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Episode 04


Lakshmi’s Pov:


I roared in laughter as I watched the handsome little boy cry.


His voice was so soft and loud.


In his very expensive attire.


“Shut the hell up you silly boy” I screamed at him and that made him stop crying.


He stared at me in astonishment… After sometime he started crying again.


Am very sorry cute little boy! But you are a big problem to my plans.


You are going to ruin in my dreams if I let you be.


So I can’t let you be….



“Ma’am what has this little boy done to you to make you take him away from his mother at this very young age?” Rohi asked.


I stared at her with so much hatred.


“Shut your mouth! You don’t anything about this so stay away from matters that doesn’t concern you” I fired.


She gulped nervously.


Actually Rohi was the one I sent to kidnap Kush.


So she’s my accomplice…


“But ma’am he wouldn’t stop crying” Rohi added


“Aren’t you going to have a baby of your own later? Make him shut up!” I pushed her aside roughly.


“Stupid” I shouted at her as I stormed out of the dungeon.


There is no way the Singh’s will find their heir….


I will sell him off to a very far away land where no one will find him.


Then my very beautiful daughter Saloni will give the Singh’s a true heir.


I laughed wickedly.


Krishna’s Pov:


I wailed uncontrollably as I sat on the bare ground.


“Oh no… Kush! Baby!! Where are you my son?” I cried bitterly as Pavitra and mother-in-law sat around me.


Actually I was lying lifelessly on the ground when Aakash walked into the room.



He was shocked to see me lying on the ground.


He tapped me and opened my eyes.


That was when I thought of my son… But it was too late, his cot was already empty.


I can’t believe someone kidnapped my son….


What wrong can my son whose barely out of the world do to anyone?


How am I going to survive this?


Why is my life such a mess?


Why am I being ruined all the time?


Just when I thought everything was getting better, it will become worst.


Kush is the only source of my happiness…


Who could have taken him away from me.


I couldn’t stop crying…


I just can’t bear the fact that my son is very far away from me.


“Please calm down Krishna! Father have informed the police and search party to look for baby Kush” Aakash said as he hugged me tightly.


But I didn’t stop wailing…


“What am I going to do? My little son is barely a week old, he needs motherly care. What wrong can such a little baby do to anyone?” I cried


“Who could have taken away my grandson?” Father in-law roared in annoyance.



Within thirty minutes, Baby Kush’s disappearance was all over the place.



On the television…



On the radio



In the newspapers



In the magazine



Satellite ….




Just all over Mumbai.


I just kept crying and crying.


The mansion was in total grief…..


There was absolute tranquility all over the mansion.


Saloni’s Pov:


I lay on the bed with a duvet which I used in covering myself.


I continued shivering and shivering.


I was feeling very weak and pale.


Mother walked into the room with smiles.


Actually I have not seen her since morning.


She quickly turned on the television…..



It was the television news of the Singh’s missing heir. I was surprised to see smiles escape mother’s lips.


I was still shivering.


I quickly got up from the bed and ran to the bathroom.


I quickly threw up.


I came out of the bathroom feeling more weak than ever.


“What is wrong with you?” Mamaa asked


I yawned tiredly…


“Am not feeling fine at all Mamaa” I said as I sat on the bed heavily. “And you just threw up right?” Mamaa asked anxiously “Yes Mamaa!” I said




IT” Mamaa danced in excitement.


My jaw dropped in shock….









Are you thinking what am thinking?



Could this be true?



Is Saloni pregn….



And will baby Kush be sold?


4k likes to unlock the next episode….


next episode will be dropped right now!



You guys dared me!


Stay tuned!









I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma





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