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Episode 09



Semi finals episode


Lakshmi’s Pov:


I hurried out of the house with my handbag.


Suddenly, I bumped into Saloni at the stairs.


“My goodness! Mamaa where are you rushing off to? You almost pushed me down” Saloni exclaimed


“Shut up silly girl! It’s not my fault you can’t watch where you’re going” I lied heading to the door.


“Mamaa I thought you said you wanted to leave for the market?” She asked.


This silly girl is so inquisitive….


I bit my lips in annoyance.


“Just let me be Saloni! I don’t want to go to the market again today” I said as she stared at me confused.


“But Mamaa we really need to prepare the food before noon” She said



“We will eat when I get home” I said as I rushed out.


I have no time for her query.




I was overwhelmed with joy as I sat with the buyers of Kush conversing in front of the cave.


“We will have the money transferred to you ma’am” They said.


At the mention of the money, smiles escaped my lips.


“That’s very good! One more thing, I hope you guys live in a very far area?” I asked


“Oh about that ma’am, it’s never going to be a problem” They said and I smiled.


Finally, that stupid heir of theirs is finally going to be useful to me.


Krishna’s Pov:


I watched Aakash walk out of the hospital ward with my food flask.


Actually I refused to eat as usual.


They keep telling me that Kush is dead but a part of me tells me my son is alive.


I looked at my hands which were tied to the bed.


Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.


I wish they could understand but they can’t.


Only Pavitra understands my predicament.


But there is nothing both of us can do about it.


I kept on crying until I fell asleep.




Some minutes later


The hospital door was opened….


Someone walked in with a surgeon mask.


I couldn’t see the person’s face cos of the mask.


I was half asleep then.


The person brought out a syringe from his pocket.


He walked straight to me and held my mouth.


He was about to inject me when I screamed aloud despite the holding of the mouth.


I gave out a very sharp shout.


He quickly let go of me as he heard the footsteps coming.


He quickly ran to the window and jumped from there.


But something fell off while he tried to escape.


It was a golden wrist bangle.


The doctor’s rushed in and I kept pointing the window.


Too bad, they didn’t find him and they never saw the bangle.


Vishnu’s Pov:



I quickly pulled off the surgeon mask.


“Damn it! Krishna has always been a little witch” I gnashed my teeth in annoyance.


If I had injected her with this, she would have started losing her mind for real.


I thought she was weak…


How come she still screamed?


I have to find a way to get rid of this stupid Krishna.


If the heir can’t come from me then no-one else can bear him.


Once am done with her, she will definitely get back to the slums where she belongs.


I burst into laughter.


“Vishnu are you OK?’ Pavitra asked


“Oh ye….Oh yes!!” I stammered


Pavitra was carrying a lunch box


“Where are you going to?” I asked Rani rushed out to join her.


“To the hospital! I need to see Simitra in her coma and then take some food to Krishna” She said


“That’s all she’s good at” I sighed as I watched them disappear out of sight


Lakshmi’s Pov:


I walked into the cave with the buyers.



I quickly turned on the light.


I walked to the baby cot where Kush is always being laid.


My jaw dropped…..


My eyes widened in shock.. .


There was no baby in the cot….


My eyes popped out of its socket…












Come and sell now let me see



But where is baby Kush?










I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma



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