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☺Chapter 5☺


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Written by Tory


Romance filled



Last night was so beautiful, I said as I ran my fingers on Kelvin’s bare chest .


I’m so tired , I want to sleep more .


Alright sleep as much as you want . I said and planted a kiss,on his cheek. I went into the bath , took my bath and brushed my teeth. While I was dressing, I heard a nock on the door. Who’s it ? I asked


Room service. The person replied.



I thought they come to clean up after we leave the room . please give me a minute, I said to her.


I went to the bed room to inform kelvin , but he’s fast asleep.. So I went back to the sitting room and opened the door .


Good morning , I’m Racheal.I’ll be cleaning your apartment.


Thanks, please do come in . My name,is Sofia . hmm for now just clean the sitting room, my husband is still sleeping and he Hates being disturbed .


OK , I’ll clean the sitting room as you’ve said .


Thanks a lot . I left the apartment going for a jog .


So she’s bitch married to my K. What a,piece of trash. I said looking at nothing in particular. O dropped the darnm broom and went into the room .



” Oh , goodness, look how cute you are .I quietly walked close to the bed and admired is half naked body . I sat on the bed placed my head on his wide bare chest


, I could ear his heart beat , I ran my fingers on his body leading it to his d*k , oh my it’s been awhile I held this huge stuff in my hands . I miss you baby. No one has ever been able to ride me like you do . I could feel my nipples becoming hard a bit I wish I could wake him and beg him to sock them .


I felt someone touching me , I wonder why Soft is being naughty so early . I oped my eyes


Goodness, Emily what’re you doing here , I stood up from the bed, angry and glared at her .


“. Didn’t you miss me a bit Huh ? , didn’t you ever think about me for a sec?



” Got out!!!! , I yelled and pointed at the door . .


” Why should I leave huh , I walked closer to him trying to feel his warmth.



Are you insane? Have you forgotten I’m married ? I yelled out , pushing her to the ground.


Ow, you’re gonna hurt me , I stood up again approaching him . Have you forgotten I get turned on when you’re angry hun, don’t you remember your anger turns me on .

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You’re sick Emily , I dragged her by the arm taking her outside. Then the door opened. Gosh its Sofia.


Finally you’re awake . I said with excitement. But something doesn’t look right . Are you OK miss Rachel. I asked the maid .


Rachel? I called out in surprise.


Yes my love that’s her name . but she looks upset , is everything OK ?


Everything is OK my love I said while holding her close .


I can’t take this anymore. I left their apartment feeling disgusted . how could kelvin reject me ! I said with rage, I angrily scattered everything around me .




Kelvin has been behaving strange since I came back from jogging, I just can’t lay me hands on why he’s so upset .


I walked up to him , while he was working, wanting to ask what I probably did wrong .


Babe ? I called with a soft and light tone . can we talk for a bit?


I knew what she wanted to talk about, so I ignored .


Baby , you know I’m persistent right? He stood up walking away from me. I walked after him . Kelvin please forgive me I said with tears rolling down my cheeks.



I felt bad seeing her this way buy what can I do ? I walked back to her .


Sweetheart, you did nothing wrong to me . its just that I’m quite upset . I hugged and kiss her , I wiped off her tears .


I hugged him back tightly . please tell me what’s up , I asked feeling worried .


I’ll tell you once the time is right . I said as I took her to our room .



Mom have you called brother yet?


No not yet ,


please tell me why.


Whatever they like they can do but I want a baby brother pretty soon .


Don’t worry dear , I already spoke with kelvin ” OK . please remember to tell them to be quick about it .


Alright daughter I’ll tell them



I still can’t get over the


fact that krkvon sent me out of his apartment,and most of all he rejected my body , how dare,he . I hate you Sofia , cause,it’s all you’re fault you daughter of a gun .



I’m gonna kill you I promise .


I took a little bottle filled with poison.



” Kelvin will be busy preparing for their date while I plan her death .


laughed sarcastically.


. I



To be continued


Tory cares






Married at last



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