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Episode 10


Mr Singh’s Pov:


My jaw dropped as I walked downstairs…



I was so shocked and gobsmacked


“Mr Raghuvendra…. My good friend” I said trying to hide my surprised look.


He laughed heartily as his bodyguards walked behind him.



Oh no! What if he finds out that his only princess is now living in a cottage? I thought as I gasped.


I really have to hide my face countenance.


I walked downstairs and we shook hands.


Raghuvendra broke into laughter again.


Jeez! He has always been like this though.


“Welcome Raghuvendra… What do you want ?And to what do I owe this visit?” I asked as Raghuvendra flinched.




Can’t I visit my daughter and my in-laws?” He said as I forced a smile.


For some minutes, there was absolute tranquility until he broke the silence.


“Where is my daughter? Simitra…. Simitra my daughter!!” He called loudly and


my heart beats faster.



What do I tell him?



How do I tell him?



How do I tell him that….


That his daughter is in a cottage.


“Uhmm… Raghuvendra! Let my wife call her for you.. She’s probably taking a beauty sleep” I lied


“OK…” He said as I signalled my wife to fetch Simitra.



Though am still very surprised



Why did he visit so sudden?



I just hope he doesn’t find out that his good for nothing daughter won’t make him find out the truth.


Simitra’s Pov:


I quickly closed the curtain and laid on the bed shivering.



I have to make it look real


“Simitra! Simitra dear!!” Mother called as she walked into the damn cottage.


I coughed loudly pretending to be very sick.


“Simitra are you OK?” She asked as she touched my neck with her fist.


“Am fine mother” I said with a shaky voice.


“Oh no you are not! You’re burning up in fever” She alarmed “I’ll be fine” I said clinging to my duvet.


“Your father… Your father is…” Mother stammered Of course she knows the outcome

Serves them right for keeping a princess like me in a cottage.


It’s only slaves that are kept in a cottage.


I, Princess Simitra Bharati Raghuvendra is meant to be in a mansion.


I laughed within me.


“My father? What happened to him?” I asked with my eyes still shut.


“He’s here…” She said slowly.


“What?” I asked widening my eyes.


I still have to keep it low…



I just said am sick


“What is it Simitra?” Mother asked


“He will really be mad if he finds me like this…. And in a cottage?” I shook my




I coughed again but this time slightly.


I managed to get down from the bed and followed Mother.


I bet she’s dying in anxiety.




We walked into the sitting room.


I started shivering the more.


This is show time already.


I could see the scary look on everyone’s faces.


Especially Mr Singh and Aakash.


“Simitra…!!” Dad called as he rushed to him.


“Father….” I manage to say.


“Why are you coming from outside? Don’t you live here inside the mansion and why do you look gloomy?” Father asked as I forced a smile.


“She’s just tired and….” Father in-law tried covering up.



No way! He can’t destroy my plans.


I quickly collapsed and everyone rushed to me.



Am a good drama queen


Krishna’s Pov:


I rushed down stairs on hearing the voices.


I became very shocked as I saw ma’am Simitra on the ground lifelessly.


I rushed to her but then someone pushed me forcefully to the ground.


I fell with my buttocks landing hard on the hard floor.


“Krishna…” Aakash called as he quickly carried me up.


The wealthy man who pushed me flared up angrily.


“It’s barely thirty minutes since my daughter became unconscious and you are already flirting with another woman?” The man yelled angrily.


That means he is ma’am Simitra’s father.


“No father… But you were hurting her” Aakash defended me still holding me firm. “Shut up! He’s not your wife and…” Simitra’s father screamed “Enough…” Mr Singh stopped everyone.


“Flirting with another woman? Krishna is Aakash’s new wife and she’s the one living in the mansion” Sir Vishnu said as everyone gasped.


“Vishnu…” Mrs Singh called.



“What mother? Is she not Aakash’s new wife” Vishnu said as Mr Singh landed a dirty slap on his cheek.


“What? My very own princess living in a cottage?” Mr Raghuvendra shouted in annoyance.


Simitra’s Pov:


I opened my eyes…


I saw a doctor standing right close to my bed.


I could see their worried faces as they walked up and down my room.


Am such a good actress ☺☺


That was lovely!


I exhaled heavily as everyone turned to me.


“Simitra are you OK?” Aakash said trying to touch my finger.


But my dad quickly pushed him away.


“Stay away from my daughter” Dad said angrily.


Everyone gasped.


“Come on Simitra my baby… Let’s just go back home! Let’s go back to your palace” Dad said




Oh no! This is just gonna ruin in my plans


Tch! I can’t let this happen.


Not after ruining in my makeups….


I thought.


Not after falling on the hard floor in the name of collapsing.


I coughed slightly.


As false tears rushed down my cheeks.



I know I look absolutely pathetic



“You know what Singh! For making my princess drop tears, I’ll make sure I bring you down… You know I can do it” My dad said


“Oh no! Raghuvendra my friend it hasn’t gotten to that and…” Father in-law said with a shaky voice.


Perfect time to strike my deal


I grinned in excitement.


But that’s just within me.


“No father…. I just wish for one thing” I said sharply.


“What is it?” Everyone asked anxiously…..











Simitra is a witch



Now her plans are working



And Lakshmi is cooking her plans too



All for my Krishna










I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma



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