Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Chapter 1


Romance filled


Written by Tory


” As I slowly walked closer to Kelvin, I admired his suit and cute smile , I just hope he won’t change his mind just like in the movies.


My baby is so beautiful, I stretched my hands to receive her hand .


Finally it’s time to say the magic words”I Do’ I thought to myself, as I stared at Kelvin.


Sofia , do you take Kelvin Scott as your lovely wedded husband?


Yes I do .


Kelvin , do you take Sofia as your lovely wedded wife ?


Finally this is the moment I’ve been waiting for.


Why , isn’t he responding ,such a fool. Come on answer the priest , I thought to myself.


Yes I do , I replied to the priest.


Finally he replied.


Now She’s your wife , the priest said expecting him to kiss her . But Kelvin didn’t get


I said now she’s your wife Kelvin . The priest repeated


” I was confused , then I heard the crowd murmuring , saying kiss her .


” Why isn’t he kissing me , then I took it upon myself and kissed him , ohhhh


he’s lips felt soft than usual, I felt like taking of the Damm wedding gown , and just jump on him. And start doing it .


That’s ok you can stop it now. The priest said


I wasn’t ready to release her lips , I still wanted more .


Please you can stop now .


” I hesitatingly, let go of her lips. .


After , the priest was done with his crap , talk . We took pictures with our guest and families. We entered the car waiting outside for us . And zoomed off to our apartment.


” Oh my I’m so tired baby, I said while taking off my wedding gown.



” Yeah me too , I drew close to her and gave her a kiss , I helped her with her


gown , carried her in a bridal style ,


I admired his chest and pointed nipples as he carried me , I couldn’t resist the tempting nipples,


” I gently layed her on the bed . , Took off her bra , and gave her little nipple a bite . taking off her pants , hmm she smells nice .


This chapter will be continued later




Married at last

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