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Episode 07


Krishna’s Pov:


I quickly hugged Aakash sir and he held me too.


Some minutes later, I disengaged the hug and we looked away.


I felt a kind of guilt….


“Are you feeling cold?” He asked trying to cover up.


“Yes sir…” I replied.


I was still shivering…


“Come in” He said as we entered the room.


was very down with fever…


I tried to stand…



Immediately, I collapsed into his arms.






Few minutes later


I opened my weak eyes as I yawned hungrily.


To my greatest surprise, I saw Aakash sir sitting beside me.


I tried to sit up but I couldn’t..


I was too tired to.


Did he carry me to the bed?


He even covered me with his warm duvet and watches over me.


“Krishna how are you feeling now?” Aakash’s bold voice smacked me into consciousness.


“Uhm… Ye… Yes sir!” I said as I gulped nervously.


Goosebumps ran down my spine as he looked straight into my eyes.


I felt as if the ground would open and swallow me up.


“Err… Sir can I go back and sleep outside?” I said cutting into the quiet hour. “Is that where you want to sleep?” He asked still staring at me directly. “You see…i don’t… I don’t wanna disturb you sir…” I said stammering “Don’t worry! You can sleep here” He said and smiles escaped my lips. Thank goodness….



I can’t bear the cold outside..


I quickly got up and walked to the couch.


“What are you doing?” He asked as I turned around.


“I’ll sleep on the couch Sir!” I said forcing a smile.


“No… I’ll sleep on the couch instead” He said as I gasped.


“No! No!! No sir… I won’t be happy if you do” I said immediately.


“Then let’s share the bed” He said as I widened my eyes in shock.









I kept rolling from one corner of the bed to another.


I can’t believe am close to him…


He is sleeping right next to me.


I tried to steal glances at him but my eyes kept catching his.


I held my breath in anxiety.


“Krishna… How did you become a slave?” He asked me as I shivered in fear.


My jaw dropped..


Lakshimi’s Pov:


Saloni stood in front of the mirror in her new sari and jewelry.


She looks absolutely gorgeous.


“Oh my! You look so much like your mother my dear” I said happily.


“Thank you Mamaa! But where am I going to?” Saloni asked anxiously.


“Listen carefully silly girl! Here… Give this personally to Aakash sir” I said handing a basket to her.


“You mean the landlord’s younger son?” Saloni asked


“Yes… Exactly!” I smiled as she furrowed her brows in confusion.


“What? What’s in the basket Mamaa? I thought you only do manicure and pedicure for his wife?” Saloni fluttered her eyebrows.


“Shut up silly girl!” I said


Saloni quickly opened the basket and gasped.



“Delicious sweets ” Saloni’s mouth watered as she licked her lips.


“Just give it to Sir Aakash directly…” I said as she scratched her hair in confusion.


“Is that why you said I should dress like this? In my very beautiful sari?” She asked.


“Shut your mouth already… Just do exactly as I say” I shook my head. “But Mamaa the sari is too exposing” She said


“Just go ahead you stubborn girl!” I screamed as she quickly picked up the basket and stormed out of the house.


“Give it directly to Sir Aakash” I yelled


“OK Mamaa!” She replied outside.



I burst into laughter…


“Let’s see how he will resist my beautiful daughter… Little by little she will capture his heart” I smiled in excitement.


Next I will have to talk some sense into Vishnu.


Simitra’s Pov:



Lakshmi is really saying the truth…. How can i let that slave! The slave I


bought with my hard earned money become my husband’s wife I thought.


I kept walking up and down restlessly.


I bought her to serve me…


Instead of that, she started dragging my husband with me.


I can’t let this happen.


But what can I do?


I can never cry… No way!


That’s only going to ruin in my mascara..


I quickly picked up my mirror and looked at my face and smiled happily.


“Am so beautiful” I laughed


That is by the way…


I have to think of what to do…



I think I should go and talk to Lakshmi.



She probably will tell me what to do.


I picked up my eye liner and applied it on my eye.



And applied the lipstick



I can not afford to look ugly



Princesses don’t look ugly and I am a princess


Something must be done about this.


I can’t stand it!



My slave becoming my husband’s wife


Aakash’s Pov:


I was busy with some office files.


I heard a sharp knock on the door.


“Could it be Krishna?” I thought


“Please come in” I said as the door throw open.


To my utmost surprise, it was Lakshmi the stylist’s daughter.


She was holding a basket.


And she looked super sΒ£xy in her very exposing sari.


She looked very innocent and pretty.


My jaw dropped…









Lakshmi is a scheming witch



Her plans are slowly working



She has poisoned Simitra’s mind










I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma



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