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Chapter 9


Brought to you by Berry’s lib


Written by Tory


Romance filled



Finally we’re back home . I wish kelvin would have allowed us stayed a week more,. But he won’t . I brought out my logage and unpacked all my clothes . and Kelvin’s.


Are you done?


Yes I am .


“OK , he said and walked back down . he couldn’t even say thank you . I wish I never unpacked for him . I went down stairs as well . feeling hungry, so I decided to make a cereal.


This seems yummy . he said and took my bowl , without my permission. Hey that’s mine I said .


OK , but I already took it , you can take mine .


Yours , there’s none for you .


ohh , so you never prepared mine . he said walking up to me . I’m not gonna fall fior his charms . just take it away. I said and decided to make another one for myself .


I took my cereal and went to the sitting room, putting on the TV, I put it to a KBS, station watching my favorite Korean daily drama. ‘ Suspicious Partner’ , I was enjoying myself until Mr rude cane in . and collected the remote changing it to news channel. What the f**k.


Hey , why did you do that ?


No reason, I just think we should listen to what’s happening in the world.


Then go to your room , and watch it there . I said trying to collect the remote . ” You look s£xy . I teased.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


I looked at mmyself and blushed before I realized he already changed seats and took my cereal again. I got so angry and frustrated. Give that to me I yelled .



What do you want exactly, he said pointing at remote , the cereal and his body . Does he think he’s s£xy . gosh . No natter what I do , I know I won’t be able to win. So I went upstairs to change my dress .


Teasing and disturbing her has become an hobby for me . This news is so


boring . I started feeling sleepy. I was dozing off when I saw an Angel in


woman’s body coming down from the stairs. Wow , she’s s£xy . I could see her body through the transparent gawn.


Her nipples were so tempting. I became fully awake and realized it was Sofia .


Why’s she dressed this way and in the afternoon. Besides my friends will coming soon . why did she look so beautiful before. Urgh.


I went close to him and tried collecting the remote. I let my nipples touch his chest making him shiver . I took the remote and decided to play a romantic music .


I had lot to say to get but I couldn’t say a word . I watched her dance ,tweaking those soft big ass of hers , gosh she’s driving me nuts .


It was as if , the lady in front of me was from another planet .


I think its working. Then I continued dancing . and rocking myself . in front of him . I made sure he was aroused .


I stood up and went to the kitchen. Pretending not to care . then I heard her speaking to someone on her phone .


Hi Sammy , its Safia . the lady from the hotel. its been a while . I really miss seeing those s£xy packs of yours .when swimming


I was about to barge out and collect the phone . then I realized she’s been the one doing all talking which means she’s not on any call. . so I acted cool .


“, I don’t think he’s falling for it . so I put it to loud speaker . and pretended to busy so I keot the phone on the sofa



Jeez she’s actually talking with that bastard . I became so jealous. I angrily went to her and asked who’s she’s speaking to.


I knew this would happen. Hmm Sammy my husband wants to say hello . I skilled and gave him the phone .but he disconnected the call without speaking with him .


To be continued






Married at last


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