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Chapter 3


Romance filled


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Written by Tory



We had a lot of fun in the park , I really enjoyed my self. I said to him but he wasn’t responding.


Hey , Kelvin I’m talking to you.


As you can see I’m busy , he said as he took his laptop downstairs.


I wonder how I’m going to live my forever with a guy like this. I wore,one of gowns he chose and I went to bed feeling upset .


I wondered why she didn’t come down yet , could she be upset with what I said earlier . I closed my laptop and went to our,room only to see her sleeping


She must be upset, I took my towel and had my night bath ..




Good morning princess., I said holding a tray


I took my pillow to cover my face , not wanting to answer nor hear him



” Are you still upset ? I’m sorry baby, I said holding my ears .


I smiled at his funny way of apologizing but I wasn’t bulging .


Hey , won’t you accept my apology , OK look here see what I prepared for you.


Oh my , Kelvin made breakfast how romantic, I’ve always dreamt of this day . but now my pride won’t allow me .


I know you are dying to see what I’ve prepared. But you have your pride right, OK no prob I’ll just throw this away then.

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Throw what away this fool , couldn’t he beg me a little. I hate him .


I took the empty food dish outside the room ,




I turned around, are you talking to me ?


Yes of cos I am , on a second thought since you’ve brought the food I’ll just eat it , drop it down.


I smilled and dropped the dish .


I took the spoon and opened the flask , What the hell , the flask is empty , oh my he just played a prank on me . I hated my self for believing him.


I hope you liked my special delicasy . ☺


I hate you KELVIN!!!!! I yelled .



” And I love you . He replied


Gosh how can be so romantic at this moment.


About our honey moon , I’ve decided we’ll leave tomorrow .


Tomorrow , wow thats good .



” Won’t you tell me you love me ?


No I won’t cause I hate you .I angrily stood up and went to take my bath.




After breakfast, Kelvin’s mom and annoying sister arrived at our house Gish what do they want .


“. Good morning mother I greeted ,


Morning dear where’s your husband?


He’s upstairs. Please do cone in . I went up to get K.


Kelvin your mom’s here.


Really , that’s cool. I sprayed my perfume and was about going down until Sofia dragged me back. What’s wrong sofy?


What’s wrong how dare you ask me that huh. I just said your mom’s here , and all you can do is run downstairs.


I’m sorry love but what exactly do you want me to do ? Come on let’s go welcome her together .


I wonder why they’re not down yet . kelvin sister whispered


Mom!! , I stretched NY hands going forward and hugged her. My beautiful mom , I missed you.


I missed you as well son , I know today is the 3td day of you being married .but I have a question


A question?


Yes son , a question


OK , you can ask I said as I payed attention


Is Sofia not pregnant yet ?




WHAT’S wrong?


“Mom we just got married 3 days back


” I know that’s why I’m asking .


“I was eavesdropping on their conversation, how could Hus mom ask that. Argh I hate in laws


I touched my flat tommy and my standing br**st. There’s no way I’m kissing these .. Sofia said


“mom relax OK , just give us sometime.


OK I’ll leave you till after your honeymoon.


That’s better mom thanks.


So I’ll be having a baby brother soon .wow I’m so hapoy .



” Can you imagine this family having a meeting without me . how sad . . And they’re asking for a son . A son my foot . I left the door way and went to the kitchen,packing the snacks , the nanny already prepared.


I nocked on the door and Danny opened the door . hi , just wanted to give you guys these . I tried entering to see but she collected the snacks and boom , the door closed .


To be continued.






Married at last

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