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Episode 04


Simitra’s Pov:


“SHE’S GOING NOWHERE” A voice said from behind and we turned around.


To my greatest surprise, it was my father in-law Mr Singh.


“Father?” I said in shock


“I said she’s going nowhere… She is the mother of the heir” He said as anger burnt through me.


I stared at scared Krishna who bowed her head in fear.


I stared at her with so much disgust.


“No father.. I can’t let her marry my husband” I said as I rolled my eyes.


“You have no say in this Simitra… She will remain in this house and gives the family what both you and Pavitra are unable to give the family” He said with a bold voice.


My father in-law had always been like that!



Everyone does whatever he wants and he doesn’t tolerate.




I hate this man a lot.


Now am standing right under the sun…


Am sure my complexion is darkening.


I quickly wiped off my tears and rushed into the mansion giving Krishna a dangerous look.


“Aargghhh….” I yelled as I entered the room.


I wish I never bought that good for nothing girl.


She’s nothing but trouble for me.


I can’t believe I bought a wife for my husband.



Isn’t that shocking


Krishna’s Pov:


I was dumbfounded.


Does this mean that am finally going to be a landlady?


This is really ridiculous…


A slave now married to her mistress’s husband.


I gulped nervously as Mr Singh walked closer to me.


He patted my back and smiled.



“Get into the mansion… You have to be reformed” Mr Singh said and I became gobsmacked.


“Sir?” I said trying to make sure I heard him right.


“Get into the mansion” He ordered as I rushed in.




I looked into the mirror and watched the makeup artist apply makeup on my face.


I wore a very expensive golden bangles…..


I can’t believe my eyes!


Is this really me in the mirror?


Am I this gorgeous?


I laughed innermindedly…..


Life revolves….


Simitra’s Pov:


I walked into the poorly furnished cottage staring around in disgust.


Suddenly, I felt something on my skin.


I quickly jumped up, it was cobwebs…


“Eww….OMG!” I cried as I watched the maid move my stuffs into the cottage.


I can’t believe this ….


Me? Simitra Bharati…. Living in a God damn cottage while the slave I bought with


my hard earned money is in my huge bedroom.


Does Aakash really have to marry her?


Just because of a child?


Gosh! I don’t want to give birth now…. I can’t loose my shape now.


“Ohooohooo….” I coughed aloud.


“This room is so dusty…. But at least it has a mirror for makeup” I sighed.


I brought out my box of jewelries .


I can’t let the maids take it…


Who knows? They might spoil it.


I stared at myself in the mirror.


I need to apply some powder.


Aakash’s Pov:


I walked upstairs with my brief case as I entered the room.


The room’s light was switched off.


“Simitra! Simitra!! Where are you my baby?” I called but I got no response.


Usually whenever I enter the room.


It’s always dirty and she sits beside the mirror with her jewelry or checking out how her new saris looks on her.


“Where could she be?” I asked myself



Probably she has gone to make her nails.


I quickly turned on the light.


And I almost screamed as I saw a very beautiful lady sitting on my bed.


She was backing me but believe me she looked really stunning even from the back view.


She had a veil wrapped around her head.


“Who are you?” I asked anxiously but she didn’t respond.


“Simitra is that you?” I asked becoming really scared.


I walked closer to the person and quickly removed the veil…









Simitra is really something else…



Her problem is makeup and jewelry…



But who do you think is in the room?














I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma



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