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Today is the convocation day


It has been God all the way.


I’m so happy to be a graduate.


I’m now a certified microbiologist.


” Kiyah, get dressed already nah” Zainab said from the doorway.


She and Teemah came all the way from Nigeria just to witness my convocation.


Theirs is coming up next two months and I’m planning to go with my husband to witness their convocation as well.


I’d be able to to meet my former coursemates in Nigeria.


I’m now a married woman.


I got married to Xavier Austin Abdullah (he’s now a muslim).


We got married last year before his dad died.


I’m glad he was able to witness the wedding but I was very sad when he died.


” What is taking you so long, Kiyah?” Teemah shouted impatiently.


I quickly stepped into the beautiful pair of shoes I bought for this occasion.


I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. I was having problems zipping up my gown” I explained.


Alright, let’s go ” Teemah said.


I smiled as I walked with my besties.


I never thought I’d be the first to get married amongst our squad.


Zainab would be getting married as well in the next four months. Khaleed proposed to her on my wedding day.


Xavier has gone to school already because I told him I’d like to go to school with my friends.


A message popped up on my phone.



Kiyah, why aren’t you here yet?


We’re all waiting for you





I’m on my way already




We exchanged texts till we got to school.


The convocation ceremony was being held in the college main auditorium.


The car stopped in front of the auditorium and we all got out of the car.


“Finally, I thought you decided to skip your convocation” Jace said while Laura hit him playfully.


I thought about not coming but I know someone wouldn’t be happy with me” I said turning to Abdullah ( Xavier ).


I begin to feel dizzy but I managed not to fall.


What happened, Kiyah? ” Xavier asked.


Nothing, I’m fine” I assured him.


We all find empty seats in the spacious auditorium.


I sat down beside Scarlett and Claire.


Claire and I are now very close.


She is dating Owen Cooper and I think they are both serious about the relationship. Brayden and Scarlett are planning to get married very soon though they haven’t fixed the date.


Laura is engaged as well and they are also gonna tie the nuptials anytime soon.


The certificates was presented to graduands according to their surnames.


I walked up to the podium to get mine also.


I was going back to my seat when I felt the urge to puke so I rushed to the restroom.



I’m glad I didn’t put on the heels Zainab suggested I should wear. I’d have fall flat on my face.


I retched the remnant of my breakfast into the sink and I washed my mouth after.


I don’t know why I’m feeling like this today of all days.


I stepped out of the female restroom and I met my husband pacing up and down.


“Are you okay?” he asked me.


” Yeah. I think I’m fine” I said.


We haven’t taken three steps when nausea washed over me again.


I ran into the restroom and puked until there was nothing left in my stomach again.


What could be wrong with me?


We are seeing the doctor right away. You can’t tell me you’re fine” Xavier said frowning.


Okay, I’m not going to the hospital though” I said.


I’d call the doctor now” he said.





I am very worried right now.


I feel so helpless not knowing what is wrong with my wife.


I dialed the doctor’s number and he picked up immediately.



Hello, can you come to the estate right now”



Okay, I’d be there in a few”



Alright. I’d be expecting you ”



I took Kiyah’s hand in mine and I opened the car’s door for her.


I got into the driver’s seat and I stepped on the pedal.


I drove past the speed limit but right now I don’t care. I just want to get home so I can know what is wrong with Kiyah.


We got home in record time and I carried Kiyah to her room.


The doctor arrived few minutes later.


“What is wrong with your wife?” he asked.


She has been theowing up since morning and right now she looks like she might collapse” I said.


I’d run some tests on her. I’d need her urine sample and blood sample” he said.


Okay, when would the results be out?” I asked.


In the next few hours” he said.


Alright ” I replied.


I got a call from Zainab, Khaleed’s fiance.



hi. Is Kiyah there with you?”



Yes, but she’s not feeling fine”



Where are you guys? ”



we just got home”



Okay, I’d tell others cos we were all worried when we didn’t see you guys again”


I got a call from Khaleed also telling me he’s at the airport.


I sent one of my employees to pick him from the airport.








The doctor is back to tell us the results of the tests.


Khaleed arrived hours ago and he’s in one of the guest rooms.


Zainab and Teemah are also in their respective rooms.


What is wrong with me?” I asked.


Congratulations Mrs Austin, you are six weeks pregnant” he said.


Wow, I’m so happy right now.


Thank God I’m not going to school anymore because I can’t cope with college work and nursing a baby at the same time.

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I’m gonna be a father” Xavier said.


The doctor left after some minutes and I was finally alone with my husband.


Thanks for giving me the perfect graduation gift” he said and I blushed crimson.


You are welcome dear. I think we should let Khaleed and the girls know.


They must be dying of worry by now” I said.


” Yeah. I’d go tell them.


I don’t want you to stress yourself” he said and I rolled my eyes.


“It’s not like talking to them will stress me out” I mumbled.


” I don’t wanna take any risks.


Till you give birth, I’d do all the chores” he said.


” No way that’s gonna happen. I’m only pregnant am not an invalid” I said.



He left the room to avoid further arguments.


We’d still talk more about that.


I text mom, Scarlett and Laura.


I didn’t even get to take pictures with my certificate today .


I head to the sitting room to watch movies.


I was watching a movie on Netflix till I slept off.


I woke up hours later on my bed and Xavier was staring at me intently.





I met Kiyah asleep on the couch and the movie was still playing.


She must be so tired after throwing up severally.


I scooped her up and carried her to our room.


I placed her on the bed gently and I watched her sleep.


I don’t envisage a life without Kiyah and I’m glad my dad offered her dad a job which made me get to know her.


I remember bumping into her and insulting her on her first day in school.


Who ever would have thought I’d still end up marrying her.


I was so stupid back then.


” Why are you not sleeping?” She said as she opened her eyes.


“I just love watching you sleep” I replied and she smiled sweetly making my heart beat erratically.


I can’t get enough of her.


” I’m famished” she said.


I’m so dumb. Why didn’t I think of that.



I rushed into the kitchen and luckily for me there was some leftover so I microwaved it and took it to Kiyah.


She finished the whole plate of food which shows she was really hungry.


” Jazakumullahu Khayran dear” she said after she finished eating.


I moved closer to her and I took her soft lips in mine.


” Anything for you my darling” I said.



I thank Allah for sending me you, my wife Finally, you’re here with me and I’m here with you.


Now, let me let you know


You’ve opened my heart.


I was always thinking that love was wrong


but everything was changed when you came along.


For the rest of my life, I’d be with you.


I’d stay by your side and always stay through till the end of my time. I’d be loving you, for the rest of my life


through days and night, I’d thank Allah for opening my heart now and forever.


I’d be there for you, loving you for the rest of my life.


I know it deep in my heart.







All praise belong to God who is my inspiration, my guardian and the bestower of Knowledge.


Glory be to God for the successful completion of this story.


This is not my best work. More educative and interesting stories are still coming.


To everyone, I just want to say a very big THANK YOU once again. I love you all.

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