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Episode 05


Krishna’s Pov:



My heart skipped


As Aakash Sir quickly removed my veil.


His lips parted as his jaw dropped.


He stared at me in astonishment….


“Hey! What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like a married woman?” He asked giving me a disdainful look.


“Aakash Sir I..” I stammered


“Shut up! What are you still doing sitting on my bed? Will you get the hell up” He screamed at me as hot tears dropped down my cheeks.


I quickly got up shivering in fear.


He looked at the dressing mirror and snorted.


“Where’s Simitra? Where are her makeups?” He asked with his eyes fixed on the table.


“She was… She was sent to the cottage” I broke down as he gasped.



“What? My wife? In the cottage?” He flinched as he looked at me with so much hatred


“And what are you doing here?” Aakash asked


“The master said I should….” I stammered in tears.


“Get out!” Aakash shouted at me as I quickly rushed out of the room.


I rushed to the servants quarters and broke into tears.



I was so heartbroken.



Aakash Sir is so mean…


Lakshmi’s Pov:


“Madam Pavitra…. Your nails looks absolutely beautiful” I said as I was doing


pedicure for her.


“Thank you so much Lakshmi” She smiled excitedly


“You know ma’am Pavitra, you and your daughter Rani are so lucky to be rich” I said


“Oh come on Lakshmi… Your old brain won’t let you understand the kind of humiliation Rani and I go through her” Pavitra sighed sadly


“What do you mean ma’am Pavitra?” I asked anxiously.


“Being a Singh is really difficult… Just imagine my sister in-law Simitra bought a new maid and the seer said that goddess Durga chose the slave to be the mother of the heir” Pavitra said as my eyes widened in shock.


“What? A slave?” I said shocked



“Yes! And am sure once that slave gives birth to the heir, my Rani won’t be recognized again” Pavitra said as I shook my head.



What? I can’t let that happen… I’ve always wanted my daughter Saloni to marry


Aakash sir I thought.


I know you are surprised right?


Well my name is Lakshmi..


And I have a very beautiful daughter Saloni.


She’s not actually my daughter, she’s my grand daughter.


Her mother was my daughter before she died while giving birth to Saloni. So I nursed Saloni from childhood


Am really an old woman but strong though.


And I always come to the mansion to do manicure and pedicure for ma’am Pavitra.


And yes! I want my granddaughter to marry Aakash.


Of course everyone knows how wealthy the Singh’s are.


And that they desperately needs an heir.


I’ve always wanted my daughter to be the mother of the heir.


I even begged ma’am Pavitra to employ my daughter as a cleaner.


We always come from house to work at the mansion.


So the slave’s presence in the mansion is a big threat.


And I don’t accept defeat.



I grinned wickedly…..


Aakash’s Pov:


I watched her run out of the room in fear as I banged the door.


I quickly sat on my bed.


Was I too mean?


Was I wicked?


Am I a bad person?


Was my attitude too harsh?


I felt sorry for the poor girl for once….


She wasn’t just sold, now she has to marry too.


Why am I feeling sorry for her?


Does this mean I have a soft spot for her?



I thought and shrugged it off.


I quickly stormed out of the room straight to the cottage downstairs.


I didn’t bother to knock, I opened the door and shouted in fear.


I was so scared.


I saw a woman with a white chalky substance rubbed on her face.


I almost died of heart attack.



Who are you? I screamed in fear


And to my greatest surprise, she burst into laughter.


That was when I realised it was Simitra.


I heaved a sigh of relief.


“What’s this all about Simitra?” I asked still in shock.


“Oh come on! This is just a face smoothening substance” She laughed.


She’s not even sad that she’s no longer going to be close to me.


Does Simitra even love me?


“Come back to the mansion Simitra….” I said as she scoffed


“Are you kidding me? I don’t want to.. This cottage is giving me enough time to take care of my beauty without any distractions” She said as I gasped.


“What?” I asked in shock….








E no even worry Simitra sef ☺☺



She don’t care….


But enemies plenty oo











Who do you think is the worst?










I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma



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