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Chapter 8


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Written by Tory.



Who on earth trued to kill my woman ? I decided to investigate it on my own .


I became scared that I had to call my brother for help, or else if kelvin finds me


he’ll hand me over to his gang . as I was busy packing I heard a nock on the door . I began to panic what if its kelvin, I don’t think so besodes he doesn’t know my room number. So I decided to open the door .


Hello there . I said waving ny hands


K….k ……k ……kelvin? I called . what wrong are you OK , I said pretending to be nice.


I guess you’ve forgotten the hotel has a CCTV. I said as I walked closer


Oh goodness, I thought I told that fool to help me out .


why did you try to kill my wife ?


I was scared I couldn’t say anything then he brought out his gun aiming it at my head. I peed on my body thinking it could hsooen .


‘ its because I was jealous. I said panting .


I’ve never seen Kevin get so angry. I wonder what he sees in her , referring to sofy


Get your bag and leave right now . before I chsngr my kind , But , you’ll have,toa apologize to my wife


what ? Apologize too that werch no this is too much ….. , before I completed my words,, Kelvin gave ma hot one across my face . I had to swallow my pride and apologize to Her . If not he night , God knows what K would have to me ..





” I explained everything to Sofia . but I couldn’t tell Sofia who Emily really is .



Icouldn’t believe that fool tried to kill me , and I dont even know her .


Well its OK now . She won’t ever cone back here to disturb you . I said trying to calm her down


I rested my head oh his lap . as he nasssaged my head




Everything seems,to be going fine . there’s no Emily to ruin our peace .


We had so many fun at the hotel. I could now understand why people loves honey moon.


Its been 3 weeks already . our time in Miami was fun , nd in a few days we’ll go back home .


I was deep in thought when I heard my phone ring . I picked the call without checking who it was,. After picking the call the next thing I heard is,how many days are you? At first I was confused, then i checkrd the caller , oh gosh Kelvins mom , why is she asking a strange question. nd I’m not even ready to be a mom


I thought she had hanged up , until I heard, I heared her say , I hope it’s twin






Married at last


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