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Episode nineteen


(Semi final)






I grabbed the gun from Toxica’s hand and knocked her down, I shot her on the shoulder and she fell, holding unto her bleeding shoulder


“Danny, Danny!!!” Eva called as Danny fell in her arms, the bullet hit his shoulder


Laura hit the guard’s head on the wall and he fell down dead, she then went to untie Samantha


“The mixture” I said to Laura and she gave me the container


Eva rushed to Toxica and gave her ten good slaps before kicking her…..


“Say your last prayers Toxica, your last day has finally come” I said, looking at her, trying to get up


“Damn, shit, I’m glad I’ve killed Ricky, if we meet in the next life, I won’t spare you!!!” She threatened emptily


“You killed him?, You’re really something, you should have been created as an animal” i said


“You bastard!!!” She shouted


“Just bark all you want, you’re going to die anyways” I said as I forcefully gave her the mixed acid and poison, she drank it and her body colour changed immediately, she yelled in pains as blood gushed out of her nose, mouth,ear and even eyes


“Go meet the devil in hell” I muttered


“Samantha are you ok?” I asked her as she started going down, I caught her but she’s unconscious


“She must have gone through a lot” Laura said





“Eva, I’m sorry I couldn’t respect your feelings, Please forgive me, I’m so sorry” he said, clutching to his bleeding arm as I held him tight



“Save your breath Danny, you’ll be fine” I replied


“Eva, I love you” he said and fainted


Samantha fainted too


“Let’s get them to the hospital” Laura said


“I’ll call the cops and they’ll come here to see what the devil’s are doing” Tony said


“No, don’t call the cops, let their dead bodies rot like she did to my dad’s corpse” I answered as we went out,…


I carried Samantha while Tony carried Danny


We zoomed out of the compound after destroying all the surveillance cameras


“I’ll drive Danny to the house together with Laura, Danny’s bullet will be removed at home to avoid suspicion, drive Samantha to the hospital for special treatment” Tony said and Laura drove him home with Danny while I drove Samantha to the hospital


She was rushed to the emergency room and was given immediate Care…


She was given an injection to flush away all the shock injection remnants in her body and she became better within hours


She’s still not awake so I decided to go home to check on Danny


Laura has removed the bullet and he’s still sleeping


“I’m glad it all went well and we’re fine”


“Yes, I’m the master planner, it’ll be advised not to call me kid anymore, that title now belongs to Samantha” Tony said and I smiled



“Thanks for saving us Tony, come on give me a hug” I said and hugged him, that’s when I noticed the wound on his shoulder


“You got wounded?” I asked


“Yes, but don’t worry, Laura took care of it for me” he said


“Hey Laura, don’t break my kid brother’s heart in the future” I teased


“What?, He hasn’t even asked me out” she replied and we’ll laughed





Two weeks later


I’ve been discharged from the hospital and I’m doing really well


Eva is as Happy as ever and doctor Danny, my lifesaver is well too


Tony and Laura are doing pretty well too


Doctor Danny made plans for me to start schooling next month…


Today’s Saturday and we’re all in the house


We’re all seated in the living room except Danny and Eva, they both have been upstairs since and we don’t know what they’re up to





“Eva do you wanna know the truth?” Danny asked seriously


*What truth?” I asked


“That night I first saw you in the rain and brought you home, I was actually going to commit suicide” he said and my eyes widened


“Why?, Because of Tina?” I asked


“Yes, meaning, you’re my lifesaver too” he said as tears rushed down his face


“Why are you crying?” I asked


“Just that I’ve seen a lot of ladies but you’re different, simple, diligent, self expressing and beautiful, I’m sorry for making you wait this long before asking you…..Eva, will you be my woman?” He asked, bringing out a pretty dazzling ring


I stood up and covered my mouth with my hands with surprise


“Yes, yes, yes!!!!” I shouted as he put it in my finger and I hugged him then we kissed, talk about one freaking hot kiss that lasted for over five minutes…More interesting stories available at Topster Stories


We went downstairs ….


“Do you notice any difference in me?” I asked Laura, flaunting my fingers to make my ring obvious


“No” she answered


“I do!!” Samantha said


“What?” I asked


“The ring” she said and they all shouted


“Congratulations friend” she said and hugged me


“Big sis congrats”Samantha said and I hugged her too


“Congrats Eva” Tony said


“I deserve congrats too” Danny said, coming downstairs with a bottle of champagne…


They congratulated him too and Tony went to the small bar to bring another champagne, Danny must have bought them



We popped it and started drinking


“Ow” Laura whimpered as she spit something out of her drink


“Oh my God!!!” I screamed as I saw it’s a ring


“Oh my God” Samantha said


“Just say yes already, don’t allow Tony to ask you first” Daniel said and Tony went on his knees


“Laura, I know I’m not a perfect picture of a cool guy, but I promise you I’m romantic and loving, and I’m one hell of a caring guy, please let me be your man” he said


“Come here” Laura said as he wore the ring for her and they hugged, they kissed




“Yippee, now tell me the wedding date, you should do a double wedding, I’ll be the chief bridesmaid” Samantha said












(She also wants him)


Β© Authoress Naomi



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