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Chspter 7


Brought to you by Berry’s lib


Written by Tory



I waited for kelvin to arrive but he’s not here yet I wonder where he is .


Standing right behind her , I stared a her admiring her beautiful dress and make up. I decided to shoe my self so she won’t get tired of waiting.



Hi my love

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Baby ! Stood up to hug him


Where you missing me ?


No not really . why would I miss you?


Naughty girl, I smilled. Would love to dance I said stretching my hands forward.


Site I’ll love to , I gave him my hand . We had such an intimate dance , I could feel my body arausing . the way hrkd my tiny waist with his manly hands ,


I’m I that cute ?


Why did you ask ? Cause you’ve been drilling .


No , I wasn’t.


Oh really.


He said and turned my face towards him , making me,look into his s£xy eye balls


. I tried to turn back to my previous position but his grip on me was tight.


I love you . he said . I simlled and before I knew it , I felt his lips,on mine .



We both had a nice and beautiful dance . its time to eat . we sat down. I decided to ask her a question I know she doesn’t like . I think we should have 5 kids 4 boys and 1 girl.


I was about putting the spoon in my mouth when he said his nonsense. 5 what ? I asked


5 kids of couse , or is it too small .?


Hey ,listen carefully 1 child or nothing.


Ah ah. that’s not funny.


I’m sorry but I won’t have more than that , I said as I touched my boobs and flat tommy .


I skilled at her funny reaction. You know I didn’t marry you couse you’re beautiful bor because of wealth or perfect body shape , I love because you’re worth being loved and because you’re special to me .


I was surprised with his words , I wasn’t expecting those words . I said to him .


I know that’s why I said it . we both giggled. I decided to fill our cups with the wine.


Let’s make a toast to a happy life as couples.


Cheers . I said .


I took a sip from my glass , but something felt weird. The taste and smell. I never knew kelvin was observing me . until hr collected the glass from me and perceived it .


Thus smells weird. I decided to use my poison detector to check and its confirmed . someone is trying to kill my Sofia.




seeing then together makes my blood boil ., but there’s no need to worry , cause in few hours Sofia Del Castillo will be gone forever and kelvin Scott will be mine .


In my excitement i realised , Sofia and Melvin’s contenace had changed. , oh no did he found out already ?




I received a text from kelvin saying, your cup was poisoned , cause he’s wasn’t. And that we have to leave here to our room like nothing happened .


I’ve always loved Kelvin for his smartness and alertness. Now o understand why dad trust’s him .




We finally made it to our room . kelvin tried to make me sleep but I couldn’t.


Baby please sleep with me I pleaded .


I’m sorry Hon but I need to me awake. I have a peck and she finsky slept off .


I kept wondering who the killer night be . and why . Could it be OLOVIA . ? , nah I don’t think so besides she’s not so. smart .


I also layed on the bed,to sleep a,little . but my mind and,consciousness was still awake . thinking of who it could be him .


To be continued


Tory cares



I wonder why that OLOVIA , wants to kill my Bea




Married at last



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