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Chapter 4


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Written by Tory


Romance filled



They came out of the study after their discussion. I bahaved as though I didn’t hear their discussion.


We’ll be leaving now , you guys should enjoy your honey moon . His mom Said as they got ready to leave


Finally they’re gone , I said facing Kelvin




What’s up with your face ? He asked.


Won’t you tell me what you guys discussed ?


Stop pretending, I knew you were eavesdropping.


What ever, I’m not ready to be a mom .


Come on my love , how can you say that now. Imagine how my mom would feel.


I eyed him , so you want me lose my perfect stature , my standing br**sts , and my flat Tommy, . Hmm


So what’s a marriage without a child?


Stop raising your voice at me K! I’m just 25years old , I said sobbing.


I walked close to her , holding her hands and patting her at the back . I’m sorry Sofy , please stop crying. I hugged her .


Sobs , I’m ready to be a mom .


It’s okay. Why don’t we back up our stuffs for tomorrow. Come on , I said as we walked to our room.




Good morning sunshine,



I opened my eyes , and saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Morning my love I said as I took the flowers from him .


Come it’s time to get ready. You know the plane won’t wait for us.


We packed our suitcases, and zooom off we go . I’m so excited.


We finally arrived at Miami, wow what a beautiful place to be . We went to a 5star hotel , and paid for an executive room .


Do you like it ? Kelvin asked .


Yeah I do .




Unknown POV


So Kelvin thinks he can be happy without me ,Ah Ah Ah Ah I laughed sacasticaly .I’m gonna show Kelvin that he’s only soul mate is me and only me . U


took my glass of wine , and took a sip.




Come on let’s check out the swimming pool . Kelvin said


Ok, I said as I wore a light dress with my sun glasses .


Wow, this place’s looks great, I love the view from here . I held Kelvin’s hand and walked along side with him .


We sat on the sit close to the pool . A young tall handsome looking guy came out of the pool , ohhh he’s so hot , oh my this abbs are killing.


Hey!! Why are drilling over another guy’s body , you want to die ? He said with a command tone


‘ Oh gosh , you’re scairy , is it had to admire a good looking person.



You wanna if it’s bad right I’ll show you , I said to myself as I payed my head and closed my eyes .


I wonder why he’s jealous, but gosh this guy’s hot , ( Sighs) how can a human be so cute. Oh my he’s walking towards me .


I opened my eyes a bit and saw the so called good looking guy walking towards my wife .


Hello, he said with a thick deep voice. Aww what a voice . Hi , I replied, smiling





Why’s she smilling ? I decided to act cool and pretend not to care .


My name Samuel. What’s yours?


I’m Sofia .


Nice meeting you , I noticed you’re new here.


Wow Sammy , Sofy could this be fate ? I thought to myself


Hello, I Said waving my hands as she seems lost in thought.


Huh , hmm yeah I’m new here , it’s my first time coming here.


Ohh , alright I’ll like to see more of you , I hope we can be friends.


Yeah sure .


I stay here with my friends, , he said pointing to a particular spot .


Ok I’ll try to come around.





” Bye , I blushed



” Sweetheart isn’t he cute ?


” How can she ask me that, I ignored her pretending to be asleep.




” Sweetheart



, I called but he refused to answer me . Then he stood up .




” My love , where are you off to . I still up took my phone, I ran trying to catch



up with him . But he’s too fast.


Knowing so well that she can’t swim , I went to change into a swimming wear , and jumped into the pool.


Oh my does he want to swim without me , I can’t even swim . I went to pool side , watching him swim , I called him but refused to answer me , is he mad at me?


You , think you’re good at flirting right, now I’ll show you.


He took off his singlet throwing it at me . What the hell. Then I saw some girls swimming next to him . Oh my goodness, what the hell , how can that bitch twek inside a oil and that too I front of Kelvin, no way , I walked to the step trying to enter the water then I remembered I can’t swim.


I’m so enjoying this , I guess she forgot I’m a retired play boy. I smiled seeing her feel jealous. I’ve got to go now, I said to the Ladies.


Aww don’t go yet , please play with us for while.


Oh really , so you want me to stay for while longer, I Said with a clam tine as stared at her.


Oh my goodness, why’s he looking until her eyes . I couldn’t hold up the feelings anymore. So I ran to our room .

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I saw her run off . Good bye girls. I left. Few minutes after her .



How could he do this to me , has he forgotten I’m so emotional. How can he be flirting with a girl while I was there. He promised me he would never asses any girl except me , he promised me he would never make me feel jealous or hurt . I cried


my eyes , how could he .



I nocked but she didn’t respond. Oh my why didn’t u take my card . I waited outside for awhile,. She didn’t open the door until evening.


Wow, I slept off . Then I remembered Kelvin must still be outside. Waiting. I went to ioen The door .


Finally, you decided to let me in .


I walked, away not replying.


I walked close to her making her fall for my charms.


Don’t come close to me . I said eyes.



Were you jealous?


How could he even think of asking me that . No I wasn’t, and why should I be . ?


Well there’s no reason to be. I said still walking towards her but she keeps moving backwards .


Stop waking towards me, I said as I fell on the bed .



“. I stood in front of her. Nowhere to go . I said and smirked



I layed on her , brushing her hair off her face . You’re so pretty my baby


I blushed on hearing him say that .



I’m sorry I made you feel jealous, you know I love you the most, among all the girls , I chose to be with you cause you’re special to me . There’s no Kelvin without Sofia . I may be a busy man with lots of connection, I may be a man with authority , I may be the boss to my employees, but when it’s about you I’m just a puppy, cause you’re my boss .



Aww, so sweet.


Yes I am .


. So you’re sorry ?



I smiled, I felt so special. I love you too baby. I said to him


Before I knew it he planted a kiss on my lips .


It was so intimate. I didn’t realize when I gave in to his desires.




To be continued






Married at last


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