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Episode 07


Rohi’s Pov:


I caught the lady peeping into the room with my arm.


She quickly turned around and gasped.


“Who are you and what are…?…” I said but she covered my mouth with her palms.


She looked at me with pleading eyes.



I dragged her to a far away distance before leaving her forcefully.


“I said who are you?” I barked at her.


She gulped nervously.


“Please don’t tell my mother about this?” she cried.


“Mother? Is ma’am Lakshmi your mom?” I asked puzzled.


“Yes! She’s my grandma actually… I was only following her” She replied “What’s your name?” I asked with a hoarse voice. “Saloni…my name is Saloni” She said


“So why are you trailing your grandma? Do you want me to tell on you?” I asked


“Ma’am please all I want is to get the ransom…. It’s such a big amount of money”


She said


“Ransom? Which money are you talking about?” I asked anxiously


“The baby you kidnapped…. He’s an heir to a very rich family and the family have


promised a big amount of money to anyone who can bring back their missing heir” Saloni said.


“How much?” I asked keenly


“Two million rupees..” She said and I flinched.


“What?” I asked anxiously.



My jaw dropped…



That’s such a huge amount of money



I was so stunned and gobsmacked.


Saloni’s Pov:


I walked into the house very tired.


I sat heavily on the couch as thoughts of what I encountered filled my mind.


Actually the lady by name Rohi who is my Mamaa’s accomplice, she agreed to help me.


So that we can share the money.


I can’t wait to get such amount of money.



Am really very sorry Mamaa! I can’t live in abject poverty just to satisfy your


selfish desires I thought as I scratched my head.


My gaze went straight to the dinning.


My eyes popped out in shock.



The plates…


I haven’t cleared or washed any of them.


The clothes…..


The food am yet to prepare….


Jeez! I hope Mamaa won’t meet me still cleaning or washing.


I quickly sprang up and rushed into the kitchen.





I was done with almost all the chores before mother walked in.


“Good evening Mamaa” I said pretentiously


“Don’t tell me you are still cooking?” Mamaa said sternly.


“Uhmm… Ye… No…. I mean yes” I said as I gulped nervously.


Oh good lord!


I just hope Mamaa doesn’t suspect anything strange.


My heart was beating very fast.


“Why is your face like that?” Mamaa asked as I blinked my eyes.


“Huh? What are you talking about Mamaa? How is my face?” I asked as I walked to the standing mirror looking at my image.


“Whatever! Just finish up, am famished….” Mamaa said as she walked upstairs.


I exhaled heavily…


Thank goodness! ☺


Lakshmi’s Pov:


I brought out a big box from under my bed.


I smiled broadly.


“This is where I will save the money… The very huge amount of money that the buyer’s of the baby will give me” I smiled.


Just then, an idea popped into my head and I roared in laughter.



Maybe I should use the baby to make life miserable for Krishna


I rolled my eyes mischievously.


I quickly brought out a tape recorder and laughed..


This will do the job…



It’s fun time

I thought







Krishna’s Pov:


It was noon and I was just lying on the bed lost in thought as usual.


Since the kidnap of my baby, I turned into a sadist.


You don’t blame me… Do you?


Am just a frustrated mother…..


My life has been hell since I was born.


My parents died….


My aunt maltreated me…


I was sold out…


Then forced into marriage….


I was also hated by many….


I had a son…. That was the only good thing that happened to me.


He was kidnapped… My only source of joy was taken away from me.






life why are you being cruel to me?


Why are you being unfair to me?


Why are you treating me badly?


I have many questions with no answers.


Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.


Just then, I heard a baby’s cry…..


it was so loud and tiny.


I jumped up from the bed and rushed outside.


“My baby… Kush! Kush!!” I called crazily as I kept following the voice.


It was coming directly from the store room.


I throw the door open and walked in.


As usual the candle light giving light in the room was on.


That was not my main concern…. I just need to find my son.


But I wasn’t hearing the voice anymore.


“Kush! Son….” I wailed


Suddenly, the door slammed closed.



But I don’t even care about that… all I want is my son.


I unknownily pushed the candle light and it fell on the curtains….



the fire broke out.


I tried to open the door but I couldn’t, I was trapped.


banged the door…..


It was locked…


But how?


“Help! Help!! Somebody help me” I wailed.


The fire was coming more closer and the flames was too much. I could barely breathe….


I coughed uncontrollably as I passed out….














Who will save our Krishna






Let’s help her shout for help



And baby Kush



I feel sorry for him










I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By:Pinky Preshy Chioma





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