Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Story: Married at last


Authoress:: Tory




Why is the gawn suddenly not zipping, gosh.


Relax sofy , just calm down while I try zipping it .


OK I’ll try to relax .



I’m nervous dad , what if she changes her mind ?


Relax son , she loves you a lot to do that to you .


How do I look dad I said adjusting my tie .


You look oerfect .



Finally the gawn zipped , then I memorized what and what I’ll say to what ever the priest will ask ,


Try inhaling and exhaling , it will help you relax , Jenny said.


But Jen what if he changes his mind on the alter , o gosh I’m so scared .


I think your mom should come ng calm you herself . And please stop having weird thoughts about your weeding .



It’s time son let’s go and wait for our bride .


“. The pianist and gulterist played the wedding intro ,


Tan tan tantan tan tan , the bride is here the bride is here


We all waited patiently as she walked in slowly .


my mind wasn’t at rest , I kept wondering what was in her mind.


Oh my groom looks so cute , I hope he’s not planning to change his,mind .



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Married at last



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