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Chapter 6



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Written by Tory



After all that had happened I thought of what to do to male my wife happy . so I called some organizers to arrange a place for a romantic dinner .


I saw some guys walking into a,particular place in the hotel , I went in to check what’s up, then I found out about Kelvin’s surprise dinner night with his bitch. I still can’t get over the fact that kelvin rejected my body , and my love for that bitch. I so much hate her , I hate you SOFIA!! , I shouted in anger , I hate you daughter of a gun (daughter of a gun means being related to a drug dealer, police or people who mostly deals with guns ) . I took a little bottle filled with poison, While you make you’re little dinner date, I’ve got a surprise for you , MY. LOVE . I said staring at the bottle . then I laughed sarcastically.






I wondered why Kelvin was being weird yesterday, but I’m glad his calm now . I word my bikini and went to the pool . I met the guy whom I saw at the pool , the first time we arrived.


Hi , I greeted.


Hey Wat’s up. I stood up to hug her .


It’s been awhile I’ve seen you .


Well I guess it’s because you never came to swim .



” Yeah , that could be . I laughed .


Would you like to swim with me ?


No , no I don’t swim .


Wow , a s£xy looking hot girl like you .



I smiled, well not everyone is friendly with the water . and if I’m to swim I’d swim with my husband .


Hus…… Hus .. Husband? I. stanared


Yes. my husband, I said waving my ring finger.


Wow so you’re married , how sweet . GOSH , I never thought a young lady like you will be married at this age


(Smiling) well it depends, I could have chosen to remain single but I didn’t want that as,my husband is a very busy person, and I was scared I’ll lose him to other giels .


Wow this is funny . well I’ll love to meet the guy who stole this beauty . I said holding her hands.


I slipped my hands off his , cause if kelvin sees us like that only God knows what


. You’ll meet him soon . I replied Ah ! I sighed and stood up walking close to the pool .




I went to check what the organizers were doing while Sofy , went to the pool side


. I monitored everything they were doing including the food and drinks .


I his by a comer and watched kelvin, gosh he’s so cute , I can’t wait to have him back. I admired his , strienight , and looks . But for us to be together, that bitch has


to leave . I don’t care who are father is but she has to go . i smirked , and went to my room to prepare for the night.




it was evening already. , I got tired of the view and decided to go to our room. I waved Sammy , the cute guy. And I also waved his friends goodbye.


” As I entered the room I saw a beautiful dress laying on the bed with a note . ” I


my love , I deeply apologize for yesterday’s behavior, could you please pit this on and meet me at this address by 8pm. ) I stared at the addressfor awhile I think I know where this spot is . I checked the time and it was already 7pm. So I went to have my bath , I put on my make up , and wore the beautiful dress. With a nice heel. I admired my self in the morrow . then I checked my time , hmm 7:45pm. I decided to call my dad , whom I rarely spoke with .




Kelvin is good on watching out , he kept on observing the food and drink , just in case , and he’s even checking out the flowers. Keep looking K! Cause no mater what you do , you won’t be able to protect that spoilt brat . Sofia Del Castillo. I angrily spat out her name and father’s surname. staring at nothing in particular making a fierce look.


Wow it looks perfect. I checked my time and it’s already 7:50pm I figured Sofia will be on her way ,cause she’s the type that sticks to time . I took the fastest route to our hotel . I used my key to get in , so I had my shower and changed my clothes.




Wow it’s so beautiful, I said yo my self as I admired the decorations, and ballons . I felt emotional seeing all the beautiful decorations. But where’s kelvin? I sat on the chair reserved for me o guess, expecting Kelvin to cone from behind . But that’s the thing he’s unpredictable


I kept waiting for kelvin to arrive , I checked my time and it’s already 8:10


Finally, its time to explore, I went to place where the wine cups were placed and used the poison to rains the glass cup with a bow on it ,specifically decorated for Sofy. after rainsing it , I put the bow back on the glass cup , and left , without leaving any finger prints .. To hell with you Sofia. I laughed and left . I went to my room , waiting for a good news.


To be continued .



Married at last

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