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Kelvin ran home to check on his wife . Leaving his office empty .


Meanwhile his mom and sister already took her to an hospital.


The doctor informed them that Sofia is pregnant. The whole family rejoiced at the news .


After Sofia was discharged from the hospital. She and Kelvin kept on arguing if it’s gonna be a make or a female. They selected bunch of names for males and females. But tragedy strikes as Emily came back again, and this time she succeeded in killing Kelvin and Sofia’s unborn.


This time around Kelvin made sure she paid for her crime .


Emily, decided to Sofia, everything about she and Kelvin, and how she planned to kill her on their honeymoon.


Sofia couldn’t get over the pain of lossing her unborn child.


Sofia and kelvin’s relationship began to sink as Sofia couldn’t forgive Kelvin and blamed him for her baby’s death.


As month passed by , Kelvin kept on apologizing and repenting for his mistakes Gradually, Sofia began to let go .


Things started going well among the couple.


Just like every other couples, Kelvin and sofy, also had their romantic fights.


A year later Sofia became pregnant again and gave birth to twins. A boy and a girl As the saying goes , the birth of a child makes a relationship grow stronger.


Sofia and Kelvin lived a life full of love, arguments, and fights just like every other couple.


They worked hand in hand to build a beautiful family. They lived their kids more each day .


The couple learned to adore each other more and more each day.


The End


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Kudos to all the loving and understanding wives , girlfriends and fiancees .



And kudos to the humble and understanding gents their beautiful and adorable lady, who will do anything for.



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