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Episode 09


Simitra’s Pov:


I kept walking restlessly up and down the room.



Lakshmi is right… That slave of mine is gradually taking my place in the mansion, it’s been two days since Aakash came to visit me. I have to get rid of her


before its too late I thought as I nodded my head.


I quickly covered my head and walked out of the cottage.


It was getting really dark and this is the best time for me to enter the mansion.


And at least talk to Aakash…


I headed into the mansion and straight to the room.


I knocked aloud on the door.


Before throwing the door…..


My jaw dropped in shock as I glared hard at Krishna.


“Krishna!!” I called in surprise


Actually I saw my husband Aakash helping her massage her legs which she placed on his laps.


Goosebumps ran down my spine as I stared at her with hatred.


She bowed her head in guilty as I walked closer to slap her.


To my greatest surprise, Aakash held my hand.


“Don’t…” Aakash said defensively as I looked at him in shock.


Did he just say that to me?


I can’t believe this…. Aakash just raised his voice on me because of a slave that I


bought with my money.


I stared at him in anger.


“Aakash… I want her out!! I want Krishna thrown out of my house” I said with a tone of finality.


Aakash scoffed and I became angry.


“What wrong have she done to deserve your evil treatment?” He asked “Evil? I bought that girl with my money” I screamed


“How much did you buy her? I can refund you the money in triple” Aakash said as I smirked in surprise.


“Really? You are choosing that girl over me?” I asked in annoyance. “Please Simitra just leave!” Aakash said as I shook my head in disbelief. What?



Is this a dream or something?



Aakash that loves me so much



Asked me out of the room



Because of a slave I bought?


I breathed heavily in so much anger.


I quickly stormed out of the room giving Krishna a dangerous look.


She gulped nervously.


I rushed back to the cottage in tears.


This is not happening….


Does it mean that my makeups are no longer attractive to Aakash.


bit my lips in thought…


Lakshmi was so correct…


That girl is gradually stealing my husband. This can never happen…


I quickly picked up my cell phone and dialed the number….


Lakshmi’s Pov:


“Mother is this even necessary? I mean must I follow you to the Singh’s mansion?” Saloni asked carrying the bags.


“Shut up Saloni… I just want you to learn how to do manicure and pedicure” I lied


“But Mamaa I can do it!” She sighed


“You have to become perfect” I cut in


“I wonder why you always want me to wear nice saris to the Singh’s mansion” She said


“You have to look good silly girl” I said


“And Mamaa why did you have a package of food with you?” She asked as I smiled.


“You are too inquisitive…. It’s for Sir Vishnu” I said as she flinched.


“Mamaa don’t tell me you want to take some money from him?” She nudged me.


“Don’t worry child! You will give him yourself and don’t let ma’am Pavitra see you” I said as she nodded.



There are more to this my child…. I don’t just need only the money but also the


whole house I thought and smiled.




I was so busy doing pedicure and manicure for ma’am Pavitra.


I made her absentminded.


As I watched my daughter Saloni and Sir Vishnu discussing happily as he ate the food up.


And finally am emerging into the mansion.


Little by little I will be I’m charge…


And by the time Saloni becomes pregnant for Vishnu, I will be so in charge.


I grinned wickedly.


I have to be careful before ma’am Pavitra finds out about my daughter and her husband.


Krishna’s Pov:


I walked into Aakash Sir’s mother’s room.


“Namaste!” I greeted with my palms together.


“Child… What are you doing here?” She asked anxiously.


“I just came to bring your clothes for you” I said as I placed a basket on the stool.


“Thank you very much” She said as I smiled.


I turned to leave.


“Krishna!!…” She called as I held my breath in nervousness.


I quickly turned around in anxiety.


“I like you for a daughter in-law and I won’t stop fighting for you” She said as smiles escaped my lips.


I nodded.


“Thank you ma’am…” I said


“It’s mother rather” She said as I smiled broadly.


“OK mother!” I said as I walked out of the room.


I can’t still believe what she told me….



I just hope I don’t get into trouble…


Simitra’s Pov:


I peeped from the window and smiled excitedly.


As the three flashy car on convoy drove into the mansion.


“Yes……” I rejoiced


I quickly walked to the mirror.


I picked up the mascara and applied it under my eye.


I rubbed some balm on my face.


I smiled broadly.


I quickly laid on the bed and covered myself with a duvet and started shivering. Acting time



“Simitra….Simitra!! My child” His voice echoed as he walked into the mansion.


“Simitra… Mr Singh!!” He kept screaming.


Just then, Father in-law Mr Singh walked downstairs and gasped in shock…..









Who just came over?



What is Simitra up to?



The mansion is on fire















I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma




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