her as I hung up and walked away.


Saloni’s Pov:


“Kush? Heir of the Singh’s? The missing baby?” I asked myself.


Actually I just overheard Mamaa speaking over the phone.



Could it be that Mamaa kidnapped Kush? I thought.


My eyes widened in shock….











☺ ☺



And Saloni found out?



What’s going to happen next?



So Saloni is not even pregnant?










I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma





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