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Episode 02


Simitra’s Pov:


“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe my nails have been ruined..” I screamed as I quickly kept the kettle.


Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.


I can’t believe this…


The pedicure and manicure were so expensive….


And now what?


Just because I wanted to make a cup of coffee for my husband Aakash.


“Oh my….” I kept wailing.


And now the tears are ruining in my makeups.


“Aargghh…” I yelled angrily as I stared at the mirror.


Aakash rushed into the room panting.


“Simitra are you OK? What happened?” Aakash asked anxiously


“Oh Aakash… Just look at my nails, it have been ruined and my makeup ruined also” I cried bitterly.


Aakash shook his head in disappointment.


“What? Just because of a mere makeup? That’s why you are crying?” Aakash asked.


I quickly wiped off my tears and stood up angrily with my hands folded.


“Isn’t that enough reason? Oh my goodness Aakash… You don’t know how important my beauty is to me” I shook my head as I talked.


“Simitra… You got me so scared, I thought something bad happened to you” Aakash said as I rolled my eyes.


“Oh come on Aakash! Isn’t it bad that my nails broke when I tried making you a cup of coffee! Look… If I hadn’t touch that stupid kettle, my nails would have been beautiful” I said


“Simitra! We shouldn’t worry about that now, come on let’s go downstairs.. There’s a meeting in the mansion. Father summoned everyone” Aakash said and I flinched.


“With a broken nail? No way! Am not going for the meeting downstairs please Aakash! Just tell them am sick” I said as I quickly laid on the bed.


Still sulking cos of my broken nail.



Another Vanessa


Aakash’s Pov:


I heaved a deep sigh as I walked out of the room.


That’s Simitra for us…


Though I love her that way!


Well my name is Aakash Singh and am the last and second son of the wealthy family “The Singh’s family”.



And Simitra is my wife…


We’ve been married for closely 5 years now with no child.


That doesn’t even bother her… She’s just so obsessed with making up, putting on jewelries and so on.


She actually came from a wealthy family as well so Simitra is more like a princess being the only child.


But my father Mr Singh is the only problem we have.


He wants an heir as soon as possible.


And my elder brother Vishnu is also married with a daughter but father wants a male child.




Am so fed up with father’s desires.


And to make matters worse, the seer told him that it is through me that the mansion would have an heir.






It got me really laughing


How is that even possible when Simitra doesn’t care?


I know I shouldn’t disbelief a seer but I just can’t help it.


And now there’s a meeting…



I wonder what it is about



Probably the heir issue of course.


I walked downstairs and sat on the mat.


Everywhere became very silent.


Father cleared his throat noisily and began.


“Aakash where’s Simitra?” Father’s bold voice smacked me into consciousness. “She’s not feeling well father” I lied


“She’s never comes out for meetings” Vishnu’s wife Pavitra said as I eyed her.


“Well that’s true Aakash!” Vishnu said as I turned to talk back at him but mother stopped us.


“That’s enough all of you… Let’s go straight to the meeting” Mother said


“I just wanted to inform you that the seer will be coming tomorrow to the mansion… An heir is really needed here in the mansion” Father said a brutal face.


I sighed loudly.


Just as I thought.


Krishna’s Pov:


My hands and legs were tied up as they pushed me into a very dark room.


We drove for a long time before getting here and I wonder where I am.


I was still crying when I felt a hand touch me.


it was dark and I couldn’t see.


“Let me go!” I yelled


“Who are you?” The female voice said.


A candle was lighted and to my greatest surprise, I wasn’t the only one in the dark room.


There were up to eight girls with their hands tied.


My jaw dropped…


That was when I realized that am truly a commodity.




“Hey! Silly girl!!” one of the men kicked me roughly as I was fast asleep.


I quickly opened my eyes.


A beautiful lady walked into the room we were lying.


She looked filthy rich…


She wore very expensive jewelries.


She looked at all of us and rolled her eyes.


She quickly walked out of the room and the door was closed.


Shortly, one of the men came in and dragged me out.


I was taken into a very flashy car.


I saw the lady in the car.


She drove off with me.


She just bought me I guess.


“What’s your name?” She asked breaking the silence.


“Krishna ma’am” I replied


“I am your new mistress…. You’re going to be my slave! I am Simitra Aakash


Singh” She said as I nodded.




We walked into a very beautiful mansion.


I was gobsmacked as we walked into the mansion.


“AND HERE COMES THE MOTHER OF THE HEIR” I heard a loud voice…..








To be continued….



And the battle has just begun



Simitra just bought her



And she’s going to be her co wife










I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma



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