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Episode 03


Simitra’s Pov:


I laughed so loud as I turned around and saw the seer sitting on the bare ground.


“What do you mean?” I scoffed.


Everyone was already shocked….


“She… The girl with you is the only one that can give this family an heir” The seer repeated.


“What are you saying Mr seer? We don’t even know her” my father in-law Mr Singh said.


“Make us understand sir… How can a total stranger be the mother to the heir?” Aakash and Vishnu asked anxiously.


“She has been chosen by the goddess Durga to give this wealthy family an heir” The seer said as I scoffed.


“You are mistaken Mr seer… She’s Krishna and she is my slave” I said shaking my head.


“And she is the lucky one” The seer said


“And with which of my sons will she give me an heir?” Mr Singh asked “With your son Aakash” The seer said as my eyes widened in shock.


“What?” everyone asked in unison.




I stormed into the room walking restlessly up and down the room.


“No way! I cannot accept this” I screamed as Aakash came in.


“Oh Simitra please calm down” Aakash said and held my hand but I slapped his hand off me.


“Tch… Calm down? How am I supposed to do that Aakash? When am no longer going to be the only landlady…I’ll have to share with a slave I bought with my money?” I said angrily.


“Simitra I haven’ t agreed to marry to her… Besides why did you even have to buy a slave?” Aakash asked and I scratched my hair.


“Uhm… Of course I don’t want to suffer” I said as I backed him.


“Now see the results… Our love for each other needs to be tested” Aakash said as I shook my head and rolled my eyes.


“What ever! I just don’t want to strain my hands” I said


“So what should we do now?” Aakash asked as I grinned and turned to him.


“Am throwing that girl out of my house” I said and smiled.


“What? Do you think father will allow it?” Aakash asked


“I don’t care… I bought her with my money and I say when she’s leaving” I said as I picked up a lipstick and rubbed on my lips…


Vishnu’s Pov:


I fumed in anger..



I can’t let Aakash give the family an heir… Am the eldest son and should be the


father of the heir so that I can get my father’s properties to myself I thought as I stamped my feet on the ground.


“Papa….i want ice cream…” My little daughter Rani said rushing to me.


“Just get out of here Rani” I yelled at her as she flinched.


“Papa I….” She said as I pushed her aside.


“Get out Rani” I shouted as the little girl rushed out crying.




I really need to get a solution for this.


I can’t let Aakash get the family an heir…..


This is all Pavitra’s fault, if she had a son for me instead of Rani then I wouldn’t have to compete with my younger brother Aakash.


Just then, Pavitra walked into the room angrily holding Rani’s hand.


“Vishnu what did you do to my little girl?” she asked


“Shut up Pavitra! Your daughter? Why not get a son” I said


I continued thinking.


Krishna’s Pov:


Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.


I sat inside the cottage sulking.


Why is life being unfair to me?



So am going to compete with my mistress?


Now I have to go back to that hell hole.


I looked at the corner of the house..


My bags were already packed and set for me to leave the house.


I heard a knock on my door.


“Krishna! Get out of there… Let’s go! ” I heard ma’am Simitra’s voice.


I quickly wiped off my eyes and opened the door.


I carried my luggage.


“Put that into the car right now” She ordered as I quickly carried it into the boot.


I took a last glance at the mansion as I opened the car’s door.


I was about to enter the car since my mistress had already entered.


SHE’S GOING NOWHERE ” A voice said from upstairs….









There are many enemies



And the war has just begun



Krishna have come to stay











I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma



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