Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

Chapter 2


Written by Torry


Brought to by Berry’s lib


I woke up feeling my husbands chest, I smiled and blushed , finally he’s My husband, I kissed his lips nose and chest .


Not quite long he woke up , giving me a weird look saying you’re disturbing my sleep .


I ignored him and continued kissing him .


let me rest more , sofy , he said


No , I relpied. And continued kissing his chest then I sucked his nipple , I took his huge hand to my bust , forcing him to press them , then I continued kissing. I started enjoying the pleasure I got , so I kayed on him taking off my pygamas , laying on him totally naked. I could feel is d**k becoming hard , then I took off his boxers and giving a great sock down there , he held my br**st so tight . we rolled


over and Now he’s on top of me . he gave me passionate kiss , sicked my nipples softly and then he carried me to the bath with him , we had our bath together.



After dressing we went down stairs to have our delicious meal prepared by Linda ,his maid.


Hmm yummy , I sat like a lady , took a bite , so good . I started eating without waiting for kelvin to dig in .


Wow what a caring wife you are , he said ironically.



I gave him a puppy eye look and then asked. , would you love to eat with me baby .


No I’d rather eat alone and from My plate


I smiled, and gave him a kiss . I love you baby , I said trying to make him change his upset mood .


Whatever, he relied ..


So what are we doing today my love ?


Hmm , I’ll be taking you shpopping .


Shopping wow I , jumped up feeling so happy . For the first time in forever , kelvin decided to take me out . Cause he’s not the hang out type , he’s the busy kind of guy.


What’s up with you , why are you shouting and jumping like a kid .


I sat back on my sit and glared at him with so much love



After meal we , got into our car , kelvin put on my sit belt for me , and I felt more special for that .


After the long driving, we got to the shopping complex .


So what’s exactly do wish to shop for , he asked.


Hmm , I thoughr for a while. OK I shouted as I got an answer . I’d like go round the whole building .


You really are crazy , he said and hit my head , he held my wrist and took me to a female dressing hall . he chose a lot of sΒ£xy transparent clothes , cos that’s what he likes me wearing when ever were alone .


I tested all the clothes he picked and they all fit perfectly. Thanks honey


You’re welcome., he replied .



After we left the shopping complex, I took him to a beautiful park where he calls a childish place .


He bought a ice cream for me , we enjoyed ourselves till noon.


Its time to go home baby . he said holding my hand .


I walked into the car with him .


To be continued





Married at last

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